Life Fitness Ellipticals & Cross Trainers Review 2022

Life Fitness Ellipticals & Cross trainers are among the best pieces of fitness equipment available today. The smooth action and modern overall design and feel set them apart from the competition. All of the types are back-drive ellipticals, which are better for posture and convenience during workouts.

In the fitness community, Life Fitness is a very well brand. Their history spans more than four decades. They have the best elliptical machines.

This company is, in fact, the inventor of the stationary electric bike. Everyone is familiar with the company’s name, which is synonymous with high-quality workout equipment. Life Workout is the firm for you if you value innovation and incredibly simple fitness equipment.

Have you ever visited a gym? You know how when you walk into a gym, the first thing visitors see is an ocean of cardio equipment. The row of treadmills queued up but not moving, the row of stair stepper devices that appear like torture devices, rows of two distinct types of cycles, and finally the row of elliptical machines are all visible. If you go to the gym on a regular basis, you probably have a favourite cardiovascular endurance workout.

While the fitness centre is not for everyone, in a world where technology has taken over and service sector occupations have individuals sitting behind a computer all day consuming an increasing quantity of empty calories, exercising has become a necessity if you want to stay in shape. This may seem challenging if you are among those who wants to take care of their health and stay healthy but doesn’t like to go gym. Many firms that create professional workout equipment, thankfully, have also started creating equipment for home gyms.

In 1970, Life Fitness began by manufacturing stationary bikes. However, the company now manufactures everything from ellipticals to stair climbers to the well-known Hammer Strength strength-training equipment. Life Fitness’ ellipticals are all rear-drive ellipticals with a quiet construction that makes them ideal for the home gym. They also have four distinct series to choose from, allowing them to create something for every budget.

Life Fitness Ellipticals and Cross-Trainers

life fitness ellipticals
life fitness ellipticals

When it refers to cutting-edge fitness equipment, Life Fitness is unrivalled. The company manufactures equipment for both commercial and home use.

Their top-of-the-line product is cardio fitness equipment. Treadmills, electric exercise bikes, stair climbers, and ellipticals are examples of cardio equipment. Under the Hammer Strength brand, the company produces plate-loaded workout equipment for strength.

There’s a reason that Life Fitness is the industry leader. Life Fitness is a pioneer in the field of fitness. Yes, you can see innovation in both equipment design and production. If you’re easily irritated by noise, elliptical cross-trainers are for you. They’re easy to use and have a great design. Their existing system provides a quiet environment. At this time, the X series, E series, and the club series are the most popular choices for home use.

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Life Fitness Ellipticals X Series

X Series of Life Fitness is the first generation of Ellipticals available for the home gym. It is the most cost-effective Series. The X Series ellipticals have all actual drive, much like the rest of the Life Fitness ellipticals. They also have Whisper Stride feature, which makes them an excellent in-home alternative. The elliptical’s Whisper Stride feature ensures it has a auto-aligning ball bearing system that makes your workout practically silent, save for the noise of your labored breathing once you begin to work up to sweat.

The X series has a stride length of 18 to 24 inches and a weight capacity of 300-400 pounds, making it suitable for practically any user. Non-slip pedals are included in the X series, as well as Flex Pedal integration, which is supposed to absorb some pressure on the joints.

The X1, X3, & X5 are the models available in this series. The simplest is the X1, while the most advanced is the X5.

Life Fitness Ellipticals E Series

The Life Fitness E-Series is the next level up from the X-Series. Many of the characteristics found in the X Series are also found in the E Series. The magnetic resistance as well as Whisper Quiet function, for example, are ideal for an in-home gym. These ensure that your workout is silent and that you do not disturb anyone who is sleeping or bring unwanted attention to yourself. The E1 & E3 models in the E series have a 20-inch stride length, but the E-5 has a customizable stride length of 18-24 inches if you really need to adapt it to meet your stride. E-Series models can support 350-400 pounds, just like the X Series.

The Go Console and the Track Plus Console models are both compatible with this series. They range in terms of price and functions, so it all depends on your budget. Also, consider how many features you’d like to have. E1, E3, & E5 are the models. The E1 is designed for the user who is just getting started with fitness and doesn’t require many functions, while the E5 is much more adjustable and designed for the advanced user.

Club Series Ellipticals

Club Series is indeed a step up from the previous X and E Series models. This series began as a commercial product for use in gyms as well as other workout locations, but because most people enjoyed it, Life Series began creating it for home as well. Because this device lacks the Whisper Stride feature found in the previous Series, it may create a bit more disturbance in your home gym, which may be distracting.

Digital pulse rate monitors, cordless heart rate support, and a dual connector tray are also included. It offers twenty resistance levels, allowing you to tailor it to your daily training goals. Furthermore, it is Apple compatible, allowing you to listen to the music on your Apple devices. Life Fitness ellipticals’ club series has only one model.

Platinum Club Series

Platinum Club Series is Life Fitness’ final offering. This Series is company’s top-of-the-line model, and the features reflect that. For starters, it has rollers on the front, making it easier to move around, which is a benefit in a home-gym. Furthermore, it is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, allowing you to exercise while using any gadget.

Platinum Club Series includes a total of twenty-six levels of resistance, allowing you to tailor your workout to your specific needs. It boasts Quite Drive Technology, which makes your workout nearly silent while still being highly smooth and safe for your joints. This top-of-the-line model also comes with three separate consoles, each with its own set of features and dimensions.


The elliptical manufacturer Life Fitness is well-known. You want to deal with a name that you can trust whenever it comes to constructing your home gym. Their four distinct Series offer varying levels of cost, features, and personalization to ensure there’s something to fit everyone’s budget and exercise goals.

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