Is Food Bad Before Bedtime? The 5 Most Important Facts!

Is Food Bad Before Bedtime? The 5 Most Important Facts!

Much is said and written about food at bedtime. According to some, it is not advisable to drop off because you would arrive. According to others, a snack in the evenings is not that bad at all, or maybe even conducive. Which camp is right is hard to say in practice. In the end, it varies from person to person. The following facts help you determine what applies to you!

Is food bad before bedtime

Your Metabolism Does Not Change Much At Night

It is often said that your body burns fewer calories at night because you move less than during the day. According to this theory, calories that you eat late in the day are therefore stored earlier as fat. However, several researchers have emphasized that your body consumes about the same amount of energy during the night as during the day.

Eating Before Bed Can Lead To Overeating

Although your body continues to burn calories while you sleep, there is another reason why eating before bedtime can be detrimental to your diet. If you have already eaten three full meals, that fourth evening can bring you the number of calories needed.

Late In The Day You Eat Less Often Healthy

Many researchers emphasize that what you eat is more important than when. Eating late at night is not necessarily bad, but at this time most people tend to eat less healthily. We often eat while we watch TV or are busy on our computers, phones or tablets. If you are tired, your willpower is also less strong, which can lead to too much and too unhealthy food.

Going To Lie After Eating Can Lead To Other Complaints

If you eat just before bedtime, it often means that you lie flat on a full stomach. This can lead to heartburn and acid regurgitation. Because of your horizontal position, the stomach acid that is produced for digesting your meal can rise faster. If you are sensitive to this, then eating late at night is not a good idea for you.

A Late Snack Can Also Have Benefits

Are you such a person who often wakes up in the middle of the night from hunger? Then it might be good to eat another (healthy!) Snack at night to prevent this. Chances are that you eat too much and unhealthy in the middle of the night because of your sleepy condition. Moreover, this behavior can lead to sleep deprivation, which in turn is related to too much snacking during the day.

Eat Consciously, At All Times

As you have read above, eating late at night does not have to be bad for your diet or your overall health. Pay particular attention to what you eat, both in terms of quantity and type of food. Avoid heavy, greasy bites and opt for healthy snacks such as fruit, yogurt, and nuts. Also, some complex carbohydrates such as whole grains can be nice, because they can help you sleep.

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