Top 10 Foods High in Biotin – Do You Consume Any Of Them?

foods high in biotin

Wondering that what foods are high in biotin? Biotin is a water-soluable vitamin that essential to be included in your daily diet for various health benefits. Getting the correct foods in your daily diet is essential to ensure that you get sufficient biotin because not all meals contain it.

You should never shortchange your body’s need for biotin because it is critically important. Water-soluble vitamins must be taken daily because your body cannot store them and they are not retained by it.

In this article, I have listed top 10 foods high in biotin so that you can easily pick them and add in your daily diet.

Top 10 Foods high in Biotin

foods high in biotin

There are many strange or odd foods that contain biotin. However, I discover that I am more likely to eat meals that I am accustomed to. You could share this trait. My selection of the top ten foods high in biotin might not be the best overall, but it includes the items that I think you’ll enjoy the most. You probably consume a lot of these foods high in biotin. If that’s the case, you can use that as a justification for eating more of your favorite foods.

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#1. Soybean

Biotin is one of the many beneficial elements found in soybeans. In actuality, all you need is roughly 135g of soybeans to meet your recommended daily intake. Soybeans are now one of the best sources of biotin available.

Due to the genetic alterations that soybeans have undergone, I only occasionally have soybean. Despite this, soybeans continue to be a great source of protein, vegan and high in nutrients.

Additionally, because they come in so many forms, it is very simple to increase the amount of soybeans in your diet. Soy sauce, soy milk, and a vast range of other items are just a few examples of these. Soy sauce is simple to add to salads and rice, and the soy milk can occasionally be poured on cereal.

There are even fermented soy products like natto and tempeh that can improve your gut health. Soybeans are a fantastic source of biotin for people who can eat them, even though they don’t fit into every diet.

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#2. Egg

A nearly universal food, eggs are consumed by almost everyone. Avoiding products that contain eggs of any kind is difficult. Eggs can be made in a plethora of different methods, including scrambling, baking, frying, boiling, and poaching, not to mention the numerous cookies, cakes, and other baked goods that depend on eggs.

The benefit of the widespread use of eggs is the fact that they include nutrients like vitamin B, iron, and, most significantly, biotin. One of the main reasons why eggs are so common for breakfast is because they are a fantastic source of protein.

The most important thing to keep in mind with eggs is that you must properly cook them in order to obtain biotin. Aviterin is a substance found in raw eggs. The avidin, which is mostly present in the whites, hinders you from absorbing micronutrients like biotin.

Additionally, the hazards of salmonella are not mentioned. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly cook your eggs and consider skipping the white altogether. In any case, you want the egg yolk the most, therefore eating meringue won’t help you obtain more biotin.

#3. Tomatoes

With their wide range of uses, tomatoes are perhaps almost as common as eggs. Tomatoes contain a respectable quantity of biotin, while not being one of the top sources.

To acquire your daily recommended amount of biotin from only tomatoes, you would need to eat well over ten cups of them, but you can increase the number of tomatoes in your daily diet to help out a little.

Tomato paste and puree are two examples of slightly more concentrated versions. You may ensure that you consume tomato in your daily diet by simply eating foods like spaghetti, soup, and several casseroles. Although ketchup contains less tomato than you may assume, most people nevertheless enjoy it.

To nearly any kind of salad, cherry tomatoes or chopped tomatoes can be easily incorporated. Finally, fresh tomatoes can be eaten as a snack on their own if you enjoy the flavor of raw tomatoes, which not everyone likes but some do.

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#4. Nuts

Most nuts contain at least a little amount of biotin. One of the best options is almonds, which provide the entire biotin you need in only a few generous handfuls. When it is about nutritious content, almonds are one of the best nuts.

Smaller quantities of biotin are present in other nuts. Walnuts come in second for this, then all the other nuts, such as hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, pecans, acorns, etc. It can be challenging to decide which nut to try when there are so many options available.

They are often used in a variety of dishes, including salads, desserts, and as a substitute for peanut butter when making nut butters. In addition to being used to trail mixes, they are frequently roasted, salted, wrapped in chocolate, and seasoned in other ways.

#5. Milk

Despite not having the greatest biotin content, milk deserves to be on the list. To begin with, milk’s biotin content is not related to its fat percentage; therefore full-fat and low-fat milk both contain the same amount of biotin. It is difficult to avoid and simple to consume milk because it is utilized in so many meals.

To mention a few uses, it is added to ice cream, breakfast cereal, sweets, and many other desserts. It is often poured onto cereal and consumed with cakes and dessert. Adding more milk to your diet is simple because even one glass of milk with chocolate counts as additional milk.

dairy goods like cheese contain more biotin than milk itself, although some milk products contain it more than others. The amount of biotin in cheese varies depending on the kind of cheese as well as how it is made.

However, all cheese contains at least some amount of biotin. Some cheese varieties are frequently consumed as a snack on their own or with crackers.

