How To Know If You Have Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia Male: The Definition

The definition of gynecomastia is a pathology that can occur at any stage of a man’s life. This hypertrophy of the breasts usually affects the adolescent at puberty. Explanation, causes, treatments … Discover!

Gynecomastia in a Few Words

If you do not have enough time to read the whole article, here are the 2 terms to remember:

Gynecomastia: This is breast enlargement in men due to excessive growth of breast tissue under and around the nipple.

Mammoplasty: medical term for the surgical removal of breast tissue. This is gynecomastia surgery.

What is Gynecomastia in Humans?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you definitely have breasts. The difference between these two sexes is that; breasts are more developed in women than in men. So why do some men have breasts as developed as the opposite sex?

In this case, doctors talk about gynecomastia. This term is defined as excessive breast growth. The phenomenon of gynecomastia affects many men, especially in adolescence. There are many reasons for this hypertrophy of the mammary glands. In the dock, there is sickness or taking a drug. As well as the appearance of a more or less serious tumor. Not to mention that it can be contracted congenitally. Before speaking in detail of its different causes, it is necessary to give a clear and precise explanation of this benign phenomenon.

It should be known that the sexual characteristics are governed by hormones: testosterone, estrogen, etc. At the water level, it is testosterone that is secreted in large quantities by the body. In the case of women, estrogen predominates. This imbalance, between the secretion of testosterone and the production of estrogen, maintains the mammary gland poorly developed in humans. But as soon as the amount of estrogen increases so that the amount of estrogen there is a proliferation of mammary glands. In fact, the surplus estrogen will attach to receptors located in the mammary glands. Breasts increase in volume. The hormone responsible for the excessive production of estrogen is aromatase. Instead of just synthesizing estrogen, aromatase also turns testosterone into estrogen.

Details on the Causes of Breast Enlargement

It can be said that the development of the mammary gland in males occurs as a result of a decline in testosterone production. It is a hormone whose role is twofold: virilization and protein synthesis. Also noteworthy is an abundant production of estrogen and a high production of Sex Hormone-binding Globulin (SHBG). The increase of the breasts can occur in men consuming a lot of alcohol. According to specialists, alcohol (ethanol) is a disrupter of the production of testosterone. However, it is known that a drop in testosterone in the blood can promote an increase in the mammary gland. The increase may still be due to taking drugs such as steroids, digitalis, amphetamines, etc. The genetic diseases that are pointed out are Kennedy’s disease, Klinefelter syndrome, androgen insensitivity syndrome and others.

Fortunately, after the diagnosis of gynecomastia, there are effective treatments to eradicate the disease. It can be a local application from a cream. In some cases, the doctor may resort to surgery for breast reduction.

Some Products that Work:

When you are a victim of gynecomastia, we are sometimes ready to do anything to remove this chest from our body, it does not mean that we must take anything. I tested for you several products that work to fight against gynecomastia.

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