How Do You Stay on Weight? Well! – 10 Ways to Lose Weight & Feel Great Today!

Ways to Maintain Weight – 10 Ways to Stay On Track With Your Weight Loss Goals

With these tips, you will succeed anyway and it is really not difficult!

How do you stay on weight? “is a question that you have often asked yourself often. Me too. Have you finally won the battle against the kilos or would you like to stay at a healthy weight? According to a study by the  University of Groningen and the UMCG, people with a stable blood sugar level remain easier on weight. Are you unfortunately not blessed with such good genes? Do not panic! With these tips, you stay super easy on weight.

How do you stay on weight? Well!

Start your day with a breakfast. A good start is half the work. When you have good breakfast, you can concentrate better and your metabolism starts. Start the day with a bowl of yogurt with muesli and fruit or choose a wholemeal sandwich or crackers, of course with healthy toppings such as avocado, chicken breast or 20+ cheese.

Make sure you have a healthy snack in your Bag at all times. This way you prevent yourself from snacking unhealthily. I am also guilty of it myself. By about eleven o’clock I often get a craving for chocolate or a biscuit. So tasty, but so unhealthy. I try to prevent the urge for chocolate by taking a piece of fruit or a nutbar.

How much you hate the scale, keep weighing yourself. This is really very important because if you do not weigh yourself, the chance is much smaller than you actually realize that you are arriving. When you weigh yourself, the numbers dance before your eyes and you know whether you are doing well or have to pay attention again.

Do not skip meals. A good basis is very important. By eating three meals a day you never suffer from a hungry feeling. The chance that you grab a bowl of chips or a Mars will be a lot smaller.

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You do not have to count the calories literally. M please keep in mind. You’re probably going crazy about obsessively counting calories because I do. Stop counting, but do know how many calories you have in your food. In this way, you do not suddenly eat 400 calories in a day.

Bye bye alcohol. Sorry, sorry, sorry that I have to add this to the list, but if you want to stay on weight, it is not wise to drink alcohol. Alcohol is (unfortunately) a real calorie bomb. So say ‘day’ to your ordinary wine and limit them to the weekend, then you really deserve it;).

Move at least half an hour a day. Bike to work, drop your dog or take the stairs, instead of taking the elevator. With these little things, you will soon reach the thirty minutes a day. Easy peasy.

If you let yourself go for a day, then take it easy the next day

This way you compensate. I myself can sometimes let myself go to a party, a dinner with friends or a birthday (hallooo extra delicacies). The next day I try to compensate for that outlier by eating fewer calories and lots of fruit and vegetables.

Do not deprive yourself too much. Then it is a lot easier to maintain this lifestyle. Keep this in mind: nobody comes from one fries or a piece of chocolate. Especially not if it happens only once a week.

Be happy with yourself and with your body. Because: happy girls are the prettiest girls!

The question: ‘ How do you stay on weight? ‘is much more important and finer than a lifelong diet. So choose wisely, but also keep enjoying.

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