How Do I Train My Brain To Focus – Tips & Guide!

How Do I Train My Brain To Focus

What’s the one thing you always wished you had more of in terms of cognitive abilities? Now think about the best way to achieve a high level of that ability. If you said Focus, your right! The focus is the most important ability to train because without focus you will never be able to increase abilities elsewhere. Focus equals attention, and the ability to stay on task and using the full power of your brain.

How Do I Train My Brain To Focus –

How Do I Train My Brain To Focus

Plan Ahead

Being on a scheduled can help keep you focused on the thing’s that need to be focused on. There are so many Apps and programs out there that can be used to plan your day, your week, your whole life! Use them, they are amazing. Organization is key to training your brain to focus.

Turn off Multiple Monitors

If you have a multiple monitor setup, turn everything that isn’t used specifically for what you’re focusing on. Multi-monitors are fantastic for multitasking but can be a large hindrance when you are trying to focus on a single thing. That also brings up another good point, Don’t check your emails or your texts. Turn that stuff onto silent mode. Distractions are anti-focus and you won’t get far with what you’re doing if you’re constantly texting with your mother – Yeah, I said it.

Routines are good, set one

Some people don’t do well with routines and schedules, and that’s OK. You need to do what works for you. But for the rest of us, We would be nowhere and get nowhere without or daily routine that keeps us sane and grounded. Time your meals, Your work periods, your job, your kids. Every good routine needs a corner stone that everything builds off of. My advice to you is picking something that you do every day and building a routine around that. But what is consistent enough that you need to do every day without fail, even if you don’t want too? Pooping! Yes! Use your natures alarm clock as a cornerstone to plan your routines. At the very least you aren’t trying to squeeze a poo into a tight schedule.

Work on one Task at a Time

Lot’s of people like to multitask. In fact, lots of people are very GOOD at multitasking. But when it’s time to focus, sometimes we have to put some stuff away and get cracking. Working on one task at a time is a pretty simple concept that’s completely foreign to a lot of us who grew up with technology and the internet of things. Turn your head 20% and you have an entire world to distract you from what you’re trying to do. So just like in the previous bit of advice with the multiple monitors, the phones, the emails, turn it all off and focus on what you need to focus on, and accomplish your goals. You will be absolutely stunned at down fast things get completed when your working on that one task and nothing else. Time just flies by.

Relaxing Music or TV in the Background

This one’s going to make you say “Wait a minute, didn’t you tell me not to get distracted?” Why yes I did! Let me explain. The whole world is a busy place, everything is doing something and something is doing everything. Our brains are trained to detect and focus on all these different things happening around us, Those are called distractions. But what happened when you shut yourself out from 100% of all distractions or background information? Your brain doesn’t like that, not one bit. In fact, You will find your mind wanders around trying to fill in that void space with daydreams and inner monolog, Which is ok.. sometimes. But not when we’re trying to focus.

Having something fill in the blank air will help concentration and stop your mind from wondering. It gives the parts of the brain you aren’t using something to do so they don’t get bored and cause a fit. Anything will do that doesn’t outright distract you, Like quiet music, sound of nature, Classical music, That one Netflix show that you’ve watched 700 times and know the ins and outs of (Star trek’s, archer, etc for me!) Those won’t distract you but they will fill in the void, we call this white noise. White noise will make your life easier.

Break Your Task Apart

Pretend your task is an enormous truck stop BLT sandwich. You can;t fit that entire thing in your mouth to take a bite, so you split it up into 2 layers. It’s the same concept for the project you need to focus on. Break it up into chewable pieces, So you don’t overwhelm yourself and get frustrated and distracted.


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