How To Increase Testosterone Naturally? Proven Methods

Increase Testosterone Naturally

A decreased testosterone level over time is completely natural. Several studies show that testosterone levels start to decrease after the 30s. Low testosterone is a common issue in younger and older men as well. Well, sometimes people link low sex drive with testosterone, but it’s not the only reason to increase testosterone levels. Today, we are here to discuss how to increase testosterone naturally.

Frustrating symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, erectile dysfunction, fewer muscles, disordered sleep, irritation, hair loss, and more. Join us, to learn the best and proven ways to double-up your testosterone hormones organically.

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally: Glimpse

Increase Testosterone Naturally
How to Increase Testosterone Naturally?

A few months ago, I was tested with low testosterone levels, close enough to men over 50 plus. My sleep duration, eating habits, and exercise regimen all got disturbed because of the office workload and stress. After I got tested with low testosterone levels, I decided to increase my testosterone hormones naturally, but the question was how to boost testosterone?

I have done hours of research on the internet to get some proven material that helped me throughout the phase.

In this blog, I want to share my natural experiment with you guys. Well, I’m not going to share any magic pills or body hacks to trick your body and increase testosterone instantly. Despite this, you have to stick to natural ways to get long-term benefits and dramatic increments in your testosterone levels.

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally-Proven Ways And Tips

The things that I’m going to share with you will not only boost your testosterone hormones but also have positive effects on your health and well-being at the same time. Follow the below-listed approaches to increase your testosterone naturally.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Do exercise
  • Get better sleep
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Eliminate the usage of low-testosterone chemicals.
  • Try Natural Supplements.

Consume a Well-balanced Diet

Maintaining and taking a balanced diet is very necessary for overall health and testosterone levels as well. A healthy diet plays an important role in increasing testosterone production. Including zinc and magnesium will be beneficial for increasing testosterone. A well-balanced diet has two main effects: it promotes healthy weight loss and reduces the likelihood of blood sugar spikes.

The majority of obese men have low testosterone. Excess abdominal fat is the main culprit behind low testosterone. Abdominal fat increases the production of an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone into estradiol and ultimately lowers free testosterone levels.

Try to avoid carbohydrates because carbs can spike your blood sugar and thereby suppress free testosterone hormones. I used to take fat and cholesterol to increase my testosterone levels and it helped me maintain my testosterone hormone levels. By fat and cholesterol, I meant to add eggs, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, bacon steaks, meat nuts, etc.

Do Exercises

First of all, we all know that some strength exercises or cardio are always beneficial. Exercise supports overall health, promotes weight loss, maintains weight, and so on. As we already discussed, excess weight is not good for testosterone. It leads to low testosterone and becomes a hurdle in increasing testosterone levels.

As a result, you should engage in calorie-burning exercises to increase your testosterone levels.All forms of exercise can be useful in improving testosterone levels. You can do strength training, weight lifting, HIIT workouts, cardio, walking, or hiking. However, it’s also necessary to take a rest because you are entering any competition, and over-training will lead to low testosterone.

Studies show that some specific types of exercise can result in higher testosterone production. Squats, deadlifts, and bench press are linked with higher levels of testosterone. You can give these exercises a try to decrease fat and improve your T-levels.

Get better sleep

Nowadays, more than half of Americans don’t get the full 6–8 hours of sleep, and it can be a reason for low testosterone in men. Our body produces more testosterone while we are sleeping, and this is a reason why we wake up in a good mood. Therefore, sleep matters.

Getting enough quality sleep also boosts testosterone levels and promotes testosterone production naturally. Good sleep contributes to enhanced testosterone levels. However, if you don’t get quality sleep, your testosterone will drop by as much as 15%.

Some people think that 4 to 5 hours of sleep is enough, but it’s not enough. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Quality sleep also controls cortisol and reduces stress.

Minimize Stress

Research shows that uncontrolled stress is a strong reason for low testosterone. Heightened cortisol levels can result in a low level of testosterone hormones. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and long-term stress impacts negatively on your body and hormones too.

Studies also show that an unnatural increase in cortisol levels can reduce testosterone, increase fat storage, and disturb sleep and mood. Cortisol and testosterone are interlinked. When cortisol levels are high, testosterone levels appear to be low.And when testosterone is high, cortisol levels will be low.

