Top 6 Most Popular Skin Care Tips – Skin Care Routine That You Need to Follow

Popular Skin Care Tips

On Social Media, we asked for the most valuable mother & daughter skin care tips. Tips that you still follow every day and have made your life a lot nicer. Hereby the top 6 skin care tips.

Tip 1: Never Go To Bed With Make-Up On

Everyone has been guilty of It: falling asleep without removing your makeup. Even a few times can already damage your skin. The night is a period of recovery for your skin. If you do not clean your face properly, this can prevent the recovery process.

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Tip 2: Always Clean Your Face Before Bedtime

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Did you know that it is important to clean your face both in the morning and in the evening?

In the morning: A good face wash not only provides a fresh face in the morning but also ensures that your skin care product is absorbed optimally in your skin.

In the evening: Remove all your make-up remnants with a refreshing cleansing mousse without drying the skin. The skin feels fresh and clean after use. Ready for the night!

Tip 3: Do Not Spend Too Long In The Sun

The sun is a positive mood for many of us and a positive effect on the body. But did you know that the sun also speeds up the skin aging process?

Avoid the sun in the summer around noon. This prevents the negative effects of UV radiation on your skin.
Do you stay in the sun for a long time? Then use a sunscreen with the right factor for the face and body.

Tip 4: Always Use A Day Cream With Spf

Even if you do not stay in the sun for a long time, it is advisable to always use a day cream with SPF. This protects the skin against the signs of premature skin aging.

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Tip 5: Use Products That Work Well For Your Skin Type

It is important to choose a care product that suits your skin type or specific skin problem. This gives the skin the support it needs. Wondering which product best suits your skin? Filter on skin type or skin problem for a suitable product!

Tip 6: Use The Correct Tinted Day Cream

You will probably have heard of people who never wear makeup themselves: ‘Do not use that junk, you get pimples from that.’ However, this is a fable!

Use products that do not clog the pores and provide a natural look that matches your skin type.
It is important that you always clean your face well. In the morning before applying the tinted day cream. In the evening you clean your face before you apply a nourishing night cream.

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