Lose Weight While Breastfeeding – 9 Best Smart Ways

9 Smart Ways to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Lose Weight while you are Breastfeeding

Lisa SpearBreastfeeding is not only healthy for your baby, most women also burn a few calories with it so they lose those extra pounds that they have contracted during their pregnancy. If you want to lose weight while you are breastfeeding, you have to be careful. By eating the right foods, doing exercises and taking good care of yourself, you can properly supervise your weight loss after giving birth. Breastfeeding and taking care of a baby is time-consuming, which makes it almost impossible to lose weight. But with only a few adjustments to your daily routine, you can adopt a safe and adaptive diet that goes well with your organization and the needs of your baby. Do know that your body needs extra pounds while breastfeeding. You will therefore not immediately reach the weight of your pregnancy until you stop breastfeeding. Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

(1) Regularly Eat Meals and Healthy Snacks


Try to eat something every three hours. This may be against your habits, but it is important to eat regularly if you want to lose weight. If you are breastfeeding, you should never eat less than 1500-1800 calories per day and most women need even more. Saving yourself is never good and even dangerous if you recover from a birth and breastfeed your baby. Eating too few calories will in the long term also have an adverse effect on your weight loss. Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

(i) When you breastfeed, you burn around 300-500 calories per day. It has been shown that most women lose their body weight after delivery, even without diet. You must eat enough to absorb enough calories and follow a healthy diet.

(ii) Even though studies do not show that there is a clear link between taking adequate calories during the breastfeeding period and milk production, eating too few calories can damage your health and cause fatigue.

(iii) Eating meals and snacks at regular intervals prevents hunger and makes it easier for you to control what you eat. If you become too hungry, you will eventually opt for easy and fast-made food products instead of a healthy alternative.

(iv) If you do not take enough calories, your body will switch to ‘fat burning mode’, also known as adaptive thermogenesis, where the energy level that you consume is limited, including the calorie burning. This can be counterproductive for your weight loss.

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(2) Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

Healthy oatmeal breakfast

Eating something tasty in between meals such as nuts, apple slices or rhizomes is a good way to stop hunger. Mothers who breastfeed, whether they work at home or outdoors, do not have much free time. It is therefore a good idea to prepare your healthy snacks in advance if you have some time left. Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

(i) Keep healthy snacks on hand when you breastfeed your baby. You then sit still for a while making this the perfect time to nibble in between.
(ii) Keep snacks that do not spoil, like nuts and dried fruit, in your handbag or diaper bag or in your car on the go.
(iii) Wash all fruits and vegetables. Wash fresh products under running water just before eating, cutting or cooking. It is unnecessary to use soap or other commercial laundry products.

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(3) Strive to Lose Weight over a Longer Period

what to do lose weight quickly

It is advisable to wait at least 2 full months after delivery before you lose weight actively. In this period you can adopt the habit of eating healthy and avoiding junk food as much as possible. Once this period is over, it is better to lose weight slowly, but certainly, instead of quickly. Half a kilogram per week is a reasonable target.

(a) Avoid diets that are fashionable, cleansing, products that promise to lose weight, fat burning medications, diet products in tablet form and natural supplements. These things can involve risks for everyone and especially for someone who is breastfeeding.

(b) Studies show that if you lose weight too quickly, you put additional pressure on your cardiovascular system. A delivery and breastfeeding requires a lot of your body, so do not put extra pressure on your body.
If you follow a crash diet, your body will lose mainly muscle and water instead of fat. This makes it harder to maintain your weight than if you lose weight over a longer period.

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(4) Be Patient

Be patient

Losing weight after giving birth is different from woman to woman. You should view your weight loss as a healthy long-term lifestyle and not an objective that should be achieved immediately. You should not lose heart if you do not lose pounds as planned. Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

(i) In the first weeks after giving birth you can quickly lose some kilos, but do not forget that not all kilos will disappear so easily.
(ii) Do not expect immediate results. It may take more than a year to lose the weight you have gained during your pregnancy. Losing your pregnancy cans takes time unless you are a celebrity with a personal trainer, a dietitian and a nanny who lives with you.
(iii) Some women find it very difficult to lose weight while breastfeeding, but lose more weight once they quit. The cause of this can be the lack of routine and sleep, making it easy to eat too much.
(iv) Your body also produces the hormone prolactin during pregnancy and when you are breastfeeding, which stimulates milk production. Some studies show that if you produce more prolactin, your metabolism may get confused.

