Are Apples Good for Weight Loss – Apple – Very Healthy + Good If you Want to Lose Weight

Are Apples Good for Weight Loss – Tips

Apple – Very Healthy + Good If you Want to Lose Weight

are apples good for weight loss

Sometimes the simplest things in life are more important than you might think at first glance. The apple actually falls into that category. Although many people think that especially the more exotic and expensive types of fruit are very healthy, the apple is an equally good source of vitamins, dietary fiber, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients that are good for you.

Even if you want to lose weight, the apple is an excellent choice. One apple produces about 60 kilocalories, but more importantly: many good carbohydrate-like fibers. This means that you will not get fat very quickly because the fibers prevent your body from storing the sugars as fat. And as with bananas, you get long-lasting energy from apples …

Apple During Diet

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But as with everything: too much is never good. Certain variants of the well-known “apple diet” are therefore not a good plan … Because you eat so many apples that your body will store the surplus of unilateral fruit sugars as body fat reserves.

There is also an apple diet where you eat one apple prior to each of your meals, to ensure that you eat less during the meal. This apple diet is in theory of excellent quality and may well be effective in terms of weight loss and weight loss. Just one apple before every big meal, so 3 apples a day. Simple, but potentially very effective. Of course, there is also something to say for variation!

Why the apple is healthy

Here are some health benefits that summarize why the apple is so healthy:

One apple contains 10% of the recommended daily amount of dietary fiber; since we do not eat enough fiber on average in the Netherlands, this is a good addition. Fibers ensure a good metabolism and prevent a number of types of cancer.

There is pectin in apples; pectin has a purifying and detoxifying effect and ensures that heavy metals such as lead and mercury are removed from your body.

Apples contain both soluble and insoluble fibers; this means that your LDL cholesterol (the “unhealthy” type) is reduced.

Eating apples during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of asthma in children; this has been shown by a recent study into the effects of apples. The same applies to the eating of apples by young children.

An apple provides vitamin C and antioxidants. If you also eat the skin, you get a lot of healthy substances that help your immune system to perform optimally against certain diseases. ( source ).

As you can see, apples are very healthy, and that while they are relatively cheap. For example, if you eat one or two apples an hour before you go to sleep, you will avoid eating cravings for unhealthy things.


Apples would not only remove hunger thanks to the many fibers but also cause hunger by the enzymes and acid composition. Research X rejects ‘hunger-inhibiting’ and research Y reveals ‘hungry’. Opinions about the well-known apple are therefore still quite divided.

Also, not everyone agrees on the nutritional value and use nutrients in apples. For example, it is increasingly being claimed that apples are not at all as nutritious as previously thought and claimed. Oh well, eat an apple every now and then for the vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants, which is still better than a bag of licorice, consisting of empty calories …

What do you think of apples? Good or bad for losing weight? Whether or not to eat during a calorie-restricted diet? Hungry or appetizing? Share your views and findings of apples & weight loss below!

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