How Do I Style And Fix My Beard?

Taking care of your beard goes beyond maintenance. The eye wants something too! We’ve been talking about trimming for a moment: this is not only to keep your beard on its length, but also to ensure that all hairs are the same length. Not all hairs grow simultaneously and equally hard.

Then determine which model suits your face best and adjust your trimmer accordingly. You can also use scissors to update certain parts if your beard is locally long and looks unkempt. Remember: you can do the maintenance of your beard yourself, but it still pays to consult with your barber every now and then. A beard, that is not a cat piss.


If you have cared for your beard well, the foundation is laid for an attractive beard that you can form beautifully ( styling) and fix with products that have been matched to it. You give the last finishing touch to your pride: your beard.

There are the 7 Coolest Beard Styles

You will probably be familiar with snorwax . Variants with a strong fixation bring your mustache to great heights, or in a beautiful curl. The milder variants are ideal for adjusting the mustache and beard hairs.

The two most used styling and care products are beard balm and beard wax. The balm is a kind of gel or thicker lotion that is caring in nature. Beard balm softens and nourishes the beard hairs during growth and refreshes and hydrates the skin. This combined with a light to the stronghold. Wax often has a stronger hold and also has caring ingredients for the beard hairs. Wax you first have to rub warm before you divide it by the beard hairs. Incidentally, after applying the products with the help of a hairdryer and brush you can force your willful beard hairs in the right direction for a longer period of time.

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