What Does a Healthy Diet Consist Of? – 10 Key to a Healthy Diet

What Does a Healthy Diet Consist of?

In my opinion, a healthy diet includes the following Foods.

A Healthful Diet, How can I Make the Change?


In a healthy diet, as far as I’m concerned, fish twice a week. Every week we eat salmon, cod, sea wolf, tuna or a shrink. Fish is packed with healthy omega 3 fats. These fats stimulate, among other things, your fat burning (useful in weight loss) and they help to resolve inflammation (which can develop into diseases). what does a healthy diet consist of


Vegetables for Weight Loss

We eat Vega once a week. Although I am a huge lover of meat, hamburgers of chickpeas, lentil salad with goat cheese and vegetable lasagna are my favorite dishes.

Vegetables are packed with healthy substances such as vitamins, minerals and also fiber. They feed your body, while they do not deliver many calories.

We regularly use goat cheese, pine nuts and walnuts for the proteins. Fresh herbs such as coriander, parsley, chives, and celery also do very well.


Two or three times a week we eat chicken or turkey. I myself really like chicken paddies, grilled in the oven. Chicken is fairly easily digestible and contains a lot of proteins. The chicken always goes with us with two kinds of vegetables or a tasty salad. what does a healthy diet consist of

Beef, Lamb or Pork

Once a week we eat something from lamb, beef or pork. I notice that we almost never eat pork. Good quality beef fits well with a healthy diet. It is important that you pay attention to the origin of the animal.

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A cow that has always eaten grass and has been allowed to graze in the pasture, delivers healthier meat than a cow that has always stood in the stables and unnatural food (such as corn, they become fat and therefore delivers more) and antibiotics (and hormones) administered.



In a healthy diet moderate temper with alcohol. It is not a party every day and alcohol is also just a kind of poison.

My alcohol-free days are Monday through Thursday. On Friday I take a nice beer and a glass of wine. At the drinks, we often put a fish dish on the table with herring, eel, salmon, tuna and king prawns.

On Saturday, I usually let the reins celebrate. Sometimes we go out for dinner and sometimes we have a party. People also regularly come to eat with us and we make it cozy. The next day I compensate for any excesses by, among other things, exercising.

On Sunday there will be some moderation again because tomorrow we will work again. My body is also recovering less quickly than 10 years ago, so if I drink a glass of wine too much on Sunday or go to bed too late, I pay the bill on Monday and Tuesday. I do not want that. what does a healthy diet consist of

No Sugars and Highly Refined Carbohydrates

A healthy diet consists, in my opinion, mainly of the lack of (highly) processed foods.

Chips, hamburgers, gingerbread, granola bars, stuffed biscuits, white bread, white rice, frozen pizzas, ready-to-eat meals, processed cereals such as cornflakes and soft drinks do not belong to a healthy diet.

Everyone knows that you do not eat a cake in the morning for breakfast and that soda is not a convenient choice either. These products are full of sugar. Then it is strange that many people drink sweetened fruit yogurt, eat breakfast bars, drink ready-to-drink latte’s, eat white bread and corn flakes. These products are also packed with sugar. what does a healthy diet consist of

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I drink a lot of water. Water allows waste to drain and it keeps you hydrated. Drinking water fits well into a healthy diet. For breakfast, I always drink a glass of wheatgrass juice. Not because it is so good because it is not, but because wheatgrass helps to detox my body.

koutea green teaI also drink black coffee and green tea. Black coffee and green tea speed up the metabolism and therefore burn more calories in a day.

Your metabolism is super important in weight control. The faster it works the better you control your weight.

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Snacks and Snacks

In a healthy diet also fit some healthy snacks. You do not always have to eat an apple or chew a few berries. A handful of raw nuts, a piece of cucumber, homemade tomato salsa, guacamole, pesto and a boiled egg are fine to eat. what does a healthy diet consist of


From Monday to Friday I always have breakfast with a bowl of porridge or full curd with muesli and linseed. These two breakfasts feed and saturate for a long time.



As lunch, I especially eat sourdough and spelled bread. That is easy for me to take with me and it fills and saturates enormously. Spelled and sourdough bread contains a lot of fiber, which keeps my blood sugar level constant.

A strongly fluctuating blood sugar level (due to, among other things, sugar) is related to overweight and diabetes 2. That is not the intention.


A healthy diet is therefore not temporary and does not have to be restrictive at all. A healthy diet consists mainly of foods that fill and feed. They make sure that you are saturated for a long time and that you feel nice and fit. I choose to eat as originally as possible. This way I get enough protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

I hope that you can use these 10 examples yourself and that you also become fitter, slimmer and lighter. It is a wonderful feeling and I gladly share it with you. what does a healthy diet consist of

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