Nutrients The Perfect Feed for Losing Weight!

There are countless reasons for eating. Hungry first and foremost. But also habit, boredom, automatism, emotions or you can not get over your heart to throw away leftovers … The main reason for eating is your body provided with nutrients: fuel, building materials, protective substances, ballast substances and process substances.

Fuel can be obtained from certain nutrients, namely the 3 macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins (and fats) and alcohol, and certain minerals, fats, and proteins can also be used as building material, ie for building cells and tissues.

The Fastest Diet to Lose Weight Fast

And among the protective substances, process substances and ballast substances include (certain) vitamins, co-vitamins, macrominerals, trace elements, antioxidants, enzymes, coenzymes, phytonutrients, pro-hormones and dietary fibers …

Nutrients are necessary for your body to work properly. The human body only works for 100% if you get enough of all nutrients. In the absence of one of the essential nutrients, you may already experience medical complaints. You will find these indispensable nutrients in various foods.

Research shows that the more varied you eat, the smaller the chance of illness. Because the more varied you eat, the more versatile the nutrients you get. And the more physiological processes can be carried out and supported.

Nutrients & weight loss …

After or during weight loss, your body may seem to be weakening. Your skin looks gray, your hair is dull, your nails break faster, you experience concentration problems … This has to do with the fact that you get less nutrients, inadequate quantities of them, or imbalanced mutual relationships.

A vitamin cure may help, but modern science proves more and more that synthesized nutrients in vitamin supplements are not equivalent to natural vitamins in natural foods. In addition, you should actually know WHAT nutrients you are short of because random multivitamins can again provide surpluses and nutritional imbalances … So what helps a lot better is NOT strict lines.

So work towards becoming more aware; find out which nutrients you absorb and which do not. If you eat varied enough, almost ALL is used up to support your body. And therefore NOT for later stored in the form of ‘useless’ body fat reserves. In short: prevent surpluses and prevent shortages!

Feed your Body Properly

Once you know what the effect of certain nutrients on your body is, you will see that by consuming it you can feel better and healthier and also lose some obesity. Here are the essential nutrients that your body needs:

Vitamin A has a protective effect and ensures the replacement of broken cells, such as the skin cells.

Vitamin B complex these thirteen vitamins provide metabolism, mental flexibility, cellular respiration, resistance, protection against anemia …

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and a boost for the immune system.

Vitamin D stimulates the absorption of calcium and slows osteoarthritis.

Vitamin E helps to make antibodies and helps against skin problems and hair loss.

Omega 3 fatty acids: are good for every part of our body; ensure, among other things, the lubrication of the joints so that they can remain supple.

Essential amino acids (phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan & valine)

Essential macro minerals + trace elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, iron, zinc, chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium & molybdenum)

Essential nutrients are found in both vegetable and animal foods. Eating fruit and vegetables is not the only message! Think of nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, mushrooms, and seaweed. Essential nutrients also occur in meat, fish, eggs and to limited extent dairy products. In short: do not eat too one-sided, not even ‘healthy one-sided’, but eat varied + healthy + balanced.

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