How to Prepare Green Tea for Weight Loss – Why is It Working so Well?

Green Tea and Weight Loss Review and Results Today – Why is It Working so Well?

Green Tea for weight loss is extremely popular. After all, what is easier for losing weight than simply drinking cups of green tea daily or swallowing green tea pills? Green tea is also a completely natural product. You do not get a chemical mess inside. But what is the effect of green tea for weight loss and how much can you expect from it? You read it in this article! How to Prepare Green Tea for Weight Loss

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. This plant is also called the “tea plant” because the plant serves as the basis for many different types of tea. The traditional black tea that is so popular in the Netherlands is also made from this plant. The young leaves of the tea plant are used to make different types of tea. The difference between green tea and black tea is that the leaves are at least processed with green tea.This while black tea is processed much more before tea is made. This is also the reason that green tea is a lot lighter in color. At the same time, the minimal processing of green tea ensures that many of its positive properties for health and weight loss are preserved.

How does Green Tea Taste?

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Now you may wonder how green tea tastes exactly. First of all, it is important to know that green tea does not taste the same as black tea, even though it is made from the same tea plant. Green tea is usually milder and a lot less “heavy” taste and you can then also gently try a cup of green tea. There are also different types of green tea. One variant is a lot milder than the other.


Do you want to slowly discover how green tea tastes? Then choose a light, standard variant in the first instance. You can find these in the ordinary supermarkets, including the Koutea, Lipton, and Pickwick brands. In addition, do not let green tea draw too long to get a subtle taste. If you like the taste, you can try a stronger variety (eg gunpowder green tea). Does the first green tea that you try does not like well? Do not give up too quickly and try a green tea from another brand. The tastes can vary considerably.

Operation & Properties Green Tea

As mentioned above, green tea is packed with useful substances. Green tea, therefore, contains a huge range of positive properties and effects for your physical health and your body weight. Several studies have been conducted on the effect of green tea in the past. These studies by no means all conclude the same, but there are well-founded indications that green tea strengthens your immune system and, among other things, would lead to a reduced chance of:

Cancer, at least certain Species

Cardiovascular Diseases

Kidney stones

Too high cholesterol content

Diabetes type 2 (Diabetes)

Effect Green Tea on Weight Loss & Fat Burning

However, the best-known effect of green tea is the positive effect of green tea (extract) on weight loss, your weight, and your body fat percentage. Green tea would mainly stimulate fat burning and thus ensure weight loss. For example, a study by Birmingham University (UK) shows that fat burning was 17% more active due to the use of green tea extract.

There are also indications that green tea extract can improve your insulin level and blood sugar levels so that you are less likely to get hungry. In short, various studies show that green tea stimulates fat burning and metabolism, and can also cause you to eat less.

How to Lose Weight with Green Tea?

Lose weight with green tea can simply by drinking green tea, or by swallowing waste products (pills, powders, supplements, etc.) with a green tea extract. Below you will find some tips on green tea to lose weight.

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Green Tea Tips for Weight Loss

How Put Green Tea Today!

Making green tea is not difficult at all, but you have to do it the right way. This makes it important to ensure that you use the right temperature of water to make green tea. To make green tea, you should first of all boil water, but do not pour it directly over the green tea (or do not hang your green tea bag directly in boiling water). Let the boiled water cool for a while, so that it just does not cook anymore. In this way, the beneficial properties of green tea are preserved and are not destroyed by the boiling water. Let a green tea bag draw about 2 to 3 minutes and then remove it. If you do not do that, then you let the tea draw too long, making it extremely bitter. How to Prepare Green Tea for Weight Loss

How much Green Tea Drink Per Day If You want to Lose Weight?

Drinking green tea is not difficult, but how much green tea should you drink per day to see results in losing weight? As a guideline, you can maintain that you have to drink at least 5 cups of green tea every day to see real results, although every cup naturally helps. Research shows that the more green tea you drink, the more results you will see. However, keep in mind that green tea contains caffeine, which is not good for you in high doses. So drink up to 10 cups of green tea per day and pay attention to any negative side effects.

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

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There is a huge amount of green tea. Not only in the supermarket, but you can also buy all kinds of specific green tea (eg Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea, White Tea, gunpowder, Japanese green tea & Chinese green tea) at specialty stores. But which Koutea Green Tea is actually the best for losing weight? It is first and foremost important to take Koutea Green Tea that actually consists of 100% green tea. For example, green tea with mint / lemon / peach / etc. not nearly 100% pure green tea. The effects of this type of green teas on weight loss and weight loss are therefore considerably lower.

The opinions about the best green tea for weight loss are also very divided. Several studies have been done, but they are anything but unequivocal and were mostly financed by manufacturers of green tea (and therefore unreliable). When I ask at the Toko, I get the standard answer that the most expensive Koutea green tea is the best, but I also find everything but credible. In any case, it is important to take green tea that is as pure, unprocessed and natural as possible. So make sure that no other substances (for filling) have been added to the green tea. If you want to lose weight, it is also important not to add anything to your green tea, so no sugar, sweets, milk or whatever. How to Prepare Green Tea for Weight Loss

Products with Green Tea

Finally, there are plenty of diet products with green tea on the market. Think of green tea pills with green tea extract, green tea powder, green tea supplements and diet pills with green tea. The efficacy of these products is very different from each other. There are pills with green tea that work very well (usually based on EGCG, with or without CLA ), but also green tea supplements that do not work at all or can even be harmful.In any case, pay attention to the composition of products with green tea. How much green tea is there actually in the product, and what other substances are in it? Keep in mind that a green tea pill that does not consist entirely of green tea can work very differently than green tea alone. It may be that green tea is combined with other substances that have a positive effect on weight loss, but it is also possible that you are deposited. How to Prepare Green Tea for Weight Loss

So use your common sense and be critical when you buy a diet pill or supplement with green tea!

Experiences with Green Tea?

Have you tried to lose weight yourself with green tea (pills/ extract/supplement)? Then we are very curious about your experiences! Did green tea actually cause weight loss for you, and if so for how much? And which green tea did you use exactly? Share your tips and experiences below so that others can learn from it. Thanks in advance!

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