Easy Weight Loss – 5 Golden Tips Without Any Hunger!

Easy weight loss is certainly possible, even without a diet. The trick is to change a few small things in your eating and living pattern, and you will soon see results. In this article, you can read some examples to make easy weight loss possible …

Easy Weight Loss – Tip 1: Sleep Well + Fixed Sleep Rhythm

Sleeping too short or too irregular is a big culprit that prevents weight loss. Sleep for at least 7.5 hours and at most 8.5 hours a night and you will become sleepily slender. It is also important to maintain a fixed sleep rhythm because that is what your body loves. The latter also ensures that you are more inclined to have breakfast in the morning and have more energy for a morning walk or jogging.

Tip 2: Easy Weight Loss Due To Slow Food …

We eat far too fast nowadays. A board is scooped full of light and emptied empty. And often again from behind the television. You should not do this if you want to lose weight easily. Always eat at the dining table and place your fork on the table between two bites. This way you chew your food well and your body can digest your food better. Drink half a glass of water halfway through the meal and try to feel how full you really are now. This awareness during the meal prevents you from eating too much, without really thinking about it. Enjoy your food, eat slowly, and especially use the meal consciously!

3. Regular Eating = Easier Weight Loss


Eat if you want to lose weight as much as possible at fixed times of the day. Your body gets used to a fixed diet and this prevents a feeling of hunger at varying times. This, in turn, ensures that you need fewer snacks between meals. In short: fewer hunger peaks and less binge eating!

Easy Weight Loss Tip 4: Start Moving!

For many, a subscription at a gym is a step too far, but more exercise can be done very simply by taking the stairs more often or going to the bike more often. Even walking at a steady pace is fine for the line and does not cost too much difficulty. If you have a sedentary job, visit colleagues more often to ask for something instead of sending an e-mail or call. Whatever you do to exercise, make sure that you actually do it … And leave the car more often!

Tip 5 For Easy Weight Loss: Always Eat Protein With Every Meal

Proteins are incredibly important nutrients for the human body. They ensure that your muscles are not broken down, and if your goal is easy, then proteins are the way to suppress a hunger. Therefore, for example, do not eat chocolate sprinkles on your sandwich, but try peanut butter, boiled egg, turkey breast or chicken breast. These are healthy protein sources that ensure that you get a hunger feeling less quickly between meals.

5 Simple Tips To Easily Lose Weight

Only use olive oil at the end – Are you a fan of stir-frying? Steam your vegetables first cooked instead of stir-frying immediately. Once they are almost done, throw them in a hot wok, along with a few teaspoons of olive oil, a little bit of lemon juice, finely chopped red peppers and salt. This prevents the vegetables from sucking in a lot of oil.

Ask for sandwiches without butter – If you regularly eat sandwiches from the canteen or a croissant shop, ask them if they do not want to spread butter or mayonnaise. Most eateries use high-calorie grease that easily yields 50 to 100 kilocalories per spread.

Be choosy with cake – Turning off pastries for a while because you’re on a diet is not necessarily necessary (unless every day someone’s birthday is at work). Instead, leave the outer crust and possibly the bottom of your pie. So you can still enjoy few tasty snacks and lose weight without hurting yourself.

Dilute juices – Many types of fruit juice are so sweet that you can easily add water. Especially the dilution of multi-fruit juices with half water does wonders for the number of calories, and in my opinion, it tastes even better.

Use a smaller wine Glass – If you regularly drink a glass of wine, use a relatively small wine glass instead of a large chalice that is totally hip nowadays. Thanks to a lesser glass you drink much less without really noticing it, and this will save you 100 kilocalories quickly.

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