7 Awesome Ways To Increase Your Testosterone in 2021

Need to raise your testosterone levels? Here are seven helpful tips for boosting your testosterone production.

Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

Did you know that serious physical or mental stress can cause a serious decline in your overall testosterone levels? Decreasing your stress levels will increase your body’s natural production of testosterone. It also prevents the body from properly utilizing the testosterone within the tissues as it usually would. This is a lose-lose, but there is a solution: reduce that stress!

Of course, reducing stress levels is easier said than done. There are a few simple things you can try to reduce stress levels. The most important is getting the proper amount of sleep each night. Sleep is the best possible medication for fighting high-stress levels. Meditation during the day can also have a profound positive effect on stress levels.

How Stress Affects Testosterone Levels

It is a well known fact that testosterone boosters help people in gaining extra strength and get that power surge which makes them feel invincible. Testosterone boosters not only help in increasing endurance and better physical performance but studies have shown that higher testosterone levels in the body are also associated with muscle gain and fat loss.

However, the effects of muscle gain and fat loss can be negatively affected by the presence of stress hormones. It is true that everyone has some stress, but one needs to deal with it. Higher stress raises the level of Cortisol hormone which leads to lowering the testosterone level in the body.

Other health supplements as well as testosterone boosters work far better without any stress affecting you. It not only helps you in getting more benefit from the supplements but also allows you to get more value out of the time and money that you are spending in working out at the gym.

Researchers have conducted a lot of studies regarding factors that affect the level of testosterone in the body and some of the factors are as follows.

Get the Right Supplements

There is no denying the fact that supplements help in increasing the testosterone level in the body. However, all supplements are not equally effective and their effectiveness depends on their workings inside the body. In the past, most of the steroids and supplements raised the testosterone level in the body drastically, which produced more stress in the body. Higher stress led to higher Cortisol levels in the body and that in turn led to lower production of testosterone in the body.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep stress free, as much as possible. There are many different ways of decreasing stress.

Adequate Sleep

Many people are not aware of the highly devastating effects of lack of sleep. Among other side effects, it also decreases the testosterone levels in the body. Researchers conducted a study on a group of health young men to know the effects of lack of sleep on testosterone levels.

It was published in American Medical Association Journal in June 2011. Researchers found that testosterone levels in the body can go down by up to 15% due to lack of sleep for a week.

Some of the other known side effects of sleep such as irritability and low sexual desire are also known to be the effects due to low testosterone levels in the body.

Since the natural testosterone levels in your body decrease due to lack of sleep, it becomes very difficult for the testosterone boosters to work unless you get adequate sleep.

Talk to People

Men are very good at hiding their emotions. This often leads to bottling up of emotions inside and that can have some serious consequences. Needless to say, it leads to stress buildup in the body and a higher stress levels lead to lower testosterone levels.

No one is asking you to cry out like a baby. But it helps to have a conversation with your friends, significant other, parents or anyone else you like. The most important thing is to admit that you are frustrated and are willing to let it go.

High-Intensity Exercises –

New studies show that particular exercises provide a health boost to testosterone productions. High-intensity workouts have the most noticeable impact on the body. Work to push all of the muscle groups of the body during each exercise session. Aerobic exercise has been shown to have little-to-no effect on the body’s production of testosterone.

When you aren’t exercising, you should consider some intermittent fasting. Fasting can also help severely boost testosterone production by also increasing the production of other useful hormones, including leptin and insulin. Once the entire body is working together, testosterone levels tend to increase.

Less Alcohol

Less Alcohol

As fun as having a few shots might be, it has some serious destructive power on the body. Everyone knows about most of the adverse impacts alcohol has on the body, but did you know it can reduce your testosterone levels? You might feel tougher when you drink, but it’s actually slowly destroying what makes you a man.

A study was performed and showed that patients who drank alcohol for at least three weeks experienced declines in their testosterone levels. Some of these patients experienced decreases of more than 7 percent after three weeks of drinking daily. You might not have to give up alcohol altogether, but it’s certainly a good idea to limit consumption as much as possible.

Lose Some Weight

weight loss today


Many people are unaware that there is a direct relation between your total body mass index and your amount of natural testosterone production. In simple terms, if you want to produce more testosterone, then you need to start working out and shedding that excess fat. The more fat you have, the faster your testosterone begins to decline.

Severely overweight patients can experience testosterone decline as early as fifteen years before the average age, entirely because of their weight. Getting in shape helps you feel better, look better, and produce more testosterone for longer.

Lift Some Weights

On that same note, studies have shown that men who lift weights on a regular basis produce more free testosterone. Some people get T-boosts as high as 49 percent above their average. That’s a huge boost in testosterone and it’s all from lifting a few weights every two or three days.

Add Fats To Your Diet

Vegetables for Weight Loss

Adding fats to your diet might not sound like a good idea if you’re trying to lose weight, but studies have shown that men who eat no fats in their diet experience large declines in testosterone production. To stay safe, rely primarily on monounsaturated fats. These fats can be found in plenty of healthy foods, such as nuts and fish.

Use A Supplement

The final solution is to use a testosterone supplement like Testogen, Testosterone Max, and T-Advance. Everyone needs a little extra boost from time to time and these supplements are exactly that boost you need. These supplements help the body produce more testosterone, which improves muscle mass, energy levels, and sex drive. Add this to any existing diet or fitness regimen to get outstanding results.

Ways To Increase Your Testosterone

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