How to Lose Weight without Counting Calories?

What’s the hardest part about losing weight? I know its a few answers to this question but for me is the calorie counting. Calorie counting can be confusing and will actually make you want to give up on your diet all together. I’m here to help you get out of that rut and change your body in the process.

So what is a calorie any way? A calorie is a unit of energy. When you hear something contains 100 calories, it’s a way of describing how much energy your body could get from eating or drinking it. (source: So basically the problem is people are eating to much calories or energy and not burning that energy off. Its like putting a whole bunch of gas in your car and not going anywhere and doing the same thing daily.

You need to create a calorie deficit to lose the weight that your looking for. So how do you do this without counting your calories. Well its kind of easy but at the same time I don’t want you to think it doesn’t require work and self discipline because it truly does. Its just easier then you think

How to Lose Weight without Counting Calories in 2022

Lose Weight without Counting Calories
How to Lose Weight without Counting Calories in 2021

10 Tips To Lose Weight Without Calorie Counting.

Become Much More Active –

You can’t think your going to lose weight without doing something. You have to start a regular workout routine. This will help your metabolism kick up and help you lose more weight faster.

Consistency is one of the Major Keys  –

The next major factor is your consistency. Its like being in a on again off again relationship. Sooner or later your going to give up because you don’t see results but if your consistent then you will see the results. Gauranteed!!

Eat Eggs in the Morning instead of Calorie Counting –

If you eat a couple of boiled eggs or even scrambled your much more likely to eat less during the day. Try it with some sausage and a side of spinach. This will give you all the protein you need to stay full for most of the morning.

Eat Lots of Protein instead of Calorie Counting –

Like I said before your protein intake will help you stay full and keep your body working to burn that off and won’t need to store fat any longer. I know at first its going to be hard to increase your protein in take so I suggest that you try a protein shake in between meals.

Eat more Low Calorie fibrous Foods instead of Calorie Counting –

Adding these foods to your diet will assist your in so many different ways. No just creating a calorie deficit but a lot of other health benefits.

Your list of Calorie Fibrous Foods






Reduce Carbs To 1 Serving A Day Instead Of Calorie Counting –

I know this will be the toughest thing for most people but this can really change your results when working out. Carbs are turned into fat if not used properly in your diet. There a time and a place for carbs. The best times to eat carbs are in the morning when your body is looking for energy to burn for the day. Carbs are also great after a workout that you have used weights to gain muscle. Because your body will burn the carbs instead of the muscle you’ve just gained.

Drink More Water Instead of Calorie Counting –

The best way to start this change in diet is to replace your beverage with a bottle of water when you have a meal. This will put you on the path of drinking more water. The more water you drink during the day the fuller you feel plus when drinking water it increase metabolic state in your body. So if you need to increase metabolism then you need to drink more water.

Get More Sleep instead of Calorie Counting –

You want to lose weight then your beauty rest is needed. When your sleep deprived it will increase your cravings. When you have increase cravings its hard to not eat the wrong foods.

Calorie Counting In General –

Calorie counting is one of the hardest things to do for every one and with all the noise around us daily who has time for it? So I hope this outline has helped you in your weight loss journey.

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