Larger Breasts With Silicone Inserts To The Bra


Are you also one of the many women who wish they had a rich barm that could make men fall asleep? These are the few that make up with a female body like Scarlett Johansson, where the fat is in the right places. The vast majority of World women have a relatively small barrel, and the most bought bra in Asia and Europe. Fortunately, if you’re one of these women, you’d like more fat without going as far as lying under the knife and having a breast surgery.

Silicone Post is a Hit!

Today there are several alternatives to breast surgery, which can be highly recommended to you, lacking a little – even if this should only be for special occasions. Unbelievably many dresses, tops etc. just sit better with a rich barm – it seems to be most of us at least – and of course, our own opinion is most important, although most women tend to be one kind of self-critical. It is possible to get various types of silicone posts that can be added to the bra and give you more fullness not to speak of a true self-confidence boost without major and permanent interventions.

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For party or everyday life …

The silicone inserts, commonly referred to as “chicken fillets”, are shaped in such a way and made in a material so your breasts look natural and even feel almost like your own. The post is placed under the breast of the bra, which gives a push up effect to your breasts and thus means that the fillets are well tucked away and nobody will admit that they are not your own breasts, even if you only have bra on.

It is also possible to get some silicone inserts specially made for use in the bikini. Silicone inserts can therefore be used without problems by you who want a bigger livingroom for everyday life, whether it’s underneath everyday clothes, in a set of lingerie or when you go for a walk on the beach. Even for those who do not have the need for the bigger breasts for everyday life, the silicone inserts are therefore ideal for special occasions once a breast size or two larger ones are preferable.

Cheap but Durable!

Silicone inserts do not cost much and are therefore an incredibly easy and good way to experiment with bigger breasts. The price depends, of course, on the size and shape of the posts, but they are available down to around $ 100. In spite of the incredibly cheap price, they last for a long time and are therefore a pretty good investment.

They can be washed in the hand with warm water and possibly a little soap, and they will be able to stay well and fine for a very long time. If you use the submissions every day, they will of course not be able to hold for as many years as if they are used only once in a while for a party etc. The usual thing about regular cleaning will be that they last for approx. 3 years on a daily basis.

Soft and Comfortable Material

Silicone inserts are made of 100% silicone, and these posts are incredibly popular, because the material feels nice soft to your skin, and therefore there is no associated discomfort to go with these posts. In addition, it feels like a real breast, which is an advantage now that you cheat a bit. It therefore feels more natural than stopping the bra with socks, cats or whatever else you could find.

How Big Breasts can I have with Silicone Posts?

When buying silicone inserts for the bra, you have to make a few different considerations first. The posts come as mentioned in different sizes, and so it is a matter of how much one’s natural breasts are and how much they want them to stay. The most normal sizes are 70, 80, 130 or 175 grams per pair, and it does not sound so much, but it can make a big difference.

It is recommended to choose some posts that are not too big compared to your own breasts as they will hardly fit your bra and, moreover, it will look more natural if the difference is not too big and eye-catching compared with the days when you do not have the chicken fillets in the bra. However, it is possible to get some very big posts, but if you buy these, you must be prepared for the purchase of a new bra at the same time.

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