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Most of us, skin whitening is most effectively possible with bleach and yes it is true that with bleach give your skin a whiten tone. But are you aware of the damage done by it to your skin? Beach consist of harmful toxins that can cause severe damage on regular use. Therefore, it is important to search for a natural alternative that is safe and effective. Zeta White is a popular name in the market for alternative to bleach. In this Zeta White cream review, we will have a look on this skin lightening product.

Zeta White Cream Review – An Overview

Zeta White cream is a natural alternative to beach that consist of 3-step skin lightening system. It was launched few years back in the year 2017. Different from bleach, Zeta White is made of 100% natural extract of plants and few other ingredients that make it safe from nasty side effects.

This skin whitening system was designed and developed by a group of skincare professionals and specialists from UK. In a very short period of time it has became frontline runner of skin brightening products.

The product is designed uniquely to be used by both men and women with all skin type. Zeta White 3-Step skin lightening system consist of three products, face lightening wash, lightening moisturizer, and lightening night cream. You can buy the complete system or individual cream.

Zeta White Skin Lightening Products

zeta white skin lightening cream

Lightening Facewash

Zeta White Skin Lightening Face Wash is a regular face wash that is enriched with papaya and lemon extract. Used regularly day and night will give you naturally glowing skin.

Lightening Moisturizer

It is a regular moisturizing cream that is formulated with natural liquorice extract. It works as natural sunscreen and protects your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent skin darkening.

Lightening Night Cream

This lightening night cream is formulated with Allantoin that replaces your regular night cream. This cream helps in removing dead cells, regenerating new cells, and rejuvenate the skin through its anti-inflammatory effects.

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Zeta White Cream Benefits

  • It is a natural and safe formula
  • Helps in providing lighten and bright skin
  • Promotes skin tone to radiant and fair
  • Prevents discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and UV rays effect
  • Prevent dark spot and skin problem
  • Safe for vegan users
  • Significant for all skin type and tone
  • Provides faster results within three weeks

Zeta White Cream Ingredients

where can i buy zeta white cream

This 3-step whitening system is formulated with all natural and organic ingredients that include –

Apricot Oil – Helps in prevent skin damage and creates protective shield against UV rays

Coconut oil – Helps in stimulating collagen production and reduces fine lines from the skin and

Vitamin C – It is a citric acid that removes dead and damaged skin cels and regenerates new cells

Papaya – Papain enzyme present in this fruit carries exfoliating effect that helps in hydrating the skin

Cranberry – This berry helps in activating collagen production that promotes anti-aging effects and eliminates toxins

Strawberry – This sweat berry prevents wrinkles and fine lines through its ellagic antioxidant properties

Allantoin – This ingredient has soothing property that helps in promoting growth of new cells and heals damanged skin

Licorice extract – This extract is enriched with licochalcone and liquirtin that helps in reducing dark pigment production

How To Use This Cream?

Zeta White 3-Step Whitening System consist of 3 products that works on different level and has different benefits and effects. The lightening face wash is to be used regularly day and night for soothing and glowing effect.

Lightening moisturizer cream is to be used once in a day in the morning that act as a sunscreen cream and prevent skin from UV rays effects. The night cream is used to be as a replacement for your regular night cream. You can use this product as a whole system or individually.

Zeta White Cream Side Effects

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Zeta White is an all natural skin care system that uses organic and natural ingredients that are safe and considered to be free from side effects. Well, still it is possible that you may experience some minor side effect due to being allergic to few ingredients. These side effects might be skin redness, discomfort, or darkening. But these side effects are very rare and last for very short period of time.

Zeta White Results & Lab Tests

The official website of Zeta White clearly notifies and displays few lab tests conducted on the benefits of the ingredients used in the formulation for skin care and whitening.

According to the study by NCBI, ascorbic acid used in the formulation helps in whitening the skin. Similarly, study by Omdurman Islamic University proves the fruit acids also has soothing and rejuvenating effect on skin.

Is Zeta White a Magic Cream?

Some review websites promote it as a magic cream but making such claims for any product is clearly unjustified. No product is 100% perfect and effective and has some limitations. Claiming any product to work as a magic is wrong and same is considered for Zeta White. There is no doubt that Zeta White is an effective system to provide natural whitening to the skin but it will take some time to give results. You will require to wait for atleast 3 weeks to see noticeable changes.

Zeta White Cream Reviews by Users

zeta white reviews

Zeta White has received lots of good reviews from the users. As it is not sold through eCommerce websites like Amazon, it was impossible for me to find user reviews on third party platforms. But considering the lab tests and user reviews for Zeta White on official website proves that this cream has helped them in achieving bright and fair skin within few weeks. This cream even worked for ladies with tan complexion.

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Common FAQs on Zeta White Cream Review

Q – Does Zeta White cream work?

Yes, as per the user feedback and lab tests conducted on ingredients used it is sure that Zeta White does work in brightening skin color and rejuvenation.

Q – Who should refrain from using Zeta White?

Though it is a natural product and safe for the use of every one, there are few contradictions and some people must avoid using it. breastfeeding and pregnant women should not use this product.

Q – Is Zeta White safe to use?

Yes, the product is completely safe as it uses only natural and organic ingredients that carries zero side effects.

Q – Can Zeta White be used for longer time?

Yes, this skin lightening product can be used for longer time as it uses only natural ingredients.

Q – Can I use other skincare products along with Zeta White?

Being a naturally formulated product, it can used along with other products but it is essential to monitor that other ingredients of products you using do not contradict with Zeta White ingredients.

Q – Can men use Zeta White cream?

Yes, the cream is friendly for men skin also and therefore it can be used by both men and women.

Q – Does it work for dark skin tone?

Yes, the cream is claimed to work for every skin tone and complexions. It provides fair skin tone regardless of what skin tone you have.

Q – Zeta White vs Meladerm – Which is better?

Meladerm is more popular than Zeta White as it focuses on complete skincare. But, it works on single step whereas Zeta White works on 3-step system.

Q – Is this cream vegan friendly?

Yes, it uses only organic and natural ingredients that is completely vegan friendly.

Q – Is Zeta White cream available on Amazon?

No, the Zeta White isn’t sold through Amazon or other eCommerce website and is only sold through the official website?

Q – What is the Zeta White cream price in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, UAE and other Middle East countries?

The price for Zeta White is different in different countries. But it is available in selective currencies that includes US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Euro, and Indian Rupee.

Where To Buy Zeta White Cream & Pricing?

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Zeta White cream is not sold and available on Amazon or near by stores. You can only order Zeta Clear cream from the official website only.

Individual Product Pricing

Lightening Face Wash – $49.95

Lightening Night Cream – $49.95

Lightening Moisturizer – $49.95

3-Step System Pack – $149.95 (Free bottle of skin tightening lotion worth $77.09)

My Verdict on Zeta White Cream Review

zeta white cream review

Every product claims to be effective and best on the market. But you cannot ensure or make decision on the basis of the official claims and reading just few reviews. Most products create big hypes and manipulate user reviews, but this is not the condition with Zeta White. This product is a perfect skin lightening system that uses only natural and organic ingredients and gives you fair, brighter, youthful, and spotless skin.

Order Zeta White 3-Step System & Save Upto $80


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