Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Nobody wants to stretch on the body anywhere. When these finely-lined, thread-like scars appear once, the search for something, whatever, starts to get rid of it. Because so many people are looking for a solution there is an abundance of products against stretch marks, which do not help at all.

What is Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are one of the most annoying skin problems, especially because so many people experience it at some point in their lives. It is estimated that 90% of women who are (are) pregnant, 70% of all adult women and 40% of men in their teenage years get stretch marks. There seems to be no connection with your ethnic background: all races can suffer from it. Since it is such a common problem, there is a great demand for products to treat the skin stretch. But what really works?

How To Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched to an abnormal extent for a longer period of time. This generally happens during a pregnancy, when you become fatter, lose weight, or during a period of rapid growth (in puberty). Abnormal stretching of the skin causes the supporting skin structure of collagen and elastin to be broken down or ruptured. The curled ends of striae visible under the skin are torn strands of elastin, a kind of ‘elastic’ under the skin surface that can stretch and become shorter again.

In contrast to an ‘ordinary’ scar, which is caused by an external injury, stretch marks scar tissue under the skin surface. Unfortunately, stretch marks are among the most difficult to treat skin problems, as there are no cosmetic ingredients or products that can make them less visible.

Does Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter Or Special Cream Help With Stretch Marks?

Applying products such as plant oil, cocoa butter (which is no more effective than Vaseline) or whatever skin care product that promises to prevent, reduce or remove stretch marks is unfortunately useless, and there is no research showing anything else.

Massaging a soothing cream in the skin may feel fine, but the effect of such products is nothing more than a mix of myths, anecdotes, and hope because stretch marks are not caused by dry skin. Due to the deep location of stretch marks – deep under the surface of the skin – and the extreme tension, stress, and injury that causes the supporting structure of the skin to be broken down, the damage is much more radical than something that can restore a cream or oil…

The information as given above also applies to all products that claim that they can prevent stretches of pregnancy. Stretch marks occur in the inside of your body and can not be prevented by something that you rub on the outside. Many people have a tendency to develop stretch marks, some do not. Women who say that they have used a certain cream during pregnancy and therefore have not received a stretch mark, would probably not have received it anyway. It is incredibly frustrating, we know that, but apart from the stories of people who used creams against stretch marks, there is simply no evidence to support their statements. But if you do not mind spending a lot of money on it, Try Revital Starch Marks Cream

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