How to Accelerate Your Metabolism? The 16 Best Methods

How Accelerate your Metabolism? Today The 16 Best Methods

Your metabolism ensures that your body can convert the nutrients and calories it receives into energy. If you want to lose weight, accelerating your metabolism is an important part. In short, your metabolism is the entire system in your body that ensures that food and drink are converted into useful substances for your body. This means that substances that have been “used up” are removed through the bowel movements. There are several methods that you can apply to help your metabolism get going.

how to Accelerate your metabolism

We have already mentioned good tips for increasing your metabolism. In this article, we list 16 of the best methods.

The Difference Between Your Metabolism, Metabolism, and Digestion?

Metabolism The words metabolism and metabolism are in fact synonymous. They mean exactly the same and can be used interchangeably. Your digestion is really something else. The metabolism (or metabolism) is the entire process that takes place in your cells where energy is released from food and drink. This is a process that is always going on, 24 hours a day. The entire process involves the processing of food and drinks through your stomach, blood, intestines, kidneys, liver, muscles and cells.

Your digestive system is more specifically the digestion of food after a meal, mainly in your stomach. The process of digestion is therefore much more limited than the entire process of metabolism, but you could argue that your digestive system is an important part of your metabolism.

What determines the speed of your metabolism?

The speed of your metabolism depends on various factors, such as behavior, diet, gender, age, height, hormone balance and hereditary predisposition. That is why some people have more tendency to arrive than others and your metabolism also slows down as you get older. Certain factors cannot be changed, such as your genes and your age. Your behavior and your diet, fortunately. We will discuss this further below.

Why bring your metabolism to a Higher Gear, 

By improving your metabolism you can benefit from:

  • Your brain and your body communicate faster, giving you the feeling that you have eaten enough.
  • The food is broken down faster by your body so that it is also less quickly stored as body fat.
  • Excess nutrients and spent substances can be drained faster through your body. This will also make it less likely to be stored as excess fat.
  • No more bloating and better bowel movements. This makes you feel physically and mentally better.
  • All these factors have a positive effect on weight loss. When losing weight, improving your metabolism is, therefore, an indispensable link.

Metabolism Methods The Most Effective Methods

We have divided the list of best tips into two sections below: nutrition and behavior. So it is even easier for you to choose the methods that best suit you. You can follow them all 18 but this is not always practical for everyone. If you follow 5 of the tips below against a slow metabolism, you will be able to achieve a good improvement in your metabolism. Make sure you hold them for a long time for the optimal result.

Tips for Better Metabolism – Food and Beverage

A Good Regularity in Food & Drinks


food and drink

A body with a slow metabolism is a body that is afraid of starving. So you have to signal your body that there is enough to eat. You can do this by eating at various times throughout the day. This way you keep the metabolism going well. In addition, it has been found that people who eat smaller portions during the day eat less during large meals. An extra advantage.

Eat More Proteins

Proteins (also called proteins) have a positive effect on your metabolism. Your body needs twice as much energy for digesting proteins than for digesting fats or carbohydrates. In addition, proteins are the building materials of your muscles. If you work on your muscles (see also below) then you need these proteins for better muscle growth. You can find proteins in eggs, fish, chicken, lean pork or beef, tofu, nuts, beans and dairy products.

Spicy Food

You might not expect it, but spicy food also works well. This is due to the substance capsaicin, which can be found to a large extent in almost all hot chili peppers. This substance ensures that your body becomes more active in the processing of the food. In addition, it has the pleasant side effect that it works as an anti-inflammatory, makes you feel full faster and also good for your blood vessels. People who consume a lot of spicy food have a proven better metabolism than others.

Vegetable and Fruit with many Minerals and Vitamins

For the processing of the food through your digestive tract, your stomach, and your intestines, certain minerals and vitamins are used to speed up this process. The two most important are the vitamins B and iron. Vitamins B support the enzymes that help to break down nutrition and iron provides a good supply of oxygen to your muscles so they can burn the nutrients faster. The B vitamins can be found in, among other things, bananas, poultry, oatmeal, shellfish and leafy vegetables. Iron can be found in foods such as meat, fish, spinach, tofu, and beans.

