The Secret Of Healthy Hair And Hair Growth

Healthy Hair And Hair Growth – Overview

We spend a lot of time and money to feed our hair from root to root, but often forget about our scalp. Do you struggle with hair loss, break your hair easily, or do your hair just do not grow? Often these hair problems start with your scalp …

The secret of a healthy scalp is a balance between the impurities that appear on your scalp and the amount of natural oil that is being manufactured, says Trevenen Bam, a local trichologist (hairdresser) for the hair care specialist Philip Kingsley. One does not always realize it, but your scalp is exposed to as much dust, pollution, and other external factors as your face every day. Impurities such as sweat and hair products build up in your hair and on your scalp, eliminating your scalp every day as part of the natural cell renewal process of millions of dead cells that are also lying on your scalp.

Fortunately, the natural oil produced by your hair roots forms a protective layer on the skin surface, says Trevenen. The oil, dead cells, and impurities on your scalp form a healthy balance and the necessary oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the hair roots so your hair grows better and stronger. Provillus Honest Reviews

The Sinners who Disturb the Balance…

However, your genes, stress, a hormone imbalance, an unbalanced diet and the use of wrong hair care products can disturb this sensitive balance. Fewer nutrients reach your hair roots, more dead cells are shaken off and produce too much oil, says Trevenen. Over time, the excess impurities can build up and dry your scalp, irritate or lay inside the hair follicles and lead to dry flakes or a rash on your scalp. It can even cause premature hair loss.

Severe cases of oily and dandruff include eczema, seborrhoea dermatitis and inflammation of your scalp. In these cases, it is better to visit your doctor, says Trevenen.

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Take Care of Your Scalp

# 1 The most important thing is to keep your hair and scalp clean, say Trevenen. Never wash hair for longer than two days and make sure you rinse out the shampoo thoroughly.

# 2 The right hair care products make a big difference, says Trevenen. If you are prone to having scalp problems, use a shampoo and rejuvenator that supplies a balanced amount of moisture and protein. Search for words on the packaging such as “balancing” and “clarifying”.

# 3 A hungry or unbalanced diet can cause too few nutrients to reach the roots. Food rich in healthy fats, such as avocados, oilseed fish, and seeds, stimulate blood circulation to your scalp. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, which feed your hair roots and promote healthy hair growth.

# 4 Separate your scalp roughly once a week with a hair mask or by mixing a little sugar or coarse salt into your shampoo if you were hair.

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