These Are The 7 Coolest Beard Styles

7 Coolest Beard Styles


Once the beard was the ultimate symbol for slumber, laziness and an unkempt head. Fortunately, we know better nowadays and know many well-formed ladies, to appreciate a man with a beard. The beauty of male facial hair is that you can design it as stylish as the hair on your head, but which beard style do you choose?

A little self-confident man would like to make a statement with his appearance and leave the beard just the ideal means for that. So get started with the hair trimmer, the beard trimmer, and the scissors. If you still need some inspiration, check out the list below for the coolest beards. You do not have any doubts, all models are approved.

The Stubbly Beard Or Shadow Beard

Stubbles were often synonymous with laziness or deliberate forgetfulness in times gone by. Nowadays, the stubbly beard or the shadow beard is fully accepted. Unfortunately for the diapers among us, you also have to keep a stubble beard to avoid an unkempt impression.


The Professional Beard

There was once a time when a beard, in whatever style, was seen as a symbol of revolt. That time is over, but that does not mean you have to walk around unkempt. After all, a beard is only beautiful when it is taken care of. The professional beard has a short beard style of uniform length, with clean, clean edges at the cheek and neckline, and no stray hairs protruding.


The Natural Full Beard

The full beard is better known as the hipster beard. For the sake of clarity, we are not only talking about the uncontrolled growth of your beard hair. A well-executed natural full beard requires regular care and conditioning, along with a real instinct for the right style. That said, the hipster beard is ideal for those who have full, natural beard growth. A problem, it takes a relatively long time for the beard to be really long. So have patience if this is your favorite.


The Beard Mustache Or Beardstache

Another cool beard style that is somewhat difficult to cultivate is the beard stache. This beard style means that the mustache is kept a little longer than the full beard. This style – which best suits beards of short length – tells others that you are a man who is not afraid to distinguish himself.


Sideburn Style

Elvis has become famous with it. Characteristic is the growth of the sideburns that runs on both sides exclusively along the back of the jaw. In other words, you grow the sideburns while you keep everything else clean (where the mustache is optional). Let the hair grow even more and you will get a Wolverine beard, which is generally seen as the ultimate in sidebar style.


The Shenandoah Beard

Ubiquitous in Amish communities (where mustaches are often seen as symbols of violence), the Shenandoah beard grows long and full of the jawline but is never accompanied by a mustache. If you decide to use this beard style, do not forget to cut this standard and condition, unless of course, you want to be considered an Amish person.


The Van Dyke

Not to be confused with a goatee, the Van Dyke beard style has a pointy mustache and a pointed lock of hair on the chin. It is a cool beard style as Johnny Depp often bears his beard. We say that it should fit your head, otherwise the guess is too big. If you prefer a good alternative, let the hair grow a bit more and short the mustache. This is how you develop the unique Balbo style.


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