Can You Replace Milk With Vegetable Drinks?

Many people do not drink milk because they mistakenly believe that milk is unhealthy or that they (or their children) are allergic to milk. Can vegetable drinks replace milk?

Replace Milk with Vegetable Drinks

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• Soy drinks enriched with calcium have about the same nutritional value as milk. So be sure to check the presence of calcium on the packaging.

• Soya drinks or rice drinks (with the exception of artificial foods for soy or rice-based infants) and other vegetarian drinks, whether or not enriched, are unsuitable alternatives for breast milk or artificial nutrition up to the age of 3 years. Artificial foods based on soy protein can be used to feed healthy infants, but soy food has no nutritional advantage over artificial milk based on cow’s milk.

• Artificial foods based on soya are acceptable for those children who, for ideological reasons (such as vegan lifestyle), can not or should not be fed cow-based nutrition. A lactose-free diet is a necessity in children with galactosemia.

• Soy protein is no less allergenic than cow’s milk protein. An artificial diet based on soy protein has no place in the prevention and initial treatment of cow’s milk intolerance during the first 6 months of life.

• Artificial foods based on soy protein have no place in the treatment of colic or vague feeding problems in infants up to 12 months.

• Nut, almond, oat and rice drinks are mistakenly considered milk replacers. These plant varieties hardly supply proteins or only proteins with a low biological value. Moreover, they do not contain calcium by default, although this is often added. They do not replace milk and have little-added value in a healthy diet.

Can You Replace Milk With Vegetable Drinks?

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