An Overview Of Hair Growth Shampoos: All You Need to Know?

Hair is considered as an essential part of personal grooming and as such, a thick full head of hair is the hope and dream of everybody. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Hair loss is a sad reality that a large percentage of the population has to deal with. Whether brought about age, hereditary factors or harsh chemical products, hair loss has a detrimental effect on an individual’s self confidence and it is due to this that most individuals go out of their way to look for viable solutions to thinning hair. One such solution is the use of hair growth shampoos.

An Overview Of Hair Growth Shampoos –

Hair Growth Shampoo
An Overview Of Hair Growth Shampoos: All You Need to Know About Them

What are Hair Growth Shampoos?

Hair growth shampoos can basically be described as hair and scalp cleansers that have been specifically formulated to rejuvenate hair growth and regrowth. These products are usually advertised as shampoos with the capacity to stimulate hair growth when used over a given period of time. Various ingredients go into the formulation of hair growth shampoos and some of the compositions can include synthetic compounds to natural herbs and herbal extracts which in most instances are commercially manufactured but in some instances, can also be made at home

How Do Hair Growth Shampoos Work?

As the name suggests, the name function of this type of shampoo is to regrow hair but it also carries out the traditional function of all shampoos: cleaning. This shampoo basically consists of two parts, a cleansing
base and hair growth ingredients.

The cleaning base is made up of a synthetic cleaning agent or an all natural gentle cleaning soap whose main function is to remove excess oil, dirt and dead skin from the scalp and hair. The second component of the shampoo is made up of ingredients that have the capacity to stimulate hair growth. The ingredients can be chemical in nature or all-natural. When this shampoo is used, the cleansing agent removes any dirt or oil that might be clogging hair follicles and by doing so, allows other ingredients to be absorbed into the hair follicles stimulating hair growth

What are the Ingredients Contained in these Shampoos?

There are literally hundreds of ingredients used in this type of shampoos. However, a majority of these ingredients are all-natural products such as herbs since most people with hair problems prefer natural products. The main reason behind this is that, in almost all cases of hair loss and thinning hair in women, harsh hair products are to blame and as such, most women prefer natural hair products.

However, not all chemically synthesized compounds have a detrimental effect on hair; some compounds like amino acids and biotin are actually beneficial for hair growth and are highly encouraged. The following is an overview of some of the most common components used in heir rejuvenation shampoos.

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Oils most commonly used in this type of shampoo include hemp seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil also known as liquid wax and helps to unclog hair follicles for better hair growth and olive oil. Oil not only stimulates hair follicles to bring about hair growth it also has moisturizing properties that are beneficial to the general condition of hair.

Food Products

Food products also have the capacity to stimulate hair growth. Cucumber extract, cayenne and milk are some of the many food products that make up the ingredients of a majority of hair growth shampoos


Herbs form the major constituent for hair rejuvenation shampoos. Among some of the most popular constituents include sage and jaborandi, these two herbs not only help to stimulate hair growth but also go a long way in helping dark hair retain its natural color. Marshmallow and rosemary do not necessarily have the capacity to stimulate hair growth but they reportedly have the ability to prevent further hair loss.

Chemical Constituents

Chemical ingredients when combined with natural components can bring about remarkable results. Some of the most effective chemical components include biotin which is also referred to as vitamin B pro is very important for cell function, health and hair growth. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, lack of sufficient amounts of biotin in the body is one of the contributing factors for hair loss

Amino acids also fall under this category. Amino acids are building blocks for proteins and without amino acids, the body will be unable to make proteins resulting in hair loss. Pyrithione zinc is another chemical compound that has the capacity to instigate hair growth

As such, hair growth shampoos are highly recommended when it comes to stimulating hair growth. However, be sure to check out the ingredients of a shampoo so as to get the best possible product.

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