Higher Libido? – Follow These Tips, Rekindle Your Sex Life

Tips For A Higher Libido For You, And For Your Partner

The libido is the term we use for the need for sexual activity an individual has. It is also known as the sex drive, the degree to which you can get excited, and it plays a big role in the amount of sex that takes place in a relationship. A low libido with one of the partners can cause problems in a relationship. Maybe you have experience with this yourself? For this reason, we look at ways for a higher libido in this article.

Often you make the choices yourself that cause the libido to fall. To counteract this, it is wise to read these tips for a higher libido. You see here mainly the things in which you might do yourself wrong, so your libido drops lower! The tips are for him as well as for her, so you can also help your partner in this way directly to a higher libido.

Healthy Eating And Drinking

The libido has a lot to do with what you eat and drink. When you eat too much, the libido falls away. The reason for this is that the body reserves energy for the digestion process.

The same applies to alcohol. A glass can ensure that the mood is good, but when the third bottle of wine also goes empty within an hour, then none of the partners is still able to get excited.

The libido has a lot to do with the food and drinks that you take in one day. When you eat enough fruits and vegetables and leave much of the unhealthy food and drink, the body functions much better. This means that the body can also get into an easier state of excitement because all functions in the body work well.

Examples of drinks that you should drink are tea and water. These drain the waste from the body faster, making the body work better. There is now less energy lost in breaking down and storing these substances. This energy is then available for “lust”, one of the most important parts of a healthy libido.

A Cold Shower

We have the idea that sex and sex drive has a lot to do with heat. We have connected passion and heat, but libido does not participate. When you are warm, the body becomes lower. You move more slowly and often you get tired especially quickly. If you want to raise the libido, you have to cool down.

This can easily be done by taking a fresh shower. You notice that you come out much sharper in the shower, and because your body is sharp and active again, you have the opportunity to do something. An easy and fast way to obtain a higher libido.

Tension And Sensation

The libido also has to do with your perception of sex. When the previous times’ sex was disappointing, the brain has little inclination. They know that the previous times were disappointing, so they do not let themselves go in the direction of the excitement. So the libido suffers from the boring sex life.

This happens with many couples who have been together for a long time. At some point, the routine comes into the sex world, and that routine ensures that sex becomes scarce. The libido has died. Fortunately, there are ways to bring the libido back to life. For that, you need tension and sensation.

This is the most difficult cause to deal with. The best thing to do is to start changing the bedroom. When the bedroom has always been the same, boredom occurs in the bedroom. Put the bed in a different place, paint the walls and hang up other lamps.

You can also start having sex outside the bedroom, or at least outside the bedroom. That way it is soon a lot more exciting because your partner is surprised in this way.

Other tricks that you can use to regain libido and get rid of sex, is to buy a few sex toys or try role play. There are several examples of this, but the most appealing to the imagination is probably the agent and the criminal. There you can use the toys nicely!

Sports For A Higher Libido?

One way to boost libido is to exercise. When you sit still all day, the chances are small that you can get the body moving in the bedroom. Make sure you move more. Cycle to work, walk down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, and make sure to use your muscles during the day.

We already discussed healthy food as part of obtaining a higher libido. Sports is at least as important. Regular intensive exercise ensures a better circulation of your body. This activates combustion processes that release extra energy. This energy would remain stored without movement. If you sport in the right way, you get more energy instead of it costs you energy.

Libido Increasing Means?


There are various means on the market with which you can increase libido. Ginseng is the most famous of these, but you do not need these resources. The last four tips for libido enhancement are enough to get the libido in the right direction again. You do not have tens of euro ‘s to spend because it does not work that way.

When you still sit all day, eat too much and drink too much, and the sex is still boring, then a pill has no effect either. It is better to get started with the causes so that you can notice a lasting result that can last a much longer time. That way you also know for certain that you have addressed the causes.

Does this all work, but if you want something more effective, then I have a final tip for you.

Tear off your partner’s clothes, take off your own clothes and just start. There are few things that can increase libido as just regular sex. If you also use the tips for a higher libido, then you will certainly have nothing to complain about in the future.

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