Cumin Seeds for Weight Loss – Does It Help in Weight Loss?

Cumin Seed for weight loss

Cumin seeds, or “Jerra”, are an aromatic spice that is used to provide taste and flavor in several dishes. Cumin helps to enhance the taste of any dish with its unique earthy and warm punch. However, did you know that people also use cumin seeds for weight loss? Well, it’s true, today the use of cumin seed is not limited to the kitchen; it is widely and globally used for several health benefits.

Today, we will discuss the various types of benefits of the cumin seed, how they support weight loss, how to use cumin seeds, and many more things.

What Is Cumin Seed Cumin Seeds For Weight Loss

Cumin Seed for weight loss
Cumin Seed for weight loss

Cumin seeds are derived from a plant called Cuminum Cyminum. This plant is largely found in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Cumin seeds are rich in iron and MUFAs. Its unique aroma and distinct flavor (rusty) help to revitalize your body. Although cumin is full of taste, it is also used for medicinal purposes. It supports digestion, helps to manage weight, transports oxygen to the bloodstream, etc.

Cumin seeds contain a chemical known as thymol, which activates the pancreas to produce bile and enzymes that trigger crabs and fat in the body. There’s no doubt that cumin supports weight loss. But we are so used to supplements, pills, and weight loss diets that when something easy comes to us, we cannot easily believe it. Jerra is so powerful that eating food seasoned with jeera or grounded Jerra boosts the process of weight loss.

Many people also use cumin seed pills or supplements for weight loss and overall fitness. Adding cumin seeds to your fitness regime will speed up weight loss immediately.

How Cumin Seeds Are Helpful For Weight Loss

Drinking cumin seed water aids weight loss directly and indirectly. It improves digestion and bowel movement. Cumin seed contains secreted enzymes that break down glucose (sugar), carbs, and fat for energy, gut health, better digestion, and improved metabolic rate. Simultaneously, better digestion and a fast metabolism lead to quick weight loss.

Benefits of Cumin Seeds for Weight Loss

Cumin seed has ample proven health benefits, including weight loss. Currently, Jeera is getting popular among fitness freaks due to its weight loss properties. Some of the more popular benefits of cumin seeds are listed below.

Balanced Digestion

Cumin seeds have anti-gas chemicals that protect your digestive system from irritable inflammation, bowel diseases, bleaching, and burps. You can find magnesium and sodium in cumin seeds that prevent inflammation. Jeera is considered a quick fix for several stomach issues.

Enhance Immunity

Since the cumin seed has vitamin C, iron, and essential oils in it, it helps to boost immunity. Immunity is linked with weight loss. Think of your immune system as strong. You don’t require too much energy to do exercise or fight germs. Instead, you feel motivated and energetic to kickstart the weight loss process.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Thymoquinone present in cumin protects our liver. This anti-inflammatory chemical is so powerful that it could be used in the form of a pill to improve the liver.

Cumin seed cuts down on obesity.

A survey conducted on 100 obese people for three months has shown that cumin seeds help cut down on fat. They took jeera water three times a day, regularly, and have seen mind-blowing results. Cumin seed water has reduced the circumference of the waist and also improved insulin sensitivity.

Iron is useful for weight loss.

We know that there is no connection between iron and weight loss. It is tricky and has an indirect impact on weight loss. As we have already mentioned, cumin seeds are rich in iron. Iron is very important for producing hemoglobin and transferring oxygen from the lungs to other organs.

Well, if you have low energy, you will feel tired, dizzy, weak, and fatigued and cannot perform activities like cycling, exercise, or walking that promote weight loss. Therefore, iron also contributes to weight loss.

Cumin Seeds And Funnel Seeds For Weight Loss

One of the most popular home remedies for weight loss is a drink made from cumin seeds and funnel seed.. Many home remedies to combat excess weight are often tested, but cumin and fennel for weight loss is a proven remedy.

To try this remedy, soak a tablespoon each of cumin seed and fennel seed overnight. Boil it in the morning, then separate the seeds from the water, and consume it lukewarm. Besides supporting weight loss, this super-powerful drink has many health benefits. Fennel seeds have antioxidant properties, essential vitamins, and minerals to support overall health.

How To Consume Cumin Seeds

There are several ways to consume cumin seeds to reduce weight. Some of the simple and convenient ways are mentioned below.

  • Lemon and Cumin Seed Drink: Soak 2 tablespoons of cumin seeds overnight. Boil those soaked cumin seeds in a glass of water, then drain them using a tea filter. Add some lemon juice and a little bit of honey and consume it on an empty stomach.
  • You can use cumin seed powder in yogurt; it is tasty and effective.
  • Consume cumin seed powder with a glass of lukewarm water to boost the weight loss process.
  • Add cumin seeds as a seasoning in your dishes.

 Side Effects Of Cumin Seeds

  1. Cumin seeds are packed with multiple health benefits, but they are not good for some people. Cumin seeds lower blood sugar levels. So, when a person with diabetes consumes cumin seeds, it instantly lowers their blood sugar level. Thus, if you have diabetes, don’t consume cumin seeds in large quantities.
  2. Cumin seeds are not good for pregnancies. Medical professionals also restrict the use of cumin seeds during pregnancy.
  3. Cumin seeds hamper breast milk production.
  4. Excessive use of cumin seeds also results in low testosterone levels.

Frequently asked questions

Does cumin seed benefit weight loss?

Cumin seed is an effective ingredient for weight loss. It has many benefits for promoting weight loss effortlessly.

Will Jerra reduce belly fat?

Well, jeera is not specifically for reducing belly fat, but it may benefit the user indirectly by improving metabolism and managing digestion. Improved metabolism leads to a reduction in belly fat as well.

Which water is best for weight loss?

Cumin water with lemon is considered the best water for weight loss.

When should we drink Jeer water?

Drinking Jeera water on an empty stomach in the morning is the best time.

Can we drink Jerra water before bed?

Jeera acts as a coolant before bedtime. It also promotes good sleep.

Final Verdict

 Before ending our guide on cumin seeds for weight loss, we can say that cumin seeds, or jeera, are safe and effective for weight loss. It has plenty of health benefits. Consuming cumin seeds on an empty stomach does not only promote weight loss but is also good for skin, digestion, and is jam-packed with flavor.

If you consume it in the right quantity, it will help you achieve the desired results. Moreover, it doesn’t harm your body. All in all, it is healthy and safe, with no harsh side effects.

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