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How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast and Very Effective Ways

Did you know that about 60% of the USA people sometimes suffer from hemorrhoids? When you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you want to get rid of this as soon as possible. If the hemorrhoids are still in a beginning stage, an adjustment of your eating and bowel habits can already help. There are also all kinds of remedies that reduce hemorrhoid and soothe the itching and pain. If they are already bigger, then treatment by a specialist is necessary.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swelling bodies (consisting of tissues and blood vessels) that ensure that your anus is sealed air and leak proof. In fact, they belong to our body. Problems arise with hemorrhoids if the swelling bodies are regularly subjected to high pressure. Due to the high pressure, they set up which causes you to suffer from forced and dilated blood vessels at the bottom of the rectum and just above the anus. These blood vessels can cause both internal and external swelling. Hemorrhoids can cause itching, pain and/or be bleeding around the anus, especially when you go to the toilet.

We Distinguish Three Types Of Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids: these are in the rectum canal.
External hemorrhoids: these are located after the sphincter, outside the rectum canal.
Protruding hemorrhoids: these are internal which have dropped outwards due to the sphincter muscle. It is possible that this type comes out after the stool and later withdraws again. They can also secrete mucus.
As long as the hemorrhoid is on the inside of the anus, there is usually nothing to worry about. If you have pain in the anus, this does not always have to be caused by hemorrhoids. In case of pain and/or bleeding, the cause can also be a tear in the anus. Such a tear can also be caused by too much pressure on the anus.

How Do Hemorrhoids Develop?

Hemorrhoids are caused by high pressure around the anus. But where does that high pressure come from? This can be because:

You often suffer from blockages (hard stools).
You press hard.
You sit on the toilet for a long time.
You suffer from diarrhea for a long time.
The chance of hemorrhoids is greater if:

You have family members with hemorrhoids.
You are overweight
You are pregnant or have just finished a birth.
You are over thirty.
You eat too little fiber.
You have little physical exercise and a lot of work.

You can not change much about the factors of heredity and pregnancy. You can try to influence a bad bowel movement. Sometimes it helps to drink more water and eat fiber-rich foods. This makes the stools softer and you do not have to press that hard.

The movement has a positive influence on the bowel function and thus your bowel movements. Do you have a sedentary profession? Try to add multiple moments of movement to your day. Walk to your colleague instead of calling, take a walk during the lunch break or take the stairs instead of the elevator. If it does not fit during working hours, go for a walk or bike after dinner.

How Do Hemorrhoids Develop?

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you have an increased risk of hemorrhoids. This is partly because the baby exerts pressure on the abdomen and the veins swell due to hormonal changes. The first symptom of hemorrhoids is usually a small amount of blood in the stool.

If you are pregnant, it is extra important to keep your stool soft, which prevents you from squeezing during bowel movements. This will reduce the chance of hemorrhoids during your pregnancy. How you keep the stool soft you can read how I prevent hemorrhoids. If you are pregnant and you need a laxative or hemorrhoid cream then they advise doing this in consultation with your midwife.

After delivery, you can also suffer from hemorrhoids, because during a birth there will be extra pressure on the blood vessels around the anus. This pressure increases the chance of hemorrhoids. In most cases, they disappear within two weeks after delivery, because the hormonal system returns to normal after delivery.

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are not life-threatening and not everyone suffers from the same symptoms. The first symptoms of hemorrhoids are often a bit of blood in the stools and suffer from secretion, irritation, and itching. Other symptoms can be:

Painless bleeding during bowel movements.
Anal pain.
Rectally burning or painful feeling.
Swelling around the anus.
‘Leaks’ of stool.
We distinguish between internal and external hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids generally do not cause symptoms. However, internal hemorrhoids can be painful if they are squeezed out by the anus (also called a “sagging hemorrhoid”). When this happens, it causes irritation and itching.

External hemorrhoids are more uncomfortable than internal hemorrhoids because the upper skin becomes irritated. If a blood clot forms within external hemorrhoid, hemorrhoid can become very painful.

“Do not use toilet paper after the toilet visit if you suffer from hemorrhoids. It is better to use moist toilet paper or special tamper cloths as this is softer than regular toilet paper.”

How Do You Prevent Hemorrhoids?

Aambeiklachten can be prevented by not having to squeeze during bowel movements. You have to keep the stool soft. You keep the stool soft and supple by going to the toilet in time so that the stool is not too long in your gut. If feces is too long in the intestines, it becomes hard and dry.

Eating fiber and drinking enough to help keep the stool soft. In addition to healthy eating and drinking a lot, exercise also helps to promote digestion. If you move, your intestines also move. That is why a walk is good for digestion. In addition to adjusting your diet, you can also take into account the use of coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and sugar. They stimulate the anus and you can get itchy and eczema. A warm bath ensures that the anus can relax and keeps the area around the anus clean.

What To Do Against Hemorrhoids?

Unfortunately, it can happen that you still get hemorrhoids. Fortunately, there are enough products for sale that reduce the complaints associated with hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are easy to treat with ointment, cream or suppositories. The medical devices and medicines support the healing process, the self-care products take care of the anus.

Hemorrhoid Ointment Or Cream

A hemorrhoid ointment or cream softens the external pain and itching around the anus. Especially if it contains lidocaine, a local analgesic substance. In addition to reducing the pain and itching, do you also want your hemorrhoids to become less or even disappear? Then choose a cream or ointment with the active ingredient Zinc oxide. Zinc oxide reduces skin irritation and shrinks hemorrhoid. It is important that you apply the ointment or cream after every stool around the anus. Use a finger condom for this.

Medicines Against Homeopathy

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When To The Doctor?

In principle, you do not have to go to the doctor with anaplastic symptoms, but in the following cases, this is sensible.

If the complaints last longer than 2 weeks.
If you have severe rectal bleeding.
If the stool is black or tarry.
If blood clots or blood are mixed with the discharge during the bowel movement.
With an external hemorrhoid.
With a change in the bowel pattern, sudden or gradual.
With abdominal pain, bloating and vomiting.
If you have doubts about how best to treat hemorrhoid.
This information does not replace the advice of a doctor and/or specialist. If in doubt, always consult your doctor. Read the package leaflet or instructions for use ALWAYS.

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