Remove Warts, How Do You Do That?

Warts are caused by viruses in the skin and are thickened in the skin. They are absolutely no tumors. There are dozens of different types of viruses that can cause warts. The normal warts are round in shape and have a clear border. They are most common on knees, elbows, hands or in the face. But how can you remove warts and when is it necessary to have them removed?

In general, warts disappear automatically and do not need to be removed. This can take a few months to a few years. That is why many people decide to have their warts removed, for example from a dermatologist or general practitioner.

Warts are very contagious. Because we are irritated with warts, we often scratch or prick, which makes the virus easier to spread. Warts become visible after about three to six months that someone has come into contact with the virus. In addition, warts are often transmitted through gym halls, swimming pools and the like. Almost everyone in his life sometimes suffers from one or more warts.

What Should You Do Against Warts

How Do You Recognize Warts?

Warts are round bumps on the skin. They can feel rough. There are, however, different types of warts. The most common are stiff and hard and look a bit like a callus bump. These warts usually occur on fingers, knees, hands, elbows and in the face. Often multiple warts develop in the vicinity of the first wart.

Facing Warts

Facial warts are skin-colored or brown in color and are rather flat. They are a few millimeters wide. The surface is smooth and these warts are most common on the legs, arms or in the face.

Foot Warts

Foot warts occur on the soles of the feet. The root warts have two types: the first is the thorn wart, this is a kind of thorn and can be very painful. The thorn wart is like a root that grows in the depth. The second type is the mosaic crate, which lies on the skin like a floor and expands further and further. It seems like this kind of cracks, but it is actually a collection of large and small warts that spread.

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Old-Age Warts

Old-age warts are especially common in older people. It is a thickening of the skin and is benign. To determine that it is an old-age mole you can go to the doctor.

Venus Warts

Venus warts are found around the genitals or anus. These warts are transmitted through sexual contact. This condition is very annoying. Both you and the person who may have been in contact with venus warts must be examined. It is really inadvisable to go to the doctor with this type of warts.

Remove Warts, Whether Or Not?

The GP will prefer to remove warts only if the warts are painful or if the patient is troubled by it.

Which Warts Are Suspected?

Warts that bleed, change color, become bigger or itchy are suspected. You should always have these warts checked by a GP. It may be that they are not warts. Also, warts that you do not trust or warts that are painful, you should go to the doctor.

Remove Warts, How?

A dermatologist or general practitioner can cut away or spot a wart. Warts can also be removed electrically.

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