How to Build Muscle Without Weight?


Contrary to what most believe, gaining muscles without weights is possible. A simple combination of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and leg raises can help you attain body mass and equally gain muscle without having to think about spending time in the gym or resorting to weight training. Here’s a look at five ways how to build muscle without weight, nice and easy.

How to Build Muscle Without Weight –

Bigger Muscles
How to Build Muscle Without Weight Bringing in the Ultimate Confidence


Often referred to as the king of all exercises, nothing beats push-ups when it comes to building muscles. One can perform push-ups in multiple variations and enhance significant muscle groups along the chest, triceps, and shoulders. For beginners, one can start with the regular push-ups where the body is in the plank sate as you go up and down. If one finds that a tad difficult, knee push up is a good option that in its inclined and declined, the form works excellent on your pecs. As you gain strength, try progressing towards wide and narrow grip push-ups that work great for your triceps muscle. Any case you don’t feel like working with your body weight, you might as well go for the wall push up.

Pull Ups

Similar to push ups, pull ups are also a great way to build muscle, especially your back, forearms, and biceps. Starting our slowly, one can explore the entire gamut of this very exercise to build muscles fast. It is recommended that you start with your arms extended overhead and try grasping the bar. Wait and bring yourself up to your chin level with your hands still holding the bar. Fitness experts often recommend crossing your legs to keep yourself stabilized while you perform a pull-up.


Often asked in close fitness groups, as to how to build muscle without weight, bench dips seems to be the most preferred exercise after push-ups. While one performs the dips, it is advised that you should use a firm chair or a couple of benches to help support your body weight. Dips, undoubtedly is a compound exercise as it lifts your whole body weight. To make it easy, try placing your hands right behind you right on the first or the second step of a staircase and keep your feet on the floor.


Squats are a great way to build your quads, hamstrings, and glutes in tandem. While performing squats, as you shift the hips backward, always bend your knees as you descend further. Go low until your knees go parallel to the floor. Further, push down on the floor and then return to the starting position. After mastering the basics, you can move towards sumo squats, squat jumps, and squats using a stability ball.

Extensions and Raises

Extensions work to impart strength your lower back. Once you perform 10-15 reps of the exercise, you can advance towards gluts and hamstring raise as well. To work on your abdominal muscles, you can start with regular sit-ups along with bicycle crunches. Core working out using your body will show you how to build muscle without weight further strengthening your abs and lower back.


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