Nutrafol vs Viviscal vs Folexin- Which One Is Better in 2024?

folexin vs nutrafol vs viviscal

Choosing the right supplement has always been a hectic task. The same is the case with hair growth supplements. When it comes to hair growth supplements, the three most popular options on the market are Folexin, Nutrafol, and Viviscal. But which one among these is the best option? Here we will compare Nutrafol vs Viviscal vs Folexin 1-on-1 to find out which hair growth supplement actually works and delivers results.

Nutrafol vs Viviscal vs Folexin – Comparison

Folexin vs Nutrafol

folexin vs nutrafol
folexin vs nutrafol

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Nutrafol is a popular nutraceutical supplement brand that is manufactured by Giorgos Tsetis.

The supplement first appeared on the market in 2015, and it has since established itself as the fastest-growing hair supplement brand.

Nutrafol has various hair growth supplements specially designed for hair loss and thinning problems in males and females.

The creation of Nutrafol has a story of personal experience and side effects.

Tsetis was encountered after using various prescribed and over-the-counter products. Using these products led to severe side effects like sexual dysfunction and low testosterone.

This motivated him to create a powerful natural alternative to these prescribed medications. Nutrafol is formulated with a high-quality, proprietary blend of natural and botanical ingredients.

Due to its high quality formulation and growing popularity, Nutrafol is considered the biggest competitor and alternative to Folexin.

As mentioned above, the ingredients of Nutrafol are of high quality and are equally effective as the Folexin ingredients.

Nutrafol uses saw palmetto, marine collagen, sensoril ashwagandha, curcumin, tocotrienol complex, horsetail, kelp, resveratrol, biotin, selenium, zinc, and vitamins A, C, and D.

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Viviscal vs Folexin

folexin vs viviscal
Folexin vs Viviscal

Viviscal is another popular hair care brand that is also considered an alternative to Folexin.

Viviscal is a complete range of hair care products for both men and women. These products include dietary supplements, growth-densifying elixirs, shampoos, conditioners, and voluminizing fibers.

These products are claimed to help with promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss, improving hair quality, and much more.

Overall, the only advantage that Viviscal had over Folexin was its varied and different range of hair care products. This product is well known and respected throughout the world.

It uses the best and safest ingredients and may help with hair growth. There is also a money back guarantee.

In addition, the supplements are manufactured according to GMP (good manufacturing practice) in a European facility.

The company is upfront about all its ingredients and makes no false claims. They have also researched this area for more than 20 years.

Viviscal also uses a high-quality proprietary blend of herbal ingredients. But compared to Folexin, the ingredients used in Viviscal for men and women do not look too effective.

It also uses a few ingredients that are reported to cause side effects.

The ingredients used in the formulation are AminoMare C, which is a specially formulated form of protein derived from fish, Biotin, Vitamin C, Niacin, Iron, Zinc, and horsetail extract.

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Nutrafol vs Viviscal

folexin vs nutrafol vs viviscal
folexin vs nutrafol vs viviscal

Viviscal and Nutrafol are the two most prominent names in the hair growth market.

Both hair growth products have dedicated supplements for men and women, so they seem to be powerful and prominent choices.

Where Viviscal has only two types of supplements, Nutrafol has various hair growth supplements and vitamins for different hair care and health needs.

The ingredients used in the formulation of both Viviscal and Nutrafol are almost the same and have been clinically proven to be effective in hair regrowth.

Speaking of popularity and customer reviews, both are immensely popular on the market.

Whereas Viviscal has received an average of 4.5 stars from 11,700 reviewers on Amazon, Nutrafol has received 4.3 stars from 4,300 reviewers on Amazon.

Considering the negative reviews, Viviscal has received 4% negative ratings while Nutrafol has received 7% negative ratings.

Regardless of its immense popularity, I consider Folexin the best option for hair growth supplements because it is effective, has proven results, and is affordable compared to Nutrafol and Viviscal.

Though Folexin is not as popular as these two, it is a fact that Nutrafol and Viviscal spend a huge amount of money on their marketing and promotion.

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Other Considerable Alternatives To Folexin

Folexin vs Foligray

folexin vs foligray
folexin vs foligray

Foligray is a daily dietary supplement for hair pigment health. The supplement is manufactured and formulated with 100% natural ingredients that help protect your natural hair color. Yes, Foligray is actually not a hair growth supplement, but rather a hair pigment supplement.

