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3 Tips for Getting Off as a Male of Your Fungal Infection

Fungal infection, in most cases a Candida Albicans, is an infection that occurs not only in women. Men can also suffer from this. Admittedly, women are much more susceptible to this than men. The Candida fungus is always present in the body also in men. And, as with women, certain triggers can cause this fungus to become active. Initially only difficult and embarrassing, but if left untreated, this fungus can cause major physical problems.

Male Yeast Infection Home Remedy

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Of course, you can swallow or lubricate antibiotics, but the side effects can sometimes be worse than the disease itself. In this article, will explain how you can stop the fungal infection in a natural way, and how you can prevent new infections in the future. Read on soon!

What is Candida?

Candida Albicans, or Candida for short, is naturally present in your body. Candida, for example, is part of the intestinal flora in your intestines. Candida also occurs in the vagina and in the mouth. Especially in the gut, this yeast lives in a controlled balance with all other fungi and bacteria. In other words: the presence of sufficient ‘good’ bacteria ensures that the Candida cannot develop.

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At the moment that there is a problem with your health, the Candida goes from yeast to a fungus. This fungus then spreads through your body through the bloodstream. In many cases, this can lead to an infection, especially in the areas that are extra sensitive to it. These are the mouth and genitals. The digestive organs, the hormonal system, and the immune system can also be seriously affected by this.

Possible Causes of a Fungal Infection in a Male

It is a fact that a woman is more than three times more sensitive to Candida infection than a man. But it still happens regularly that a man suffers from this. As with women, there are certain triggers that give the Candida fungi the chance to develop. But a Candida in a man can also arise as a result of sexual intercourse with a woman who at the time had a Candida infection. Conversely, it works exactly the same.

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If you have sex with a woman who has Candida, your body will resolve this in most cases, and you will not notice it at all. But there are circumstances that can trigger the development of Candida, with or without sex:

Regular use of antibiotics

Fungal infection on the nails

A poorly maintained skin

Eating lots of sugars

Eating too much fast food


Extreme alcohol consumption


High consumption of flour products

Many dairy products eat and drink

Use of condoms with nonoxynol-9. This is a latex that can be a trigger. So carefully read the composition on the packaging.

Too tight clothes. Not only tight jeans but also a too tight underpants.

It is often thought that the main cause of Candida is poor hygiene. This is certainly not true! On the other hand, bad hygiene will of course not contribute to the remedy and prevention of Candida.

Sex and Fungal Infection

If you have shared the bed with a woman who at the time was suffering from a fungal infection, then you take this fungus, and it develops on, around, and sometimes in your penis. In the beginning, you do not notice this, but after a few days, symptoms start to manifest. If you share the bed with another woman during these two days, this woman will also take over the fungus.

You infect someone like that without you being aware of it. That is also how it works within a relationship. If your wife/girlfriend suffers from a fungal infection, she will make every effort to resolve this.

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But if you have already taken over the infection, you will always return the Candida to each other. To break this, it is wise to reduce the candida in both. During that period you can of course just make love, but with a condom.

In addition, you must be aware of the fact that Candida can also be transmitted through the mouth. Oral sex is just as taboo, and pay attention to what you do with your fingers. Through your fingers, it is quite conceivable that you transfer the Candida fungus from the vagina, or the penis, to the mouth.

Symptoms of Candida in a Male

The direct symptoms in a man are in many cases quite clearly recognizable. But be aware that a fungal infection not only affects your genitals but your whole body. That is why I split the symptoms for a moment in direct symptoms, ie the symptoms that are often immediately visible or palpable, to the genitals. Then a list of the symptoms that you can feel in your whole body.

So first the direct symptoms:

Irritated feeling to your foreskin

An itchy penis

On the head you see small chunks appear

You also see a whitish attack appear

You have pain when urinating

Sexual intercourse is painful

Blood in your pee (this is pretty serious !!)

