Your Beard Grows Faster From This Food

Not everyone is blessed (or cursed) with the same beard growth. If you want to speed up the growth process of your beard, then you should mainly eat or drink the following products.

5 Tips To Grow Your Beard Better


By eating eggs you get protein inside, which promotes hair growth. The cholesterol of eggs also ensures the production of testosterone, an important hormone for beard growth.

Orange Juice

Male hormones are promoted by drinking orange juice. Besides your beard, the rest of your hair grows faster as well as your nails. The vitamin C is also conducive to your beard growth.


Potatoes get more testosterone and DHT. Your beard will thank you for eating a delicious mashed potato.

Brazil Nuts

There are few ingredients that are as good your beard growth as the South American Brazil nuts. This is due to a large amount of selenium in the nuts. A few nuts per day can already have an effect on your beard growth.


There is a lot of boron in raisins, a mineral that brightens up your beard.

If you suffer from too much beard growth, then it is obviously an idea to avoid the ingredients above.

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