The Fastest Diet to Lose Weight Fast Today!

The Fastest Diet to Lose Weight! – The Fastest Diet

There are times in life when you lose weight is necessary urgently, literally within a couple of days. Typically, this desire arises when you want to lose weight by the New Year, summer vacation or a romantic date. Of course, there is nothing impossible – and though a great weight in 3 days not to lose, from 2-3 extra pounds can go into oblivion. And fast diets will help in this.

Fast diets are designed for 2-3 days and in many ways similar to unloading days for weight loss. However, they are more effective – accordingly, less safe and useful. If the goal of a fasting day, besides direct weight loss, is to restore, cleanse, set up the body, then fast diets have one purpose – getting rid of excess weight at any cost for a short period of time.

What is the fastest diet for weight loss? We offer TOP-3 fast diets according to My Review

Fast diet on Apples

This is a fairly tough diet, similar in some ways to Unloading day on apples. It is calculated for 2 days. The whole day diet consists of four apples, 100 lean boiled meat (beef, chicken), one lemon and three rye rusks. And, of course, do not forget to drink, but not more than 1.5 liters of water a day. Try to divide this modest daily menu into 4-5 servings – and wait for the result on the scales.

The Fastest Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Gentle diet for 2-3 days

Many believe that this is the fastest and most effective diet for weight loss. Her menu is more diverse than the previous one, contains enough protein.

For breakfast you need to eat one cooked soft-boiled egg, toast with a thin slice of low-fat cheese, to drink a cup of coffee without sugar. For lunch, please yourself with 100 g of boiled chicken fillet, fresh cucumber and a glass of tomato juice. For a mid-morning snack, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt. Finally, for dinner, you can eat 100 grams of baked fish or low-fat varieties and vegetable salad.

3 Fast Diet

Of all the fast diets, this is most easily tolerated due to the variety of foods and sufficient daily calorie content (900 calories) in them.

The first day. Breakfast: One slice of bread with jam or peanut butter, a glass of unsweetened tea or coffee. Second breakfast: grapefruit. Lunch: 100 g of soy sauce smeared and fried in a dry griddle chicken fillet, a glass of cooked beans, a glass of cooked beets, one cracker. Snack: one slice of bread, half a can of canned tuna in oil, 5 radishes. Dinner: one apple.

Second day. Breakfast: One egg soft-boiled or in the form of fried eggs, a cracker, a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee. The second breakfast: one banana. Lunch: two sausages, a small plate of lean borsch (cabbage + beetroot + carrot + onion), a slice of bread. Afternoon snack: 100 g cottage cheese, 5 radishes, 5 crackers. Dinner: two prunes, a cup of unsweetened tea.

Day Three. Breakfast: Two crackers, a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee. The second breakfast: one apple. Lunch: half a pound of tuna in oil, a glass of cooked carrots, a glass of cooked beets, crackers. Snack: boiled egg, salted cucumber, 5 radishes. Dinner: half a small melon.

This is the fastest and most effective diet for those, Who cannot abide by a strict menu. Its main advantage is that each of the products can be replaced by an equivalent in calories. Naturally, harmful foods in the form of fatty, spicy, sweet foods are strictly prohibited. In addition, do not forget to drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day.

Basic rules for Fast Diets

The fastest diet for weight loss requires compliance with a number of strict rules:

– Must have breakfast, even if it’s a cracker with a cup of coffee;
– You can not sit on fast diets just before the holidays – between them, there should be a break in 3-4 days, so that the body gets used to the usual diet;
– all the kilograms lost as a result of a fast diet will return soon enough, so adjust to a temporary (holiday period) result;
– Abuse of such methods of weight loss is fraught with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, mental problems – fast diet should be a rare guest in your menu;
– to sit on such a diet can only be absolutely healthy people – any diseases of the hot, cardiovascular, endocrine systems, adolescent and advanced age, postoperative period are a complete contraindication for the application of a fast diet.

Remember: The fastest diet for weight loss is an extreme way to say goodbye to excess kilos. This method of losing weight is considered the most harmful and stressful for the body, many experienced on themselves assure that it feels even worse than fasting for losing weight. So if you still decide to sit on one of the express diets – tune in for a serious test that is prepared for your body.

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