Google’S Greatest Beauty Questions: We Answer It!

Lisa Spear

What would we do without Google? No matter what your question is, this search engine helps you to get an answer – even on your beauty questions! Google revealed last year what beauty questions were asked on the search engine. Everything from fishbone flakes and the balayage technique to cleaning your garbage wipes was popular.

Now we make it even easier: Here are 6 of the top beauty questions plus our answers, in a nutshell, on each.

7 Reason Why Your Hair Continues To Break

# 1: How Do You Grow Your Hair Faster?

It can be very frustrating to grow your hair out. Most women’s hair only grows about 15 cm a year, although genes also play a role. But you do not have to put hands in the hair! Try these seven tips that help keep your hair healthy so it grows faster.

# 2 AND # 3: How Do You Shape Your Eyebrows? And How Do You Fill It In If It’s Sparse?

Summer two questions on Google’s list of greatest beauty questions are about eyebrows. And with reason: Eyebrows are a great focus in your face and can make your years look younger. There is nothing like the perfect eyebrow shape, but it’s important that your eyebrows are well defined and filled in. That’s how you get it right …

# 4: How Do You Employ Concealer ( Concealer ) To?

Many of us underestimate the value of verblomer. A little connoisseur does wonder to hide dark circles under your eyes so that you look fresh and restful. The art of concealer lies in how you apply it. Here a smoker artist shares her advice with us.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit Your Hair Stylist

# 5: What Is Balayage?

This word refers to a French hair color technique that has become very popular in recent years. It’s easy to maintain and can make a huge difference to your appearance without breaking the bank. That looks like balayage-hair …

# 6: How Do You Clean Your Cosmetics?

Garlic wax can get dirty very quickly – you use it every day. It is therefore important that you have it once a week. We show you how to wash it and to dry quickly.

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