Trim Beard Styles – How do I trim my Beard?

Trimming or updating a beard is always done when it is clean and dry. This is the tool you need.

Beard brush: Before you start to trim, take the brush against the growth direction of your beard hair. In this way, the hair is more solitary and further away from the skin. The long hairs are now clearly in sight.

Beard comb: A beard comb is also used to direct your beard hairs and mustache in the right direction before you start to trim.

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Trimmer: The trimmer is used to maintain the desired length of your beard once it has grown. This can be done according to personal wishes and skills with and without comb attachment.

Mustache or beard scissors: This is recognizable by the micro-toothing, which is necessary to get a grip on hard beard hairs that are otherwise pushed away between the cutting blades. This allows you to cut the (too) long hair in your beard, as well as the hair that has grown over your upper lip.

Razor: Depending on your beard length and shape, you need the razor more or less. For a tight result, a shavette or safety razor is optimal. This way you keep the shape on the cheeks and in the neck under control.

How Do I Keep My Beard To A Certain Length?

A full-grown beard should be kept on its length. You can do this by trimming or cutting your beard. If you trim, make sure you do this on a freshly washed beard. After they dry you brush the beard hair against the growth direction. That way they come right out of their skin. Then take the trimmer in hand to bring all hairs to an even length. Choose – when using a comb attachment – a large length. Afterward, a position lower can always be; you can not make your hair longer!

Now comb the hairs in the desired direction and cut the hairs that come out above the ground with the scissors. By combing your whiskers down, it becomes clear at which length these hairs may be cut away. The more often you update the beard, the easier it is.

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