Feel Beautiful in 5 Steps Today! – How to Feel Pretty: 5 Steps

Do you want to be the most beautiful on New Year’s Eve? Attention to a few details is enough to feel your chic and to radiate glamor. With our 5 tips, you feel beautiful, even in the winter.

Feeling your wife is not always easy when winter starts and you have to wear different layers of clothes over each other to keep you warm … Discover our 5 simple tips to radiate glamor in all circumstances!

Red Lips!

red lip

Do you think that lipstick that says ‘Pin-up Red’ is too daring for you? No! A flaming lipstick is the best guarantee for a beautiful and feminine feeling. If you are not in the habit of making yourself up, choose a lip balm that is more transparent and easier to apply than a matte lipstick. If your skin has a rather yellowish tint, choose lipstick in a warm, orange-colored color. If your skin is rather rosy, you are better off with a lipstick in a colder color (with bluish shades).

Cared Nails

It is not something you immediately think of, but a beautiful manicure is enough to feel beautiful and glamor! Try a color that you otherwise never wear or buy a new nail polish.

Tip: Paint your nails in the evening. Do not worry if you have lacquered outside the lines: just apply some oil to your cuticles and the next morning, after the shower, you will not see it anymore!

Shiny Hair

Sometimes it is a small thing to feel beautiful again. Would not you even want to try a new hair color? Go for a totally different color or accentuate the natural gloss of your hair. Whatever you choose, with a new color in your hair you immediately feel much more feminine.

Tip: maintain your hair roots and care for your hair with Head & Shoulders for smooth and silky hair … So glamor!

Time for Yourself

Do you want to feel beautiful, then you have to feel good about yourself … Do you not have the time or the budget to spend a whole day in a spa? Then settle for an hour of massage or a professional manicure pedicure. That is enough to feel like a princess!

Jewels and Accessories

Nothing exudes more glamor than beautiful jewelry! Go for shiny earrings or a wide bracelet and wear a pair of short and longer necklaces together. Just make sure that all your jewels have the same color: gold, silver or pink. In addition, a nice clutch with sequins and of course you also put on your highest heels …

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