Testogen Review vs The Alternatives

Masculine features like high libido, strength and muscles are defined as a attributes for a real man. Some have these features naturally while other lack it due to unhealthy lifestyle, busy schedule, work load or lack of enough physical movement. For guys like this it is important to increase there testosterone level naturally. But for most of us, it is impossible to do it naturally through diet and workout and therefore for men like this, T-booster supplements like Testogen are available in the market. This Testogen review is all about exploring quick facts and information about this testosterone booster supplement along with comparing Testogen vs the alternatives. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into this review.

Testogen Review – What it Is?

testogen review
Testogen Review – Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testogen is considered among some of the most popular supplements for boosting the testosterone level in males. Different from other T-booster supplements that include steroids in their formulation, Testogen is completely formulated with herbal ingredients that are safe from any sort of side effects.

This supplement is considered as a legal alternative to anabolic steroids for boosting testosterone. The company claims that their supplement helps in boosting T-level along with increasing muscle mass, losing weight and boosting strength and energy. Being a natural supplement, it is also safe for drug test therefore athletes can use it for improving their performance, risk free.

The supplement is a blend of herbal ingredients like vitamins, minerals and vital herbs that are proven to increase testosterone level. These ingredients are used as a proprietary blend therefore the benefits of these ingredients are directly supplied to you.

Testogen Ingredients

Testogen is one of the few testosterone supplement that is completely formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Here below I have listed all the major ingredients used in the formulation of this amazing T-booster supplement.

Bioperine: This ingredient is an extracted nutrient of black pepper. The ingredient is used in the formulation due to its feature of increasing bio availability, that helps in better absorption of other ingredients in the body.

Zinc: Zinc is one such nutrient that is known as a natural testo booster in men. Along with it’s T-booster feature, zinc is used in this supplement for reversing hypothyroidism and increasing production of sperm. (Study Source)

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is one such nutrient that is very essential for human body for various reasons. But it is used in this supplement due to its ability to promote androgen and testosterone level.

Red Ginseng Extract: Ginseng is known for its health benefits and is known as natural aphrodisiac that helps in stimulating male libido, improves testosterone level and provides stronger erection.

Fenugreek Extract: Fenugreek is one such ingredient that is known to increase vitality and strength naturally. The ingredient helps in increasing insulin and muscle growth.

D-Aspartic Acid: It is a type of amino acid that helps in stimulating the production of an essential hormone, luteinizing. It helps in increasing the testosterone level and healthy reproduction system.

Vitamin K1: This nutrient is known to improve the bone density and make it stronger. Also it helps in better absorption of other ingredients.

Boron: Boron is a common mineral that is found in various food items such as kidney beans, walnuts and raisin. According to some studies, it helps in increasing the testosterone level naturally.

Nettle Leaf Extract: This ingredient helps in stimulating testosterone hormones to release and move freely. It blocks the production of SHGB that is type of protein produced in human body and it stops testosterone to move freely.

Magnesium: This ingredient plays a very essential in the production of testos. The ingredient is used in this supplement to promote healthy functioning of biochemical reactions and overall health.

Vitamin D: This vitamin is known as a very important nutrient for healthy body. Testogen adds vitamin D3 in its formulation to increase the level of testosterone.

Benefits of Using Testogen

Company has made claimed lots of benefits of using their supplement. Regular and recommended usage of Testogen can lead you to these healthy benefits.

  • It helps in promoting the testosterone level in males
  • Helps in burning the fat deposited in your body to lose weight
  • It promotes the development of lean muscle mass
  • The supplement helps in boosting stamina and strength
  • Also improves mental focus and concentration
  • In some cases, it might also improve sexual drive and libido
  • Provides healthy sleep and eliminates insomnia

How Does Testogen Work?

Testogen is a prominent T-booster supplement that is formulated with herbal ingredients. These ingredients used in the formulation work on various levels to provide a boost in testosterone level along with other health benefits.

Boosts Strength & Stamina – Ingredients used in Testogen work on increasing testo level that ultimately boost strength, stamina and endurance in men.

Increases Concentration & Focus – Along with increasing testosterone, the supplement also helps in boosting mental focus and concentration in men.

Promotes Energy Level – Testogen uses some of the quality ingredients like ginseng that helps in promoting energy level and metabolism. This increased metabolism helps in burning body fat.