Prolonged stress can be harmful, so you should manage stress by doing meditation or yoga, breathing exercises, slow walking, etc.

To boost my testosterone levels, I used to meditate for 20–30 minutes per day. I do some deep breathing exercises or simply go for a walk to reduce stress.

Eliminate testosterone-reducing chemicals

Endocrinologists are alarmed by the harmful effects of using common household chemicals called endocrine disruptors. These harmful chemicals disturb our body’s hormone system and lead to weight gain and low testosterone levels too.

Xenoestrogen dominates estrogen in the body. Exposure to estrogen-imitating chemicals such as shampoos, toothpaste, plastics, and gasoline will drop your testosterone. But the bitter truth is that xenoestrogen is freaking everywhere. Well, you can do some exercises to avoid contact with xenoestrogen.

  • Don’t heat food in plasticware, and try to use glassware.
  • Eliminate the use of pesticides and gasoline.
  • When possible, go organic.
  • Use organic products.
  • It avoids BPA.

Try Natural Supplements

Natural testosterone-boosting supplements can help you increase your T-level. It can appear as a magical T-enhancer only if you pair the supplements with the above-mentioned methods. Some people think that testosterone boosters work magically, but they don’t.

Supplements don’t work alone; you have to include a well-balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and exercise. You should take some vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D works as a natural testosterone booster and has a host of health benefits. Americans have been deprived of vitamin D because of less exposure to the sun.

In a study, it was found that supplements with around 3000 IU of the vitamin can enhance testosterone by 25%. Additionally, zinc, vitamin A, C, E, and B also play an important role in boosting testosterone hormones. Hence, vitamins and minerals are also necessary for increasing testosterone naturally.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterones are sex hormones and steroids that are essential for the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testes and prostate.These hormones also support secondary sexual features like body hair growth, muscles, bone development, etc. Testosterone is found in humans as well as animals. In comparison to males, women have fewer levels of testosterone hormones.

In males, testicles are responsible for producing testosterone hormones. Testosterone hormones start increasing when puberty hits, and they start dropping after 30 and above. While testosterone is mainly linked with sex drive and sperm production, it also affects mood, red blood cell production, and much more.

Are Testosterone Supplements Safe?

Nowadays, the market is flooded with testosterone supplements, but the problem is that each supplement is not worth the money. Many sellers sell chemical-loaded supplements by spreading false advertisements. Testosterone supplements made with herbs and natural ingredients are safe.

The natural testosterone supplements manufactured by the top leading companies are legit and safe. Moreover, you should conduct in-depth research before buying supplements. Check the ingredients list, label, reviews, and brand reputation before starting on the product.

Frequently asked questions

How to increase testosterone levels?

The best ways to increase testosterone without chemicals are listed below.

  • Do weight-lifting, strength training, cardio, and HIIT workouts.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Use natural supplements.
  • By managing stress, you can control cortisol hormones.
  • Consumption of a high-fat, high-cholesterol, or high-protein diet.

What foods kill testosterone levels?

People who want to improve or maintain testosterone hormones should avoid, soy products such as tofu, edamame, etc. Alcohol, mint, a certain type of fat, licorice root, dairy products, and mint are the names of some food types.

What is normal testosterone by age?

By the age of 15-16, the ng/dL should be 100–1,200. Normal testosterone levels between the ages of 17 and 18 should be 300–1,200 ng/DL, while adults aged 19 and up may have 240–1,200 ng/dL.

Does chocolate increase testosterone?

Yes, chocolate is one of the foods that helps with testosterone production. Chocolate has a lot of important minerals, like zinc, iron, and manganese, which helps your body make testosterone.

Take the Message Home

Testosterone hormones are the sex hormones that play an important role in sexual functions. It is mainly associated with sex drive and secondary reproduction characteristics. But abnormally high or low testosterone can affect you mentally and physically. Therefore, you should visit your doctor to find out your testosterone levels.

If you are tested or notice the symptoms of low T levels, then our article on how to increase testosterone naturally will be beneficial for you. You will learn the most amazing and proven ways to reach the optimal level of testosterone naturally. Following healthy lifestyle habits will help to lower the symptoms and enhance testosterone levels.


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