5 Protein Rich and Healthy Snacks Today! – Healthy Portable Snacks

5 Protein Rich and Healthy Snacks Today!

5 Protein Rich and Healthy Snacks Today! – Healthy Portable Snacks

You feel like a snack, but you can not do it yourself to eat something fatty.

The result, A Protein-Rich Snack!

Now you probably wonder, why are protein-rich snacks the outcome? It is ideal to satisfy your hunger, it is healthy and you increase your protein intake. Perfect for a protein diet.

Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese


This can not be missing from the list. These products are ideal for athletes in particular. They are packed with protein and calcium, good for solid bones. You can easily give it a taste by adding some fruit or honey.

Because curd cheese is a protein-rich snack, it has several advantages for your body. It ensures that you:

lose fat and maintain muscle, are less hungry, recover and build muscle, resistance is increased

Ideal for combining: cottage cheese and nuts. Nuts also contain a lot of proteins as you read later in the article.

Pay attention to what type of curd you buy in the supermarket. Many brands add a mountain of sugar to the curd cheese.

There are many types of quark. What it comes down to is that you have full and low-fat cottage cheese. The low-fat curd cheese contains a lot of protein and few calories.

Cooked Egg


A boiled egg is tasty and quick to eat. A big advantage is that you can cook several at once and keep them in the fridge for days. It contains a lot of protein and fills well! Prepare a few on Monday and if you get hungry the days after, grab one from the fridge.

In one egg is about 10 grams of protein. For a quick snack that you can work in so that is a good solution for your hunger. You always have to eat the egg yolk, this is actually the healthiest part of the egg.

A soft-boiled egg is healthier than a hard-boiled egg. This is due to the substance lecithin, which is naturally present in eggs and has fat-degrading properties. It ensures that fat from storage is converted into energy and thus leaves your body. If you boil an egg too long, boil a hard-boiled egg longer, kill the lecithin and the positive properties disappear.

Tuna Fish

Tuna is very healthy. If you want the most healthy variety, buy fresh tuna instead of canned tuna. This is a little more expensive but it is considered nicer by many people.

Tuna contains a lot of protein. From canned it contains no less than 30% protein. For athletes, this is a widely used product because it is simple food with many nutritional values. In addition to the proteins, it also contains many healthy fats. Tuna contains unsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids. They are good for health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

A small disadvantage to tuna: it contains mercury in many cases. Mercury is a substance that you will find with every kind of fish, this is caused by environmental pollution. Tuna is a fish that eats a lot and therefore also receives more mercury than other types of fish. As an adult, you are able to ward off the mercury.

Energy Bars

Energy bars are a form of fast energy. Especially useful at the moment you feel drowsy. An energy bar supplies carbohydrates, fat, and proteins. The carbohydrates provide you with energy so that it has a quick effect. The fats and proteins give you a feeling of satisfaction so that you will not get hungry again.

Pay close attention to what energy bars you buy. Always read what nutritional values contain the energy bars in the supermarket. It is still the healthiest thing to make the energy bars yourself.

Energy bars can also be purchased online at various fitness supplements suppliers. They contain a lot of protein and relatively many calories. Choose an energy bar with natural ingredients and as little added sugars as possible.

In terms of price, it does not matter whether you make or buy the energy bars yourself. If you buy them, it obviously saves quite a bit of time, but it might be better. This is definitely a favorite in the snacks category.


healthy lunch tips

A homemade salad is delicious! Only some leaves of lettuce is naturally a bit boring, so you can add all kinds of ingredients while you keep it healthy. By adding several ingredients you can also use it as a meal salad. Saves a lot of time if you do not feel like cooking. It is very easy to make because you simply put all the ingredients together.

By ensuring that the different ingredients are in balance with each other, you make the salad very healthy. Add some vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and a sauce and you have a nice salad! So you can go from a snack to a meal salad.

Are meal salads from the supermarket healthy? That is a difficult question to answer. It is not much wrong with the ingredients. Chicken, lettuce, fish, potatoes or pasta is of course very healthy. This is not the only thing that is put into it. A large amount of salt, sugar, and flavorings are added. Together with the supplied sauce, this ensures a high-calorie number which actually makes it a lot less healthy. Again, this is difficult to answer because it is different per meal salad

Do you have some tasty healthy snacks? Let us know in the comments!

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