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Warts are an infectious disease caused by the HPV virus. They often develop on the hands, feet (plantar warts) and the face. To diagnose warts, you need to recognize the usual locations and their typical physical manifestations. Some warts may look completely different than others. Before treating a growth with a home remedy or over-the-counter product, be absolutely certain that growth is a wart. What you need

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Time And Place To Examine The Affected Area


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Note the location of the growth. Warts are usually on the hands and the soles of the feet. Plantar warts usually do not protrude from the skin like other warts. This is due to the weight of the body causing pressure on the foot sole. It results in a smooth and flat surface wart.

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Look at the growth. A normal wart is usually an oval or round shape raised bump on the surface of the skin. The wart itself may be lighter or darker than the surrounding skin.

Evaluate 3 your pain. Warts (especially plantar warts) are known to cause some pain. If the wart has grown in an area that you use or rub against a piece, the friction can irritate the growth and cause pain. It is usually used to wrap or bandage the wart so that the friction is eliminated.

Control 4 your children. Sometimes warts of children are particularly difficult to diagnose. If the growths do not cause them any pain, they can never mention them. It is important to check your child for warts often, as children are more susceptible to catching the HPV virus than adults.

5 Get treatment. Once you diagnose growth and have determined that it is a wart, there are a variety of options available to you in terms of treatment. Most over-the-counter products contain either nitrogen (for freezing the wart) or salicylic acid (in the form of drops or medicinal patches). However, seeing a dermatologist can be the fastest way to get rid of warts.

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