Following that, yogurts also include biotin, especially greek yogurt, that is more nutrient-rich overall. Yogurts are a simple and extremely healthy snack when paired with some fruit. In conclusion, there are countless ways to obtain more milk, as well as numerous purposes for it.

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#6. Sweet Potato

If you cook sweet potatoes properly, they can be incredibly delicious. You most likely consume a few sweet potatoes, if only for sweet potato pie over the Thanksgiving season. The majority of people enjoy the taste, which contains a significant amount of biotin.

More than you may imagine, sweet potatoes lend themselves to quite a bit of creativity. It can be used to stir-fries, used in omelets, casseroles, tortillas, cooked on its own, or made into sweet potato fries. Even better than a baked potato with barbecue, it can be cooked to produce vegetarian chips.

You’d be astonished at all the things sweet potatoes may be used for. These roots are not the cheapest, but they are also neither the most expensive. If you want, you can easily grow them yourself, but they are simple to locate in most stores with a produce area.

#7. Peanuts

Even individuals who understand that a peanut is essentially a legume tend to mistake it for a nut. Protein, dietary fiber, biotin, and numerous other nutrients can all be found in peanuts. In fact, peanuts have some of the highest concentrations of biotin among members of the legume group.

Furthermore, peanuts are widely available, reasonably priced, and come in a variety of shapes. You undoubtedly already consume peanut butter occasionally in the sandwiches, and you might even enjoy snacking on the nuts. Protein bars, and many more snacks contain peanut butter.

In addition to being salted, roasted, and wrapped in chocolate, peanuts can also be spiced. Any of the above peanut products can be used as a garnish on salads, a crunchy addition to some desserts, a snack when eaten alone or with dry fruits, or a component of your preferred trail mix.

Unfortunately, not everyone can include peanuts in their diet because peanut allergies are among the most prevalent food allergies. Some people attempt to stay away from legumes, therefore peanuts are also out of the question for them.

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#8. Salmon

One of the seafood that is highest in nutrients is salmon. It is abundant in biotin and, you got it, omega-3 fatty acids.

You might not be familiar of all the benefits of salmon if you don’t consume it frequently. Salmon can be prepared in countless ways, including frying, baking, topping salads, and eating with eggs. Salmon is available fresh, frozen, or even in cans.

As a starter or for breakfast with toast, smoked salmon pairs very well with chips and other foods. Although a little more difficult to find, salmon jerky is also available. Try to choose wild caught salmon over farmed salmon whenever possible because the latter contains more biotin.

#9. Mushrooms

There are hundreds of edible mushrooms, even though you are certainly only familiar with a handful. Although maitake mushrooms contain the highest biotin, button mushrooms are typically found in supermarkets.

On the contrary to the range from button mushrooms, shitake mushrooms have less biotin. Naturally, wild mushrooms contain more biotin than mushrooms farmed for commercial purposes. Fresh, tinned, or dried mushrooms are all available.

Even individuals who don’t enjoy mushrooms can generally sneak some into stews and gravies. Smaller mushrooms can be grilled for salads, while larger ones are suitable for stuffing with a variety of ingredients.

#10. Avocadoes

Everyone is aware of the health benefits and nutritional value of avocados, and the majority of people enjoy eating guacamole. Yes, eating many avocados would be necessary to meet your daily requirements for biotin. However, because they are so creamy, avocados can be used in a variety of dishes.

You can add avocado to practically any salad, add it to burritos or wraps, add it to breakfast smoothies, or simply eat it with some salt on its own. Although they are little bit expensive, avocados are quite simple to incorporate into your diet.

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Why You Need Biotin?

There are numerous names that biotin is known by. It’s a B vitamin, specifically vitamin B7, and is also known as vitamin H in addition to biotin. Whatever name you give it, biotin has a variety of functions in your body.

Being a B vitamin, biotin aids with energy, to start. A few significant enzymes also have this vitamin as a component. The digestive enzymes used to break down substances like lipids, carbs, as well as amino acids have biotin in their composition. For the health of your digestive system, this is quite beneficial.

Doctors can advise taking biotin regardless of whether a blood test reveals you to be low in it. They might suggest biotin to treat conditions like neuropathy and hepatitis.

Because biotin also allows your cells to connect with one another, it can aid with nerves. It is necessary, particularly when you are injured, and it even has a small role in producing new RBCs. In addition to being beneficial for your skin and hair, biotin is also effective to address conditions like brittle nails. Finally, biotin might also contribute to the monitoring of your genes.

Final Thoughts

While it’s important to receive all the vitamins and minerals you need in your daily diet, few are more crucial than others. One of the essential nutrients is unquestionably biotin. Try increasing your intake of these items, some of those you probably currently consume.

It is uncommon to have a biotin shortage due to how many meals biotin is present in. You should consume at least a few of these items every day because biotin is water-soluble. If you believe you may be deficient in biotin, create a menu and evaluate which of the following items you can include.


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