Improves Poor Libido – Increased in testosterone level in some cases may work to increase sexual drive and libido in male and help to perform well on bed.

Does Testogen Really Work?

There are lots of testosterone booster supplements available in the market with making big claims. But only few of them actually stand tall on the claims made and Testogen is one of them. User reviews and feedback also proves that this T-booster supplement has helped them to boost their testo levels. Some users reported that Testogen has helped them in burning body fat and building up lean muscle mass. Plenty of them reported that it also helped them in improving their sexual drive and libido.

Testogen Side Effects

Testogen is a safe and legal alternative to testosterone boosting steroids that carry various dangerous side effects. Testogen is formulated with herbal ingredients therefore it is claimed that it does not possess any serious side effects. Although, ignoring recommended usage and overdose may lead to few possible side effects such as:

Mostly, these symptoms disappears after few days of usage but if it continues, stop taking it. You must consult with your doctor prior using it if you are suffering with any serious health condition or using any sort of medication.


  • Helps in boosting production of testosterone naturally.
  • It is formulated with 100% natural and herbal ingredients.
  • Helps in improving male libido and sexual drive.
  • Promotes building of lean muscle mass.
  • Improves mood and energy level.
  • The company offers money back guarantee 60 days from the date of order.
  • You can avail huge discounts when ordering in bulk.
  • You also get free nutritional guidance and training on every purchase.


  • The supplement is only available for sale through official website.
  • The dosage is quite high as you need to take 4 pills a day.
  • There are not much feedbacks and Testogen reviews by users.
  • Single bottle purchase might cost you expensive.

Testogen vs The Alternatives

  • Testogen vs Testofuel
  • Testogen vs TestoMax
  • Testogen vs Prime Male
  • Testogen vs Nugenix
  • Testogen vs Testo Prime

Testogen Review – Common FAQs

Q – What is the recommended dosage?

As per the official website, you are recommended to take four pills daily with your breakfast. You can reduce the dosage to 2 pills a day if you are experiencing any side effects.

Q – When should I expect results with Testogen?

As per official claims, you should experience noticeable results in just first week of usage and prominent results in 2 months. Some Testogen reviews by users claimed that they noticed increase in testosterone in just one month.

Q – Will Testogen provide increase in libido and sexual drive?

The supplement is specially designed to focus on increasing testosterone but in some cases it may increase male libido and sexual drive.

Q – Will I pass drug test on taking Testogen?

It is not an anabolic steroid and therefore you can take it risk free as it will not show up drug test. The supplement is safe for consumption in athletes and professional competitors.

Q – Will results last even after stopping the consumption?

Testogen is a supplement that focuses on increasing testosterone level naturally and therefore if you stop taking it, the T level will start dropping again to the normal level.

Q – For whom is this supplement best to use?

Testogen is specially designed keeping in mind the athletes who are willing to improve their testosterone level and boost their performance. But it is also safe for normal men who just want to stay healthy or want to build muscle mass.

Q – Can I take Testogen along with other supplement?

It is safe to take other supplements with Testogen only if the supplement is naturally formulated. Although, you should not take any prescribed medication with this T-supplement.

Q – Is there any money back guarantee or refund policy?

Yes, the company offers money back guarantee for 60 days to the unsatisfied customers. But the refund is only applicable in unopened bottle.

Where To Buy Testogen?

buy testosterone booster pills

Testogen is duly available for sale on various online stores like Amazon, Walmart and Walgreens along with official website. But the company claims that they don’t sell their product through any other platform and supplement ordered from other store is not guaranteed by the company. Therefore it is always advised and recommended to buy Testogen from the official website as it ensures that you are delivered legit product along with benefits like money back guarantee, refunds and discounts.

Final Words

If you are serious about improving you testosterone level without getting indulged in the trap of steroids, then you must choose a supplement that is safe, naturally formulated and side effect free. Testogen is surely the best choice as it has everything that a T-booster supplement should have. While writing this Testogen reviews, I found that this herbal options is much better than steroid version. Though you cannot expect instant results as steroids but it is sure that you will get prominent results without getting possessed to any serious side effects. Overall, Testogen is a complete T-booster supplement for all those men who really want to boost their levels naturally.


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