And then the rest of the symptoms:

A weakened immune system, so also suffer other ailments and disorders

Problems with your concentration

Painful intestines

Painful intestines

Constant feeling of fatigue

Depressed feelings

Rapid aging of the skin

This, of course, does not mean that you will have all the symptoms. In addition, a symptom can also be related to another condition, or to a combination of disorders.

Traditional Medication

What strikes me, again and again, is the fact that the regular medical world only does symptom management. In a fungal infection, antibiotics are prescribed that indeed destroy this fungus, but also a lot of good bacteria. Antibiotics can not make a distinction in this. If many good bacteria are killed, there is a serious imbalance in your body, so there can be annoying side effects.

In addition, the fact that the Candida fungus again gets the chance to develop. In addition, your body will eventually develop a certain resistance to antibiotics. Especially if you regularly suffer from Candida, and take an antibiotic treatment every time.

Ultimately, your body is resistant to antibiotics. And what if you really need it? If you have severe pneumonia? As we all know, pneumonia can be fatal if antibiotics do not work (anymore). In short: The core of the problem is not addressed.

Natural Solutions to prevent a Fungal Infection

In natural medicine, the approach is significantly different. Often a clear step-by-step plan is used to naturally stop the existing infection and, in addition, to carry out maintenance to prevent the Candida from coming back again.

Broadly speaking, naturopathy focuses on the following steps:

Reducing the existing Candida outbreak – We use very specific, natural, nutritional supplements. These can be taken as capsules, and in some cases also through the normal diet. Indeed, to a large extent, this is also the basis of a Candida diet.

Candida diet – Within a candida diet, all nutrients avoided that can feed the Candida fungus can be stimulated. Sugar plays a very important role in this.

Strengthen the immune system (again) – This is the basis of good health in general. An efficient immune system is not only able to give the candida no chance to develop but ensures that most diseases are directly suppressed.

A New Balance in the intestinal flora – During an outbreak of Candida, in most cases, there is an imbalance in the intestinal flora. In normal cases, the good bacteria control the bad bacteria, but in the case of an imbalance, the bad bacteria get the chance to develop, with all the potential consequences of this.

3 Tips for Acute Solutions

It is not for nothing that you read this article. You probably have a fungal infection right now and want to get rid of it as soon as possible, without the use of regular medication.

To take immediate action, you can do the following:

Tip 1 Adjust your Diet Immediately

Immediately stop eating unhealthy food, especially alcohol, all kinds of sugars and fast food. This is also part of the Candida diet, which you can start within the second instance to prevent the Candida from developing again.

Tip 2 Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Oops! A difficult word. This is a bacterium that occurs in normal yogurt, for example. It is very effective to eat a lot of yogurts. You can also treat the infection locally by simply putting the yogurt on and around the penis. Even better: combine the food and the smearing!

Tip 3 Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

You can also use hydrogen peroxide to reduce the infection as quickly as possible. Use a 3% solution. This is simply for sale at the drugstore or pharmacy and is often used to disinfect wounds. The application is very simple: Take a cup of water and add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Take a clean cloth, soak it in the solution and carefully pat the entire penis wet, so the glans, under the foreskin and the shaft.

Let it soak for a few minutes and then wash it off again with plain water without soap. Repeat this a maximum of 3 times a day. Once the symptoms have disappeared, that does not mean that the Candida has also disappeared. Therefore, continue for up to 1 week with this treatment, after the symptoms have disappeared.

In addition, it is very important to also apply the aforementioned natural solutions to prevent any possible return of the fungus.


Candida in a man is less common than in a woman. Yet there are still many men who suffer from this but do not dare to go to a doctor. With the previous natural solutions, you can get started yourself. This prevents the use of antibiotics to solve the problem.

Last Tip: If you find that it does not disappear or that it keeps coming back, it is very important that you go to a doctor. This also applies if you have blood in your pee. Let’s be clear: A Candida fungus that is not treated or not treated correctly can have far-reaching consequences for the general health.

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