How to Lose Weight and Keep it off Permanently Today!

Maintain Diet – 8  Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight and Keep it off Permanently

Slimming is a goal that is high on the wish list for many people. People like to think about the end result and how they would look when they would be slimmer. However, this often remains a fantasy when they think of the amount of work and time that needs to be put into this.

Slimming is not something that comes to you, a conscious choice has to be made to achieve this. Yet weight loss does not necessarily have to be very annoying. It is indeed possible to eat fewer calories and also to eat well. There are a number of tips that will be treated that will make losing weight a lot easier.


The first tip for healthy weight loss concerns shopping. Everyone always has high expectations that they will eat healthy that week, but when the moment arrives at which you have to choose between a healthy or an unhealthy option, then the chances are that in an impulse campaign you still opt for the unhealthy option.

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To protect yourself against this, it is good to make it easier to choose a healthy option. When shopping, choose only healthy food or two relatively unhealthy products and make sure that the other messages fit into the process of losing weight. Thus, you actually commit yourself to eating healthier, since you virtually no longer receive any unhealthy products. In this way, you are constantly reminded of your goal.


healthy lunch tips

There are many tips to mention, but not everyone has the same amount here. This tip does everyone and it concerns breakfast. Your body has used a lot of energy during sleep and this needs to be supplemented. In addition, it is not wise to start the day without a healthy breakfast, since you are probably less comfortable in your skin and can quickly tend to snack. In addition, your metabolism will start less well if you do not have breakfast.

Always start the day with a healthy breakfast, but be careful that you do not eat too much since you want to eat fewer calories than usual. It is wise to start the day with proteins or with complex carbohydrates. These are both difficult to digest and give a constant energy release during the day, so you get hungry less quickly. Choose for example curd cheese, a wholemeal sandwich with egg or oatmeal.

Focus on what is Allowed

It is often thought that when you lose weight you can no longer eat, but it is a better idea to focus on what you can eat. It is still possible to eat very well. When you want to lose weight you can still eat a lot of goodies.

However, it is not wise to eat food such as fast food, fried food, biscuits, crisps and the like. These products do not fit within a good diet and also contain relatively few nutrients. It is therefore important to no longer buy these products in the supermarket. However, when you focus on which tasty products you can eat, it is a lot more pleasant and your thinking about losing weight is also less negative.


Seriously getting started with slimming is a sensible move. Even if you have a lot of discipline, it can still be that you come into contact with many unhealthy temptations. It is important, for example, to appoint a day or a time during the week on which you are less strict in your diet. This can be by eating more calories than the rest of the days in the week or eating your favorite dish that day. This way you take one moment in the week on which you eat less healthy or eat more calories and you have an appointment with yourself on which you do this. This way you can resist temptations more easily since you have a concrete agreement with yourself.

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Setting Goals and making Arrangements

Tip five goes beyond tip four and involves setting goals and making agreements in the field of losing weight. Every person is sensitive to concrete goals and will, therefore, work in a more motivated and disciplined way without goal or planning. Say therefore to yourself certain things such as a number of calories per day, eating two servings of fruit per day, spread over the food day target weight after a few weeks, a certain number of times exercise a week and numerous other targets and agreements.

Write these things for yourself, so that you are constantly reminded of it. It is important to keep this as concrete as possible. So you are more focused on your goal and it is harder for yourself to deviate from this.


Tip six builds on tip five and concerns created routines in the week that help to get rid of that big belly. If you want to lose weight, it is very good to make a routine out of losing weight. So losing weight is no longer an isolated thing in your week, but you integrate the process of losing weight in your entire week and on all aspects. For example, you can make it a routine to eat curds with fruit in the morning, to exercise on certain evenings during the week or to eat a lot of vegetables with dinner. Make sure that your appointments become routines at a given moment so that you keep these appointments much easier.


vegetables for your friend

Losing weight is all about reducing calories and it is important to stay under your required amount of calories per day. Now it can certainly be good to add this very nicely every day, but this makes losing weight a lot less fun. Another option is to think about what you are going to eat that week before the week starts. Tune in your groceries and plan aspects such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This way you can already see in advance what kind of calories you will get within a day.

When you make such a concrete nutritional planning, it is more difficult to move away from this and you also make sure that you can easily stay below that calorie limit. So you do not have to add up all the calories per day, but you can make a rough estimate in advance. It is important to actually stick to this here.


The last tip concerns sports. There are people who would rather not play sports but would like to lose weight. This is certainly possible, but that means you have to get serious about your weekly diet and calories. To make slimming faster or to stay below that calorie limit, exercise is a wise choice. By exercising you burn calories and make sure that you increase the gap between the required number of calories in the body and the actual amount of calories that are ingested. The larger this hole the faster you will lose weight.

Do you find it very difficult to eat fewer calories, choose for swimming, running, skipping, cycling, rowing or any other sport where you can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time? Sports is not necessary to lose weight, but it strengthens the process a lot and you will have lost that big belly earlier.

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