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Women all over the world want to have a perfectly toned body. It is something that they all fantasize about their teenage. However, when we talk about getting a perfect body it seems quite an impossible task without undergoing a rigorous training. Especially in the case of women, sometimes get really difficult to achieve a perfect body shape even if they are able to lose weight.

The Venus Factor is one such healthy diet plan that was designed especially for women of all age. If you are a woman and are looking forward to attaining a perfect body shape then this program might prove to be the best option for you.

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The Venus Factor is a diet plan designed for the women all around the globe who wants to lose their weight and gain a perfectly toned body. It is a carefully designed diet plan that helps to lose weight in just 12 weeks time period. It basically helps in controlling the Leptin hormones in a woman’s body that slows down the metabolic process in a body.

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It is available in form of an e-book at a nominal cost that can be bought easily from the official website. If you really are determined to gain a perfect body shape then going with the Venus factor diet plan book will help you a lot.


venus-factor ebookJohn Barban is the person who designed The Venus Factor program. He is a well-renowned nutritionist and also a great author. He has written books based on how to lose weight fast for both men and women. He did his master’s in Human Biology and Nutrition from the University of Guelph and bachelors from the University of Florida in Exercise Physiology.

He also has years of work experience as a professor and a physical trainer. Hence, having a vast expertise in both theoretical as well as a practical sector in the health industry, he is a perfect person to get guidance from. Using the Venus Factor workout one will definitely experience positive results in near future.


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The Venus Factor program mainly consists of 5 major components. These are:

  • 180 page eBook briefly describing a comprehensive weight loss program. It has everything in it from what to eat and what not to eat. Alongside you will also get to know about different diet plans that you should follow on daily basis.
  • A 12-week workout guide showcasing each and every workout that you need to perform in the meantime in order to get desired results. The exercises mentioned in the system can be performed either at a gym or at home.
  • A link to a mobile application that goes by the name “The Venus Virtual Nutritionist App”. It has everything in it that you need to understand your diet. How much calories or protein that your body needs, the application will provide it to you.
  • Exclusive the Venus Factor community where you can get in touch with the people using the product and read various press releases and blogs.
  • Lastly, The Venus Factor podcast where you can watch or listen to the audio version of the interviews and success stories.


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Get a Toned Body with The Venus Factor – “Hey It’s great, Click Here to Buy It.”

The Venus Factor is the combination of workout and diet plan over a period of 12 weeks that helps to lose weight fast and gain a perfect body. Its main function is to control the hunger hormones in your body which also goes by the name Leptin. By increasing the metabolism rate of your body, it helps to digest the food in a perfect manner and excreting out the unnecessary products out of your body thus leaving no traces of fatty content inside your body.

With the help of proper workout guide and mobile application, a woman can easily attain the results that they have been wanting for years. If you want to reassure yourself before getting the plan for yourself then you can certainly check out the Venus factor before and after pictures on the official webpage. It will help you to take a right decision.



  1. One does not need to go anyplace else in order to avail genuine services.
  2. It is really cheap as compared to other weight loss programs.
  3. No additional change in diet plan. One can improvise with their usual diet at home.
  4. Does not require spending hours completing the routine.
  5. It increases the metabolism in the body.


If you have seen hundreds of Venus factor negative reviews on the web then you are not looking in the right place. There is practically nothing negative about the whole plan. But of course, it completely depends on a person. If you are not dedicated enough to go on with the whole plan then the chances are that you will never experience any positive changes in your body.

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The Venus Factor diet plan is dedicated to all those women who want to lose weight and gain a perfect body. Practically any woman of any age can try out this whole plan experience best results in just 12 weeks.

Now when it comes to buying the product the owner has not made it publically available. In order to get the plan, you will need to visit the official website and get the Venus factor workout manual free download from there.


Q: is it effective?

Well, the Venus factor fit system is indeed effective diet plan. If you are determined enough to see changes in your body then this will prove fruitful for you.

Q: how long do I have to use it?

The Venus Factor diet plan is 12 weeks long in which you definitely will experience changes. However, if anyone wants to continue with the product they sure can.

Q: is it a genuine diet plan?

The whole pack comes with a community where you can have a chit-chat with the other members who have used the product. All of them are really happy about using the product.

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You might be thinking why I am praising this product so much. I must have been paid to write about it. Well, not exactly. As a matter of fact, I myself have used The Venus Factor and got the results that many other people around me claimed. It is for this reason I took this platform to let people know about the product more so that they could also get an advantage out of it. At last, I just want to say that this product is the best thing for women all over the world looking to gain a perfect body.

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