Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol – Choosing The Best One?

Comparing Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol clearly demonstrates our desire to include natural components into any aspects of human life and products we use. These products are backed by groups dedicated to create natural products. Nutraceuticals are plant-based substances that the Nutrafol is attempting to incorporate into a new product. Hair La Vie is committed to using natural products to make women feel and look their best. The Hair La Vie versus Nutrafol challenge is a good way to evaluate if one of these products is right for you.

Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol – Brand Overview

Hair La Vie

hair la vie vs nutrafol - brand overview
Hair la vie vs Nutrafol

In Hair La Vie, the phrase “hair is life” is interpreted. When you visit Hair La Vie website, you’ll see that this is the company’s motto. Women’s health and self-improvement are the primary focus of the site’s content. Hair La Vie is founded by  a cosmetics company, La Muse Beauty. Some of the most common hair problems, such as dryness, frizz, thinning, and hair loss, have been addressed by this product.

Scientific Research

Each ingredient’s contribution to hair development is supported by differing degrees of evidence. There is clinical proof that saw palmetto can aid hair development, and we’ve seen it in a number of different products. Hair La Vie contains ingredients high in silica, which helps hair health, as one common thread. Hair La Vie’s ingredients appear to be scientifically sound, however clinical data are lacking.


Horsetail herb, organic kelp, saw palmetto, borage oil and collagen are some of the other components in Hair La Vie’s major ingredient list. These ingredients  are considered as being the most important components for maintaining good hair.  It enhance your hair’s development with natural antioxidants and nourishing nutrients.


One-bottle price of Hair La Vie is $48. Customers who have purchased this product have reported that they need to spend up to three bottles to observe a visible improvement. Since day 7, some claim to have noticed an improvement. Damage to your hair, the state of your hair, and even the amount of vitamins you need each day are all factors that contribute to these disparities. “Everyone is different,” as Hair La Vie famously sang.

Side Effects

According to Hair La Vie, the product is safe for long time usage and has no adverse effects. As we all know, some vitamin supplements cause their consumers to gain weight on a regular basis. According to some users,  the vitamin in such products is sufficient to meet human body needs and may be too much of a complement to a user’s diet. Hair La Vie, on the other hand, does not mention any of these issues.


The company recommends that customers should take not more than two pills a day. One pill should be t aken with breakfast and another to taken with dinner or evening snacks. If you’re looking for something that has low dosage than its competing company, this is a good option.

Let’s have look at Nutrafol now and see how it compares to Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol comparison.


Nutrafol vs Hair La Vie
Nutrafol vs Hair La Vie

It is stated that Nutrafol is a health and wellness company. The motto of the company is “keep growing.” Their focus on research and data sets them apart from Hair La Vie. According to the official website, they meant to develop a product that’s more than just a prescribed medication or vitamin. The most important thing for them was that their product should be clinically tested. When evaluating Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol, this is a crucial factor.

Scientific Research

Nutraceuticals are plant-based substances that Nutrafol used to make their product. Nutrafol cites 6 months clinical research to demonstrate the efficacy of nutraceuticals. Study participants reported a significant increase in growth and quality of hair following the use of this product. Overall wellness is  also improved significantly for users.


In addition to Saw Palmetto, Sensoril Ashwagandha, and Ecolnmax, Nutrafol contains Hyaluronate Collagen and BCM95 Blocurcumin. Hair development can be boosted by Vitamin A, which contains Hc and a host of other nutrients. As compared to Hair la Vie, I admit that this vitamin is less natural. However, Nutrafol admits that the definition of “natural” and “work” are not the same.


For one bottle, the price of Nutrafol is $79.00. Based on the opinions of few customers, in  order to notice a significant difference, most people must consume at least four bottles. Even some clients believe that their hair would find new life after using six bottles of the product. Some users even reported that this product also helped in improving their nail health.

Side Effects

In both the website and the box of Nutrafol, no negative effects are listed, similar to  Hair La Vie.  Some vitamins are known for making people acquire weight on a regular basis. Nutrafol, on the other hand, does not mention any of these problems. Means that there are no negative effects.


It’s recommended that buyers should take not more than four pills a day. Every four hours is the ideal interval for taking this supplement. Compared to  Hair La Vie that recommends to take only two pills a day, the dosage for Nutrafol is double.

Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol – Cheaper & Best Alternative

Buy Folexin
Cheaper & Best Alternative

My Final Verdict

Though there are many satisfied customers, but Hair La Vie does not have clinical research to back up their product’s efficacy and claims. A clinical study of Nutrafol’s product is in addition to their pleasant vibes and proven ingredients.

But Nutrafol also has drawbacks as it is costly and not completely natural compared to Hair La Vie. If you are looking for a cheaper, effective and natural solution for hair growth, I would recommend using Folexin.  Before using any new supplement, it is best to consult your doctor.


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