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(5) Making Healthy Choices

Eat healthy fats

Choose food with high nutritional values. Go for foods with iron, protein and calcium instead of foods with ’empty calories’ or with a lot of fats or sugar. Foods with a lot of proteins are very important because this gives you a fuller feeling. Try to avoid foods that are heavily processed or only consist of carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice, cookies and sweets. This allows you to lose weight without risking nutritional deficiencies.

(i) Good sources of iron include cereal products, dark leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.
(ii) Eggs and dairy products, like lean meats, soy products and meat substitutes, vegetables, lentils, seeds and whole grains contain proteins.
(iii) For calcium you eat dairy products or dark green vegetables. You can now also find calcium fortified products such as fruit juices, cereals, soy milk, yogurt and tofu.

(6) Keep Track of Your Progress

The Fastest Diet to Lose Weight Fast

There are creative ways to keep up with the progress you make in losing weight. A chart that maps your weight can help you see how much you have been losing in a day, week, month and even year. Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Create your own chart with Excel. Here you can process the most relevant information.
Download a graph for weight loss. There are different types of graphs that you can quickly find online. You can find them for free and print them out.
There are other types of online charts to keep track of your body measurements. You can put together your own graph based on what other people propose.
If you want to chart your progress every day, you always weigh at the same time of the day. Remember that you weigh the least in the morning when you wake up.
You can quickly become obsessed with your weight if you keep track of it in detail. Therefore, be reasonable and do not weigh more than once a day. Do not get frustrated when your weight goes up and down.

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(7) Do Regular Cardio Exercises

Cardio Exercises

A simple exercise such as power walking can help you to control your weight quickly and efficiently, including your stomach. There are several fun ways to stay active while you take care of your baby. You can walk or jog while you push your baby in the pram where you live. So you combine sports in a fun way with a walk for your baby.

There are many strollers with which you can exercise. Some were designed to be able to walk quickly, others were made more to step through. Choose one that suits your needs.

If you do not like to push all that weight, you can also buy a baby carrier or cloth that you can take out with your baby.

Turn your cardio training sessions into a social event. If close to other mothers with young children, they invite them to go hiking. This is a great way to go out and spend time with others, which is not always easy when you stay home to look after your baby.

Do everything in moderation. Do not train until you drop, but firm training sessions are best while you are breastfeeding (you should of course get green light from your doctor after giving birth).

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(8) Prepare Training Sessions


As a breastfeeding mother, you need to take some precautions for your own comfort and that of your baby. It is important to take good care of your body and breasts for milk production and breastfeeding. Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

(a) Wear a sports bra that supports well when doing energetic exercises. By supporting your breasts with a good bra you avoid nipple friction and discomfort. Now there are also sports breast feeding bras for active mothers.

(b) Drink a little more water before and during exercise. By drinking two or three extra glasses of water, you prevent dehydration, which can affect your milk production.

(c) Give the chest before you exercise. This keeps your baby calm when you take him or her and exercising without swollen breasts is much more pleasant.

(d) If you sweat a lot during exercise, rinse your breasts with water before breastfeeding. Some babies do not like the taste of salt. Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

(9) Try Resistance or Strength Training

Strength Training

You should not exaggerate to get results from strength training. By training any amount of muscle mass, you burn more calories, even when you rest. Building general strength is also good for carrying your baby.
Use elastic bands or weights for resistance training and pause between intensive exercises.

(a) Working with small weights is just as efficient for growing muscle mass as exercising with heavy weights and you run less risk of getting injured.

(b) If you regularly lift weights or do exercises with repetitive arm movements, it is important to do this in a quiet way. If you find that your breasts become irritated or have a blocked milk canal, keep these exercises for a while.

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