11 Health Benefits of Garlic That You Never Knew Before!

Strong-smelling and flavorful, garlic is a herb with numerous health advantages. Allicin, a potent substance found in it, has the ability to reduce cholesterol. Garlic may have health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, and lessening the signs and symptoms of common colds and neurological illnesses.

A clove of garlic serves numerous functions. When referring to making healthy eating choices, it is a true all-rounder, having applications ranging from cookery to medicine. Furthermore, it gives all of your recipes a delicious flavor. Garlic can also be eaten in a number of different ways, as in garlic mashed potatoes, garlic aioli, garlic bread, and more. Let’s take a closer look at the numerous health advantages of garlic.

11 Health Benefits of Garlic

health benefits of garlic

1 – Prevents Cold and Cough

A research paper was published in 2014 that included an assessment of 146 participants for a three-month period to determine the effect on patients with cough and cold. Researchers split the entire number of people who participated into two equal sections as an aspect of the study. A placebo tablet was given to one group, and a garlic tablet was given to the other. At the conclusion of the trial, researchers discovered that participants who took garlic daily for three months experienced fewer cold symptoms than those who took a placebo.

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2 – Infection and Immunity

Studies have indicated that the chemicals found in garlic may possess antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. In a 2016 study, researchers found that using an extract of aged garlic lessened the intensity of flu and cold symptoms. It lessened the severity of symptoms, the number of days the disease interfered with function, and the amount of sick days the research subjects had to take off from work or school. Additionally, studies revealed that supplementing with garlic improved immune cell performance. This has to do with less inflammation.

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3 – Promotes Heart Health

Due to its strong cardio protective qualities, garlic may help avoid a number of serious cardiac conditions, including hypertension, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and hyperlipidemia. According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, the majority of examined data indicates a link between garlic consumption and cardio protection; nevertheless, more investigation is required to determine the optimal form and quantity. It is important to closely monitor the appropriate usage of this plant, including the use of various preparations, dosage, duration, and interactions with generic medications.

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4 – Reduces Risk of Dementia

Since the risk of dementia and cardiovascular disease rises with age, oxidative damage could have a significant role in both conditions. Because of its antioxidant qualities, the extract of aged garlic may help lower the risk of prevalent brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Excessive dosages of AGE have been demonstrated to lower oxidative stress in individuals with blood pressure issues and raise antioxidant enzymes.

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5 – Boost Digestion

Including a daily serving of raw garlic in your daily diet can help with digestive issues. This herb may even help to lessen gastrointestinal canal discomfort or inflammation. For the majority of intestinal issues, including colitis, diarrhea, and dysentery, garlic may be helpful. It is amazing how well it works to drive out worms. It eliminates the dangerous bacteria in the colon while having no effect on the beneficial ones. It can aid in the relief of stomach gas in addition to improving digestion.

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6 – Lower Cholesterol Level

Garlic has been shown to have positive benefits on cholesterol in a 2016 study. The 2016 study’s researchers found evidence that eating half to one piece of garlic daily reduces cholesterol by about 9%. The results of an earlier 1993 meta-analysis served as the foundation for the researchers’ analysis of this statistic. However, researchers found that powdered garlic did not cut cholesterol levels in a 1998 trial as well, indicating that raw garlic could be more cholesterol-beneficial.

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7 – Improves Blood Pressure

Garlic could help in regulating blood pressure. According to a 2019 study on the efficacy of aged garlic extract, arterial stiffness, blood pressure, and pulse pressure were all considerably reduced by the aged garlic extract. Additionally, studies point to the safety of garlic supplements and their potential to improve cardiovascular health, suggesting that garlic extract is a valuable treatment. Researchers do, however, point out that further extensive studies are required to validate garlic’s effect on cardiovascular-related death and morbidity.

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8 – Promotes Gut health

As a prebiotic, garlic can help to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Garlic supplements may enhance general health and support the growth of beneficial gut microbes. The function or general health of other body systems may even be aided by good gut health. Numerous other nutrients that are vital to general health are found in garlic.

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9 – Reduces Hypertension

A 2014 study published in a journal suggests that aged garlic extract can help hypertensive people reduce their blood pressure. To confirm whether they may be regarded as an alternate treatment for hypertension, more research is necessary.

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10 – Prevent Neurodegenerative Diseases

Raw garlic has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that may help fend off neurological illnesses in the future. Garlic and its products have been shown in a study published in the journal to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Nevertheless, further research is needed to pinpoint the specific chemicals in garlic that are contributing to its effects.

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11 – Promotes Skin health

Garlic has biological qualities and is an antioxidant, therefore it could be a useful herbal treatment for several skin conditions. An earlier 2011 assessment of 23 studies on the topic of dermatology indicates that taking garlic orally may improve immunity, micro circulation, and UVB protection. Garlic allergies can exist, though, and the condition can cause skin irritation or contact dermatitis. Another typical negative effect of using garlic topically to the skin is garlic burn. Chemical burns can result from crushed garlic, and even a brief touch with the skin might have negative effects.

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FAQs on Garlic

How should I take garlic supplement?

You can eat 1-2 buds of raw garlic daily or you can even take garlic supplement as per the recommended dosage.

Is there any side effects of eating garlic?

Overdosing or overeating of anything can cause severe side effects, and same is with garlic. Some side effects of eating garlic are bad odor, stomach upset, heartburn, and allergic reaction.

Should I take garlic supplements daily?

You must consult with your doctor before taking any supplement or follow the dosage recommended by the company.

Which garlic is better – raw or cooked?

Eating raw garlic always carries more health benefits as cooking decreases the pH balance of the garlic.

Concluding Remark

Because of the chemicals and nutritional qualities of garlic, there are numerous possible health advantages associated with garlic and its extracts. Benefits of garlic include improved bone strength, less inflammation and infection, healthier skin, reduced risk of cancer, and even more.

Animal studies are the main focus of a large amount of clinical research, though. To validate garlic’s efficacy outside of clinical settings and determine the best ways to supplement and dose it, more study is required.

As there may be adverse effects from garlic, speak with your doctor before beginning any supplementation. Before beginning any more new treatments, make sure your medical staff is aware of your supplement regimen.


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