How to Get Perfect Female Body Shape Today – Tight Body for Women!

How to Get Perfect Female Body Shape Today – Instructions!

Too often there is a lot of uncertainty among women about how they should eat and train in order to develop that coveted tight body. Weight training is associated with exaggerated muscular men, partly due to the various media. This is a reason for many women to leave the weights completely to the left, but that is a huge sin!

In principle, a woman does not have to train differently for a healthy and tight body than a man. In this post, we explain why and give some basic guidelines for women with regard to training and nutrition.

How to Get Perfect Female Body Shape – Training and Instructions!

“From heavy strength training, you will become huge and muscular!”
“From heavy strength training, you CAN become huge and muscular !”

Focus on Heavy Strength Training!

First, it is important to realize that muscle building extremely slow for both men and women. The muscular men from magazines and TV have been training hard for years in a week. Second, your diet will have to be right. If you do not eat well, it will be damn difficult to actually achieve so much muscle growth.

In addition, it is important to understand that the ‘typical bodybuilder’ figures have not only trained hard for years but often also use prohibited substances. Finally, women make on average 15 times less testosterone than men & testosterone is the hormone that plays an enormous role in muscle growth.

Muscles Do not Grow Just Like That

If you add all these points together, then as a woman you really have to do a lot of good – and also for quite some time – to become muscular. If you, as a woman, do not use prohibited substances, then you absolutely do not have to worry. Are you too muscular for your feeling? Then you will see this arrive well in advance. Just think carefully: do you know many women who feel overly muscular for you? Probably not!

By strengthening your muscles as a woman, you ensure that you use more energy at rest. In addition, your body uses extra energy for recovery after a workout. This is how strength training helps you to achieve a fit and tight body with female contours more quickly.

When you train with Weights you Benefit from the Following Benefits

Strength, muscle mass, and endurance
Faster metabolism
Better body composition
Smaller chance of diabetes, heart disease, and joint inflammation
Better mobility and balance
Better attitude
Good night’s sleep
Stronger Bones
More confidence
Less chance of injuries

Less with Cardio

That brings us immediately to the next point: cardio. Cardio is certainly not bad, but you do not have to overdo it either. With long cardio sessions you may consume some extra calories, but for a fit and tight body, it is not as effective as is often thought. Cardio certainly has health benefits, but the big disadvantage is that your muscles are not or hardly become stronger. As you now know, it is precisely this muscle mass that ensures that you use extra energy at rest.

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In addition, muscle mass will look good as your fat percentage decreases. You can lose a lot of weight, but when you have barely build muscle mass, your physique still improves little at the latest. You do not have to completely avoid cardio, but there should also be room to train with weights. A good guideline is to focus on strength training for 80% and to add 20% (interval) cardio.

Take a good look around at the average gym. The fanatical ladies with a tight body see you busy with squats and deadlifts, while most women with kilos of the overweight week on week out on the cross-trainer stand. That time is better to use. Use it to your advantage!

How to get perfect Female Body Shape: Nutrition

Eat Enough Calories

vegetables for your friend

You are not, of course, with strength training alone. During an intense strength training you damage the muscles, they get cracks. This may sound negative, but it is not. Your body has the property to repair this damage in the period after your training (24 to 72 hours) above the original level. This way you should be able to train a bit heavier the next time.

But that does require sufficient nutrients! When you get too few calories, your body simply does not have enough building materials to repair the muscle mass and make it stronger. The consequence? You can train until you weigh one of us, but your progress will stagnate more and more!

Calculate Energy Requirements

What are enough calories? For women, a general guideline of 2,000 calories per day applies. This is only an average and of course, does not say anything about you as an individual. When you have an active job and also a lot of sport, you consume more energy than someone who has the sedentary job and is hardly physically active.

Body Weight x 31 to 37

Are you not active at all? Then you multiply your body weight by 31. Are you actually very active? Then multiply your body weight by 37. The result is an estimate (!) Of the number of calories you need to maintain your weight (your energy requirement).

Do you want to make a more accurate estimate and are you not afraid of a little math? Then you can calculate your energy needs more accurately with the formula of Harris and Benedict. We leave that aside in this blog.
With the outcome, you determine how much you will eat based on your objective (arriving or losing weight ).

Arriving: You want to prevent unnecessary energy being converted into fat and therefore consume up to 10 to 20% above your energy requirements.

Energy Requirement x 1.1 to 1.2 = calories that you eat Every Day

Lose Weight – You want to prevent your body from getting energy from muscle tissue and therefore consume up to 10 to 20% of your energy requirement.

Energy Requirement x 0.8 to 0.9 = Calories that you eat Every Day

Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats

Good, so you do strength training and you eat the number of calories that suit your objective. Are you there? No, unfortunately, it does not work that easily. Your body needs proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and also in the right proportion. We will give you some guidelines for strength athletes below.

Protein – 1.6 to 1.8 gm per pounds of body weight (or about 20-30% of your total calories)
Fats – 1 gram per pounds of body weight (or about 20-40% of your total calories)
Carbohydrates – The remainder of your calories (or about 40-50% of your calories)

Number of Meals

You then divide this ratio into macronutrients over your meals during the day. It is up to you whether you do this in a few large meals or in several small meals. It is a fable that you have to eat regularly to speed up your metabolism. More important is that you have everything at the end of the day! Make it especially not too difficult for yourself, so you keep it full length. In the table below a handy overview with healthy products that you can eat.

Number of Meals


As a woman developing a fit and tight body is not a matter of standing on the cross-trainer for hours and starving yourself through a so-called crash diet. A sustainable and lasting change in body composition simply takes time. Train some 45 to 60 minutes with weights 3 to 4 times a week and combine this with some (interval) cardio during the week.

Take sufficient rest between your workouts and give your body the nutrients it needs. In this way, you are responsible for your body and health in a responsible manner and that coveted tight body is only a matter of time!

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