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Tips to Lose Weight Even Faster – My Tips

Are you new to diet and do not know what to do to lose weight? Then you came to the right place because in this article we will be completely open to you the world of weight loss.

So, before you do any actions aimed at losing weight, you must realistically assess your figure. Very often, the girls want to lose weight far, on psychological grounds, if someone is offended, says it is fat, the girls immediately begin to fill over, although I do not even think about it. Or that very often, girls make up your mind entirely. Therefore, judge the situation soberly!

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Another fairly common situation, In girls who, let’s say, wide leg, want to lose weight. In this case, it does not matter how you tried it, and if you have such a structure of the body, then you all desire will not be thin. Again, realistically assessing your figure, it does not make sense to deplete yourself fasting, if you have such a build. This corresponds to what you choose to count all the stars in the sky.

The last thing to note in this block – not as a goal to lose weight quickly. First, to lose weight quickly is very difficult, and not always the methods used at the same time, no adverse health effects. Secondly, we have shown that it is necessary to lose weight gradually, as in the intensive weight loss quickly called again, slow weight loss promise to save the result in the long run.

The Reason Why You Increased in Weight

When you are done with the fact that we have mentioned above, we go to the next step. To start losing weight, you should try to find the reason for the weight gain. Pointless to begin to lose weight, if you do not know why, again, give the same fullness an example to help you understand – this is equal to what you want to get water in the bathroom, but not simultaneously drain closed. That is, you can not reach the water, it will continue to drain, as here, you will take action to lose weight, but your results will not be effective because the cause is not eliminated.

Yes, all resort to nutrition and sport, for many simply it helps, as the two most common reasons why we gain weight. That is why they often resort because of them losing weight. But it is impossible not to mention the fact that, along with this, there is still a very serious reason why weight gain we already mentioned – it is stress. Well, the last reason why we can be overweight – health problems: dysfunction of one or more organs, complications of a disease, etc.

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You, of course, you know that one of the ways weight loss is dieting. But for one reason or another many people think that to lose weight you have to use a diet. The public secret that the weight of the diet can lose without diet, it is sufficient to just start eating.

The Most Common Reason why we are in Weight – Unhealthy Food

Eating Junk Food

Incorrect Combination of products, which leads to inhibition of the digestion of food, and as a result of what we polem

Small amount of meals, large portions

Over Eating

Eating Food at Night

Fasting – Strangely Enough, if Fasting can Cause Complete

In short, a good diet eliminates all of the above points that cause the appearance of excess weight.

Where should we start eating from the right? The right diet starts with an analysis of your diet: what food you eat, how you cook them, the composition of products, etc.

After Analyzing all this, you must Exclude:

Any deep-fried food

Fat and high-calorie Foods

Eating fast food and semi-finished Products

Sunflower Oil

Mayonnaise, in addition to Food


Chips and Crackers

Drinks with dyes like Gas and without

It is Recommended to Keep a Minimum

Sausages and smoked


Shops juices and Ready-Made Tea in Bottles

Pastries, cakes, and Sandwiches – Once a Week

Coffee and Alcohol

If you understand your diet, gavage intake. Meals that you need to break for 5-6 approaches. That is, every meal must have a small portion. This must be done to eliminate the feeling of hunger, as almost every 2-3 hours will take food. This positive impact in turn on the digestive system, so it will be able to digest all the food without leaving a surplus in the form of fat, and will not work in an overloaded mode.

In no case do not eat too much, again want to warn that the portions should be small in calorific value, that is, food intake should be the principle that you use such an amount of food that will be kept on the appetite. You do not have to load, eat as much as enough for your body.

Not heavy and long to digest food before bedtime. The last meal is recommended at 3 o’clock before you go to bed. An hour before bedtime, you can eat a small piece of fruit, drink half a glass of kefir or yogurt, of course, low-fat.

A few words we want to say about fasting for some reason, often preferred by women. The girls think that if they starve, then lose weight, but it is not. Because of frequent hunger and malnutrition, the body begins to accumulate reserves itself, these stock indicators are in the form of fat. Therefore, in order to lose weight, in any case, do not starve, eat at least one full meal, but at the same time, it is low-calorie.

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Physical Activity

We have considered the first reason why polneem – that is, food, and how it can be used to lose weight, go to the second most common cause of weight gain – stiffness.

From what little we move, we roughly do not say to burn the excess fat so that it accumulates and we gain weight. The reason for inactivity is sedentary work, the movement of transport and not on foot, watching television on the couch in the evening or a computer instead of a walk. Therefore, to lose weight, at least you must start to move actively. If you run a sedentary work, then compensate for their inactivity. For example, trying to work and go to work does not go further, and often go outside, around the city or the park, it is not only useful for the figure, but also for health.

What should you do Exercise to Lose Weight?

What to do with thinner legs

Effective slimming legs are squats, leg lift knees bent, lift the legs lying on its side, lunges, etc.

The thinner the hand

Thinner hands, help push and exercises with dumbbells to sharpen the muscle biceps and triceps.

What to do to thin belly

Slimming belly there is a very effective way – inflating the press. Blow up options media have a very large number.

What to do with thinner thighs

Characteristic leg exercises in one way or another weight loss of the hips. So if you need to lose weight, not only in the legs but also the thighs, then add a set of exercises for the legs and the load on the hips.

What to do to Lose Weight Quickly

Beginners in diets immediately asked the question: what to do to lose weight quickly, but we have said before that the rapid weight loss = quick return on how much you have lost weight. Here it is necessary to raise the question of how to lose weight with a maximum effect in the short term. To do this will help you integrated approach: a good diet (diet) and exercise. With this diet does not have the ability to accumulate excess weight, and physical activity can help get rid of that had accumulated. Note that the debilitating training, as well as fasting, adversely affects the body – everything must be in moderation and balance.

Relaxed Lifestyle

Losing weight will not be effective if you are continually experiencing feelings of stress, worry and anxiety. These factors can activate the appearance of extra weight, allowing the body to protect itself in the form of fat. Eliminate the cause of stress or consult a doctor.

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