High Fiber Food

Fibers are in fact a complex form of carbohydrates and the only form of carbohydrates that you can eat without major restrictions when losing weight with a low-carbohydrate diet. The body has to make extra effort to process fibers, which means that it stimulates your stomach and intestines to take that extra step. The fiber-rich diet is not stored as additional body fat, in contrast to normal carbohydrates. Fibers can be found in oatmeal, bananas, and legumes.

Do not Forget your Breakfast

The aforementioned fibers can best be taken with your breakfast. A mistake that many people make when losing weight is that they skip the morning food and/or start eating very late in the day. This is a misconception. It is usually better to have a good, hearty breakfast that will allow you to get through the rest of the day. An early breakfast ensures that your body motor starts to run and you start your metabolism immediately after waking up. This also gives your body more time to carry away the waste.

Drink More Water

drinking more water

If your body does not get enough fluid, your metabolism will slow down. Your stomach and intestines need water to process the substances. So make sure you drink enough water. If you drink your water ice cold, it will stimulate the acceleration of your metabolism even more. Your body then burns more calories because it has to do its best to get warm again. Attention: this last tip does not apply to people with a sensitive stomach.

Drink Coffee

Coffee has many advantages: it can improve memory functions, wake you up and provide important antioxidants. But it also speeds up your metabolism. Drink your coffee in the best way, because milk and sugar will partially cancel out the effect. We recommend drinking the coffee before 6 o’clock in the evening. Do not drink coffee late in the evening. This hinders your sleep, while a good night’s sleep is also very important for speeding up your metabolism.

Avoid an Excess of Alcohol

A glass in due course must, of course, be possible. But alcohol has the annoying side effect that your body uses a lot of fluid to be able to break it off again. Some of the moisture you get with the alcoholic drink but you need extra moisture (especially the day after). That is why you often wake up with a lot of thirsts after an evening of fun. Due to the shortage of fluid, your bowel movements can be difficult. To improve your metabolism, we, therefore, recommend lowering alcohol and keeping it to a maximum of 2 glasses at a time.

Tips for a Better Metabolism – Behavior & Movement

Provide a Good Night’s Sleep



Metabolism sleep during your sleep your body produces a hormone that is important for accelerating your metabolism. A good night’s sleep means a quality sleep of 7 to 8 hours. Obviously, your mattress is important for good sleep; not too soft and not too hard. It is absolutely recommended that you turn off your mobile phone while sleeping. This gives radiation what your sleep pattern can break. Furthermore, make sure that your room is absolutely dark.

Turn your Heating a Bit Lower

By lowering your heating, your home cools down. Your body will then have to do its best to stay at the same temperature. To do that, it needs energy and that is a very efficient way to increase the speed of your metabolism. If you are cold, it is better for your metabolism to get a little warmer or to move a bit more.

Laugh More

You read it correctly, more laughter one day will make you better burn energy. If you laugh a lot then your body goes into the energy-burning mode. Scientists in the US have researched this and it turns out that if you laugh about 10 minutes a day, you burn up to one and a half times as much energy as if you did not laugh at all. Laughter is also really healthy, and not only physically but also mentally. If you laugh a lot then everything will also become a lot nicer.

Change the Environment

The climate and the environment in which you are located can have a lot of influence on your metabolism. Many people also suffer from a slow metabolism during the holidays. Different food and a different climate can have a huge effect. It is also good to leave your working environment or your house regularly and walk a lot. This works inspiring and good for your bowel movement.

Regularly Move

If you do work where you are constantly at your desk, your metabolism slows down. When sitting, your body comes to rest. Even if you do not exercise, try to take a small walk every 2 hours to speed up your metabolism. A short walk of a few minutes is sufficient. Even after a big meal, it is important to get started. Take the stairs instead of the lift for example or walk for a few minutes so that your digestion is stimulated.

Sport in the Morning

If you are sporting to increase your muscle mass, do it early in the morning. Your body will be stimulated the rest of the day for a faster metabolism. If you are not sure which sport suits you, you can try different sports schedules.

Cardio with high Intensity – But no Endurance

Many people do cardio, such as cycling and running, to slim down. This is possible, but there are also things that you need to take good care of. For example, endurance sport in the long distance is not optimal for your metabolism. You drain your body with it and your stomach and intestines get a shortage of processing substances. It is better to do cardio with short insights – like sprinting for a few minutes and then taking a walk.

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