Foligray is manufactured by the same company that manufactures Folexin. The supplement uses essential vitamins and minerals like D-Calcium, Pantothenate, Folic acid, biotin, and zinc. Foligray helps in promoting the production of melanin, which is the pigment responsible for natural hair color. The supplement is duly approved by the FDA and is safe from any harmful or major side effects.

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Folexin vs Hair La Vie

folexin vs hair la vie
folexin vs hair la vie

Hair La Vie, one of the most popular hair growth supplement brands, is a range of hair growth products that includes both topical and oral supplements. All these products are claimed to be formulated with 100% natural ingredients that are known to help in promoting hair health, preventing hair fall, and thinning hair.

Talking about the dietary supplement, it is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals that include saw palmetto, niacin, biotin, iodine, selenium, zinc, iron, copper, reishi mushroom, horsetail extract, Vitamin A, D3, E, B6, and B9.

The best thing about this supplement brand is that it does not use any harmful chemicals, preservatives, dyes, or fillers. Compared to Folexin, Hair La Vie is not a better choice.

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Folexin vs Hair Max

hair max vs folexin
hair max vs folexin

Hairmax is a popular brand that manufactures products for hair care and regrowth. All the products and supplements designed by the company are dedicated to helping people who are looking for a one-stop solution to their hair loss problem.

HairMax has a wide range of hair care and regrowth supplements that include supplements, shampoos, lotions, devices, and much more.

All the supplements and applicable solutions are designed with 100% natural ingredients. Moreover, the laser devices are manufactured using innovative techniques backed by scientific research.

Hair regrowth laser products – There are five different laser products that are designed promote hair growth. These products include Laser 272 PowerFlex Cap, LaserBand 82, LaserBand 41 ComfortFlex, Ultima 12 LaserComb, and Ultima 9 Classic. Check Here

Density products – These products are designed to help in promoting the density of the hair. These products include Stimul8 Shampoo, Exhilar8 Conditioner, RSN8 Pro Scalp Infusion, and Acceler8 Hair Booster. Check Here

Hair Regrowth and Care supplements – These are oral supplements that helps in promoting the hair growth, scalp health, and rejuvenation. These supplements include Dietary supplements, Hair fibers, and Hair fiber applicator. Check Here

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Folexin vs Kiierr

kiierr vs folexin
kiierr vs folexin

Kiierr is a hair growth laser treatment brand on the market that manufactures LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) products for natural hair growth. The Lase cap by Kiierr is the most popular product by the company that works by regulating and stimulating the hair follicles and scalp for the growth of new hair.

The laser cap by Kiierr look like a basketball cap embedded with laser panels. This LLLT technique has been scientifically proven to be effective in growth of new hair. LLLT technique has been used to heal wounds, joint pains, regeneration of nerve, and new cells.

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Folexin vs Keranique

keranique vs folexin
keranique vs folexin

Keranique is a popular brand on the market that is known to produce some high quality hair care supplements and products.The products from Keranique are specially focused and designed for women and it has helped more than 2 million women to prevent hair loss, hair thinning, and other hair problems.

The brand has wide range of hair care products like hair regrowth supplement, scalp health supplement, scalp stimulating shampoo, conditioner, hair repair spray, follicle boosting serum, revitalizing mask, keratin conditioner, and complete regrowth system.

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Folexin vs Biotin

folexin vs biotin
folexin vs biotin

Many people have tried biotin and have had mixed results. Although most experts say that this is an excellent supplement for healthy hair in general. Many hair care supplements contain biotin, which is actually a form of vitamin H.

This is also part of the Vitamin B group and it helps to metabolize essential nutrients so that the follicles will be properly nourished and the result will be less thinning hair and stronger growth. In general, it is non-toxic and there are no recorded side effects.

Even if you are not so enthusiastic about taking biotin, you could actually increase the amount of vitamin H in your diet by eating lots of bananas, mushrooms, soyabeans, nuts, and eggs.

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Nutrafol vs Viviscal vs Folexin – Which is the best?

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All three supplements, Folexin, Nutrafol, and Viviscal, are incredibly popular on the market. They are the first choice for those searching for a perfect solution to their hair loss condition. All three supplements use high quality ingredients and deliver faster results.

Talking about the comparison and finding the best among these three I find it a tough fight between Folexin and Nutrafol. But if you need a single option, I find Folexin the best choice because it has better composition and ingredients, higher positive results and deliverability, and low chances of possible side effects.


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