How to Lose Weight through Yoga Exercises at Home – Today!

How to Burn Fat through Yoga Exercises at Home

Yoga is a ‘sport’ or lifestyle, which has existed for more than four thousand years in the east of the world. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the West. People discover the benefits of yoga. Besides that it provides much more rest, living in the ‘now’, you can also lose weight with it. Not everyone goes to yoga class, you can also practice yoga in other ways by watching DVDs or watching videos on YouTube. Zoe Bray-Cotton and Digital Health Solutions Inc. have even released a Yoga Burn E-Book. Can you really lose weight through yoga Burn? How much can you lose? Read here everything about losing weight through Yoga!

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What is Yoga?

Yoga originated in India about four thousand years ago. The exercises of yoga that you perform are originally intended to come into a deep state of meditation. The exercises are also called asanas. By combining physical exercises, breathing, and concentration, people search for the unity of body and mind. It creates a balance between your mind and your consciousness. In addition, yoga provides relaxation, energy, and strength. It is a way to come all the way to yourself. It ensures that you are more balanced and you can also deal with the busy life of today.

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It is not about yoga that you have to put down a performance, the point is that you perform the exercise you perform so that it just feels right. You will find that you will get to know your limits because with yoga you get to know your body and you learn how far you can go in the exercises. The asanas do not have to be difficult. In the beginning, you will practice the basic asanas, which do not require much agility and strength. The difficulty of the asanas is built up as you need it. There are different forms of yoga, of which three are the most popular:

Hatha Yoga
Power Yoga
Kundalini Yoga

Understanding Hatha Yoga

hatha yoga

Hatha stands for the sun (ha) and the moon (tha). The sun stands for action and the moon for internalization. These two concepts come together in Hatha. At Hatha, the emphasis is mainly on the control of the body and breathing. There are different breathing techniques in this form of yoga. This type of yoga is not about whether something is wrong or good. You are a spectator of the things that happen and acceptance is important. The asanas that are performed are mainly non-moving. Meditation can also be discussed. Your body becomes smoother, it helps reduce stress and it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and organs.

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Understanding Power Yoga

With this form of yoga, asanas are central, with a lot of movement.

power yoga

Your whole body is involved in the exercises that you perform. All kinds of physical asanas are executed immediately after each other. These exercises together are one series.

Heavy Weight Yoga – Wikipedia

One series consists of about 40 exercises. In the exercises, you use different breathing techniques. Power yoga makes you feel calmer, fitter and more energetic. It is an intensive form of yoga where you also train your muscles. Your physical strength, mental strength, condition, and balance are increasing. Power yoga is very suitable to lose weight. It is one of the more intensive forms of yoga, so you burn a lot of calories.

Understanding Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

This form of yoga is based on the spiritual strength that is present in man. It is one of the most powerful forms of yoga, besides it is very versatile. The exercises ensure that your senses come to rest and the energy will flow better through your body. It is a workout for your body, mind, and soul. During this form of yoga, exercises, breathing techniques, chanting of mantras, mudras and meditation are used.

How Much Can You Lose Weight Through Yoga?

In Seattle, United States, a study was conducted on BMI among 300 adults. This showed that people who practice yoga have lower BMI than people who do not practice yoga. People who practice yoga have a BMI of 2.7 points lower. When you walk for an hour, you burn about 250 calories. When you do yoga exercises, you burn an average of 260 calories per hour. You can lose weight through Yoga Burn, but there are other ways that are more effective for losing weight. Yet yoga has many other benefits than just losing weight.

Yoga is not a quick way to lose weight, but a healthy and conscious way of losing weight.

The burning of fat starts by performing the asanas and the breathing techniques. This will stimulate your heartbeat, the burning of fat and blood circulation, which will make you waste more.

The muscle tissue burns a lot of calories at rest. This also burns calories when you do nothing.

Yoga lowers stress and reduces depression. When you suffer from binge eating, yoga can cause this to decrease. You feel better, you accept yourself faster and you have more control over yourself.

Yoga improves breathing. This gives you more energy, which means you can stay active longer. This is because you absorb more oxygen in your blood through the breathing techniques.

The thyroid gland is stimulated when you practice yoga. This organ ensures a good metabolism. When the metabolism improves, the circulation is stimulated. This makes fat less stored and burns fat.

Make Yoga Your Lifestyle

Through yoga, you learn to gain control over your body and mind. You learn to accept yourself and to stress less. Yoga is addictive because it gives such good results. Yoga often changes your lifestyle and also your eating habits. The danger of dieting is that you can fall back. This is not the case with yoga. When you practice yoga, you will not be bothered by this. You can better arm yourself against a relapse because you are aware of your body. In addition, there is also a healthy diet in the yoga lifestyle. It is about natural, more conscious and healthier living and here it is mainly food that is natural and healthy.

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The chance of binge eating decreases because you stress less. Most people who suffer from binge eating get binge eating due to stress. If yoga is good for something, it is the reduction of stress. Yoga works relaxing. People who practice yoga are aware that they are hungry and they are also aware when they have eaten enough. This is because they are much more in contact with their bodies. This gives them more control over their diet: about what and how much they eat. You will not eat when you have stress, to comfort yourself or when you feel depressed.

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