Julia Will Also Beautiful Breasts

Julia (My Beautiful Friend) Will Also Beautiful Breasts

Hi everyone, I am Julia and my contribution is about the beautiful breasts that I often see in other women.

I myself am not really satisfied with mine. With nice breasts, I mean full breasts. They do not have to go straight ahead because that is exclusively reserved for the young girls and then with the smaller cup sizes. I have seen hanging breasts that were beautiful because they were really full. If it is at least a c cup then it would look strange if they are perfectly horizontal from you. I have seen that with the help of implants, but I do not like it, I think that looks unreal because they are never like that. So the no I want to achieve with these pills is fuller breasts, bigger does not have, I think they are more than big enough, they do hang, but as I said, that is not very in my opinion, the main thing is that they are good to be filled.

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If you then support them nicely with the right bikini top or bra then it looks pretty nice. I’ve seen enough examples of that in the sauna, on the beach, the pool and so on. And that’s how I want to see myself. After all, it is a nicer possession than an expensive watch. That does not really mean anything to other people in the situations that I mean. Costume jewelry is never a replacement for a beautiful figure. Now I have read that it is a long-term cure and that it is never possible in a few weeks, so this year I can forget that my wish is fulfilled in this way, a few months then it is already autumn, unfortunately.

But well a man has to leave something to be desired otherwise it is not right, I’ve heard it before. But well I’m going to start and with a bit of luck I’ll go a little faster in the right direction, everyone is different, everybody responds differently, so who knows, I’m among the lucky ones. If not, then next year I hope to be among the first. Starting now for the next summer season is in any case well on time, then there are finally 9 months in between, then the tide must be turned wide and I take the breasts as I like them. All greetings and good luck.

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