Are Probiotics Supplements Good for You?

Are Probiotics supplements good

Are Probiotics Supplements Good for You? Probiotics are bacterial species that help your gut health and digestive system. There are many natural ways to get probiotics, such as eating yogurt, kimchi, kefir, or tempeh with your meal.

These fermented food items help you to keep in shape and provide strength to your immune response. They not only promote a better gut-brain connection, but they also keep your body in shape and reduce stomach problems and mental health problems.

Are Probiotics Supplement Good for You?

What are probiotic supplements?

Therefore, probiotics can affect the entire immunological system, and therefore, their activities inside our gut matter! Now, what are probiotic supplements? The supplements that help in increasing the numbers of beneficial gut bacteria in our gut are called probiotic supplements.

Probiotics are the microbes that are found inside our gut, but there are some other reasons for which probiotics are taken:

  • They act as an antibiotic for any kind of infection.
  • They help us fight against the digestive syndrome.
  • They maintain the gut-brain connections.
  • They eliminate the allergic reactions.
  • They also bring a glow and radiation to our skin.

Overall, probiotics are very essential for our bodies and they help in keeping our bodies in shape and fit from all angles. They support our immune function and cognitive health.

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How to choose a good probiotic supplement?

To choose a good probiotic supplement, we must take a test of our gut health and must find the correct microbial strains inside our body!

Because there are lots of bacteria that are found in the form of supplements, they work and prevent different kinds of diseases.

That means every microbe has its own quality as a probiotic, like having lactobacillus is not enough. There are lots of lactobacillus with different qualities. In approximate number, there are 120 types of activated lactobacillus.

If you want to choose a probiotic supplement, here are the criteria you can follow for choosing a probiotic supplement!

As we can see, there are various types of probiotic supplements that are available on the market, and they are taken in the form of single or multiple probiotic strains.

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Seven Groups of Probiotic Supplements

In general, there are mainly seven groups of probiotics that are included in the supplements that are given below:


These are rod-shaped aerotolerant anaerobes that are found inside the human gut and urinary gland. They fall under the good bacteria category and help in absorbing nutrients.

These microbes are generally included in probiotic supplements for diarrhea and to treat general digestive problems.

Here are some of the uses of lactobacillus given below:

  • Stomach pain in children.
  • Hay fever prevention.
  • It is used to treat eczema, a kind of skin inflammation.
  • can be given to pregnant women to prevent any kind of allergen.


Enterococcus is a probiotic that is found in the mouth and vagina. It is used as an antibiotic because of its ability to fight against harmful bacteria.

Here are some of the medicines that include Enterococcus:

  • Penicillin.
  • Imipenem
  • Vancomycin, etc.,

These are the large genes of lactic acid bacteria that are used in treating irritable bowel syndrome and chronic intestinal disease and to lower the cholesterol level in patients.

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It is a probiotic yeast discovered by a French scientist, Henri Boulard, in 1920. It was a tropical yeast that people used to make tea to prevent cholera.

Saccharomyces boulardii is sometimes mixed with the prebiotics or the probiotic bacteria, and here are the various uses of S. boulardii.

  • It is used as an anti-toxin supplement.
  • It is used as an antibacterial supplement.
  • It is used as an anti-inflammatory supplement.


These are the probiotics that live in the intestine and are commonly known for their use in treating the bacteria. It has shown effective treatment in the following cases:

  • Ulcerative colitis.
  • Constipation
  • Lung infection
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • to keep cholesterol levels stable


These probiotics are the non-spore forming bacteria that occur in pairs or chains. These are the facultative anaerobes that are found in many variations.

But Streptococcus faecalis is the one beneficiary bacteria that improves the micro-ecological balance of intestinal health and also enhances the decomposition activity of protein into peptides and vitamin B.

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better known as E. coli bacteria, which is also known as the first microbe strain that was used as a probiotic agent for many years.

  1. E. coli is the inhabitant of a healthy digestive tract that is found in the lower abdomen area of a human and helps in food breakdown and Vitamin K synthesis. Many scientists have used it for storing the DNA sequences of organisms.

Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus subtilis is used for improving the intestinal flora balance and has the potential for improving intestinal health and has antioxidant properties.

It is used for the following things:

  • Useful for obesity.
  • Useful for diabetes.
  • Beneficial to gut microbiota
  • Beneficial for Constipation
  • useful for treating diarrhea.

Common FAQs

Do probiotics detox your body?

Yes, it was found that taking a probiotic supplement daily can lead to increasing the number of good bacteria and help in detoxification of our body. It also helps in better absorption of nutrients and balances the effects of negative toxins.

Can probiotics make you gain weight?

It was found that there are certain probiotic strains that can make a person gain weight. For example, the Lactobacillus acidophilus was found to increase weight in humans and animals.

Can probiotics make you poop?

They are for better gut health and are used for controlling constipation and digestive syndrome. Yes, they help you have a better poop.

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Probiotic supplements are generally beneficial in nature and help a person to maintain their gut health as well as improve their bowel movements. They enable a person to stay healthy and have a balanced level of cholesterol.

They are also found to reduce the danger of heart failure and strengthen the gut wall by feeding it the essential nutrients that make it more defensive against pathogenic attack.

You can check out Exipure and Biofit. These two are the top probiotic supplements trusted by many customers and have been given positive reviews.


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