First Time to the Gym – Survival Tips

First Time to the Gym – Survival Tips

For the first time to the Gym

You have made the decision. Perhaps after a long doubt, but now you have decided. You want to start with fitness! It seems exciting, going to the gym for the first time. You come in an environment that you do not know yet. A world of training schedules and fitness equipment. How does it all work?

Not So Exciting

The first time going to the gym is not as exciting as you might think. Not everyone in the gym is in top condition. You are certainly not the only one who gets out of breath or does not know exactly how a device works or exercises. So there is nothing to worry about. Everyone who goes to the gym comes here for a reason. For example, improve fitness, build up strength or lose weight. In the gym not only train people with perfect bodies. And for everyone, it was the first time that he or she came to train.

First aid for Training Schedules

When you train in the gym for the first time, it is nice to have a good training schedule. In every Basic-Fit club, there is a Virtual Coach, a device where you can find all kinds of training schedules and exercises per muscle group for free. You can choose a training schedule yourself and get started. You can also use a kickstart session. A personal trainer then shows you all zones of the club and explains how the fitness machines work. Of course, you can also make a start with personal training, where a personal trainer really helps you achieve your goal. So you know for sure that you are making a start!


After you have explored the gym and have chosen a training schedule, you are basically ready for your first workout. Not unimportant: do you wear comfortable clothes that make you feel comfortable? Good and clean shoes? Towel and a bottle of drink ready? You will need both because you will sweat!

You can start training on the devices or with free weights, but perhaps you prefer group lessons? It’s all yours!

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